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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 28th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Shravan Misses Class

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 28th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Daddu before starting early morning class waits for Shravan. Anish and Devika smirking thinking Shravan will not come. Kanchan tells Suman that Shravan will not come. Suman says will and must have set alarm, hopes he comes on time. Vijay joins and says they will start class in 5 minutes. At Shravan’s house, Chachi wakes up hearing alarm and asks Chachu to go and wake up Shravan, but Chachu says he was overacting yesterday and asks her to sleep. She leaves room. Vijay gets angry seeing Shravan not present and starts class. Kanchan says she told that Shravan cannot wake up early. Suman fumes that he didn’t keep his promise. Vijay starts class and asks students to jog first and meet him at meeting point. Suman jogs hoping he would come at least now. Kavita with Chachi gets happy seeing Shravan not attending class. They both go to Shravan’s room to wake him up, but doesn’t find him there. They check him in whole house in vain, get worried and make him repeated calls in vain. Kavita then calls Bunty and asks where is Shravan as he messed up whole kitchen early morning and is missing. Bunty nervously says he must have gone to feed poor children. Kavita warns him to reach there right now. He gets ready and rushes there.

Vijay finishes jogging and reassembles class at his house’s lawn. Phone rings. Vijay asks students to pick phone. Students say its not their phone. Suman hears phone ringing in a car and walks towards it. She is amazed to see Shravan there sound asleep, opens door and tries to wake him up. He falls on her shoulder. She gets nervous seeing Vijay and team coming and shakes him up. He wakes up and gets nervous seeing them. Vijay asks Shravan what is he doing here. Daddu shouts as usual. Shravan says he came early and fell asleep waiting for them. Daddu shouts he made a mistake and cannot attend class. Shravan says its not his mistake and to compromise he brought gifts for them; gives sweets to Vijay, savory to Suman, and snacks to other students. Vijay says its a good gesture, but waking up early and falling asleep before class is wrong. Daddu says he should be punished for his mistake. All students nod yes, and Daddu asks Suman. Shravan hopes Suman takes his side. Suman stands nervous.

Precap: Shravan sits next to Suman to read for test and falls asleep in her lap. She thinks nobodyb can save him from papa’s test and leaves. Vijay wakes up Shravan and looks angrily at him.

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