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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 28th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Bhima comes to his mother’s rescue

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 28th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mangesh and Dhansukhlal scold the goons and ask them to go away. You are good for nothing! Mangesh tells him that they should go and sleep now. Someone might doubt us if we are caught. Dhansukhlal nods.

Goon tells Sakpal family to let him go. I dint come here on my own. Someone had sent us here! Bala and Anand ask him who it was but the guy refuses to share any name. Bhimbai asks her sons to let him go but Bala says this guy will be an example for the villagers in the morning. They should know that it isn’t easy to throw us out of the village. They will also get to know that there is someone who can help us too. Bhaskar too seconds him. It will be an evidence for us. People with no evidence face a lot of hardships. Bhimbai thanks him for coming at the right time. Bala also thanks him. Meera notices him in pain and offers to tend to his wound. He politely declines the offer. I am not your SIL and the wedding hasn’t happened either. What relation will prompt you to help me? Bhimbai stops him. It is our right to nurture to your wound because of the relation you helped us today.

Meera ties a cloth around his wound after applying an herbal ointment. Bhaskar shares that his Bhabhi used to take care of him just like that. My parents killed her and I couldn’t do anything. I called police but I dint have a proof! Bhimbai rues that no one is honest anymore. She goes to bring turmeric milk for him. Bala tells Anand they couldn’t thank Bhaskar’s SIL but we can help her get justice. It may be a thank you only. Anand asks him how they can do that. Who knows us? Police captain wont believe us! Bala says Baba says that one finds a way if the decision is right. It might take time but we will make it happen. Anand nods.

Next morning, Bala offers tea to the locked up goon but he refuses to eat anything that has been cooked in that house. Anand asks him to tell them the names of the person who has sent them then but he refuses again. Bala tells him to stay put then.

Dhansukhlal and Mangesh ask them to let that villager go but Anand refuses. You can come inside and free him if you want him to leave. He is from your community only. Dhansukhlal says our religion will be maligned. Bala says people from your community get inside our house late at night and now you speak about religion. Mangesh tells them to not talk rubbish. Leave this guy! Bala says we will let him go but only after finding out who has sent him. Mangesh says it might have been anyone but we all want the same thing. You guys shouldn’t stay here! We all want you to leave! Dhansukhlal seconds him. This guy is from our community. You cannot keep him locked here. What message will it convey to our community? Bhimbai speaks of how they have been smartly trying to deceive everyone. You cannot step inside our house in the broad daylight but you can surely do it during the night! Your community changes during day and night as per your wish! We will see how this guy will step out of this house now! He will be able to leave only after telling us the name of the one who has sent him here. you always come here to bother us! Leave! You can see all that we have been going through lately yet you only care about your community and traditions! Come inside the house if you want to free this man. He should also find out how many people from his community actually consider him his own. Your disgust towards us is way stronger than your wish to free him! You hate us so much that you cannot even take a step towards saving him. Leave now. Don’t think that you will be able to get inside our house at night. After today, there will be no such night when you wont get a fitting reply. Mangesh is worried that this man might take their name. Bala taunts them again. You came close to this house again forgetting that anyone who comes close to this house dies. Dhansukhlal says what if this guy wont tell the name of the person who has sent him here pays him 3-4 times than actual promised amount. Why will he tell you his name then? He leaves with Mangesh.

Meera assures her Bhabhi that Bhaiya and Bhima will be home soon. We rely on your faith. Bhimbai says there is a tree outside this village where people tie clothes or thread to fulfil their wishes. I will go there. Meera tries to stop her but Bhimbai leaves on her own.

Bhimbai tries to tie the thread on the wishing tree but a villager warns her to stay away. Why don’t you guys understand anything? You came under the tree’s shadow and have maligned this place. Pundit ji asks her if she doesn’t know that they aren’t allowed here. She says I know but I came here to wish for my son’s return. The villagers are still not interested in her pleas. The guy selling the cloth and thread supports Bhimbai. Villagers decide to punish him by breaking his shop but Bhimbai requests them to stop. Just tie this thread on the tree. I only want Bhima to return home. Villager says looks like you guys only understand the language of punishment. She agrees. Maybe God will hear my prayer this way and my son will return. Pundit ji tells the guy to grant her wish. This way we will teach her a lesson and purify the place also. The guy pushes her and is about to hit her when Bhima shouts at him. Don’t you dare touch my Aayi! Bhimbai smiles in relief and turns around.

Bhima says people trust the tree. Aayi must have seen you guys wishing for things by tying a piece of cloth here. She too might have thought to give it a try. My Aayi always tells me that faith is a personal matter of strength for people but if it is done blindly / without logic then it is superstition! Villager asks him if they look stupid to him. Bhima denies. Believe in something to an extent to which it does not harm anyone. Even a superstition can be proved logical in that case. He asks his mother to either take the thread with her or leave it here somewhere. These people wont let you do what you came here to do! She keeps it next to the tree. Bhima tells the villager it is a crime to raise a stick on someone. The villager decides to beat him but Bhimbai requests him to spare the kid. Bhima tells him to question his actions. You might find your answers yourself. Aayi came here to follow your beliefs but it made you angry instead. This is why I object on your faith. My heart says that we always question such ideals. He heads home with his mother. The shopkeeper says that little kid such a big thing today. Think about it if you want to or you can continue tying thread on this tree! Pundit ji asks him if they should forget about their faith because of this one kid. The angry villager says the same. Pack your shop! He even throws the offering kept by Bhimbai away.

Bhimbai asks Bhima to go back to where he has come from. You cannot come to that house till the time she is alive. He requests her not to say so. My house is where my parents live. I wont leave that house ever again! I left it for a few days as I dint want to see Manjula Didi getting married in front of my eyes. I dint have the courage to argue with you. I came back as the wedding must have happened by now. She tells him that it was called off. Are you happy now? Bhima is shocked. She says your brothers ruined everything. Your sister was dressed as a bride but the Baraat never came to our doorstep. Your Baba left home to find you but he hasn’t returned till now! Bhaskar’s SIL got killed! All this has happened because of you!


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