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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 28th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Guddan gets DNA test done

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 28th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Police comes and hits fake policeman. They says who sent you here? Tell me the name. Avinash leaves. Ganga says he left me alone here? The man says his name was.. Avinash turns off the light and says I have to save Ganga. AJ goes to check, but the man has run. Everyone looks for him. Inspector hits the vegetable seller. He says tell me who called fake police. His wife says Guddan is heroin. She must have called them from her actors clan. Guddan says I called the real police here. I deliverd Choti Guddan in this house. AJ recalls the doctor said the baby is still born. Guddan says if Choti Guddan is your baby then I am Queen of England. Inspector says this case is getting complicated. Do you have any documents AJ and Guddan to prove if this is your daughter? Guddan says a mother doesn’t need a stamp to prove her child is hers. I know when she’s sad and happy. The woman says so my motherhood is not real for you? Guddan says okay let’s get DNA test done. AJ says in heart if DNA test is done, Guddan will know the truth. Ganga says oh no. Inspector calls and arranges DNA team at their house for tomorrow.

Scene 2
Next day the team comes to Guddan’s place and says we will take the samples today and will all know the truth. They take baby’s sample. Guddan says AJ why are you stressed out? We will kick them out. AJ says in heart, my heart says Choti Guddan is our baby but we know the truth. Ganga asks the woman to move. She moves and the doctor’s kit falls. Ganga says let me help. I will handle it. She replaces the samples. The hair falls from her hands. Ganga says it fell from my hands. Guddan says it’s okay I can give more hair. Guddan says doctor please take it again. Inspector says results will be with us in 24 hours. You will all be informed.

AJ says God, you sent Choti Guddan to our lives. Then why are you doing this? Why do I feel like she’s our daughter. Durga says there’s a difference between feeling and reality. We all know the truth. We have to return her. AJ says my heart doesn’t accept that. Durga says we all know that DNA will show the reality. AJ says God, please don’t take Choti Guddan from us. She is our life now.

Scene 3
Guddan is worried. So she is eating. Guddan says your mama eats a lot in stress. Why are people like that? You will never be away from mama. But I am strong. My baby will be stronger than me. AJ says their bond is more proof than anything. Guddan says I will be back in a bit. Guddan leaves a banana peel there. Ganga comes towards Choti Guddan, she steps on the peel and slips. Choti Guddan laughs. Masala falls on Ganga. Ganga says I won’t leave you today. Guddan comes and says what happened. Ganga says I slipped and it all fell on me. Choti laughs. Ganga says I havent’ given up.

Ganga cleans her face. She says how does she fight with me. She’s just a baby. This Choti Guddan is four steps ahead of her mom. Avinash says how did this happen. Clean it please. It will go in your eyes. She says it already is. He says let me clean. She says no, Choti Guddan will suffer. I will clean it from her clothes. Ganga comes to Choti Guddan’s room and says your time to suffer. She cleans her face from her towel and says Guddan will burn your face now. Guddan looks for the towel. She comes in the room. Ganga hides behind the curtain. Guddan picks the towel. It’s on the floor. Guddan says I will have to wash it. Ganga goes after her and says my fate isn’t working.

Ganga looks at the stroller and says I will kick you out of this house. She kicks the baby. The stroller falls from the stairs. Everyone is scared. AJ runs Guddan.. Guddan comes there. AJ sits down. Guddan comes there as well. She is in shock. Laxmi and Durga are in tears. Ganga says how did I do this. She sneaks out. AJ picks the tower. Ganga locks herself in the room and sees the baby laughing on the bed. Ganga is shocked. Guddan comes and says what are you thinking?

Precap will be in night after episode ends on TV.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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