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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Tiwari and Vibhutis drinking addiction

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Tiwari by mistake enter mishar house and Vibhu enters Tiwari’s house. Anu thinks its vibhu and says whats wrong with you and then she sees Tiwari and scolds him for entering her bedroom drunk. Tiwari apologize, Anu doesn’t accept and scolds him and asks him to leave. Anu asks him where is Vibhu, Tiwari starts laughing and says i think even he might have got confused and entered my bedroom. Vibhu enters Tiwaris bedroom and says good she is sleeping or else she would scold me a lot, and says why is Anu looking like bhabhiji and says Anu baby, Angoori wakes up and shouts and asks Vibhu what is he doing in her bedroom, Vibhu says bhabhiji you shouldn’t come to my bedroom so late it’s not good, Angoori says you are in wrong bedroom and drunk too, where is Tiwari, Vibhu says may be my house and leaves.

Angoori next day worried because of Tiwari and Vibhus drinking addiction, Vibhu visits Angoori and wishes good morning, Angoori says stop bothering me, Vibhu apologizes says it was just misunderstanding, Angoori says you to dont even understand your own house when drunk, Vibhu apologises but Angoori leaves angry. Vibhu says god how did this happen.

Anu tells Meenal on call last night about Tiwari entering her bedroom, says good i woke up or else, Tiwari visits Anu, Anu doesn’t let him enter house, Tiwari apologsies, Anu says your punishment is don’t ever show me your face, for sake of Angoori im not putting you behind bars get lost. Tiwari leaves crying.

Tiwari and Vibhu meet eachother and start yelling at eachother, Anu and Angoori scold them this is all because of alcohol and ask them to quit drinking, both apologize and promise they shall quit drinking.

Tiwari on call with Vibhu and both discuss on where to meet and what to drink, Angoori walks to Tiwari and asks where is ge going, Tiwari says on a walk, Angoori says i know you are going to drink with Vibhu, Tiwari denies, Angoori says then have some snacks, Tiwari says i have a business meeting with client, Angoori says stop lying, Tiwari yells at her says i have a meeting and leaves. Vibhu about to leave, Anu says lets go watch movie, Vibhu says go with Meenal, Anu says why will i go with Meenal its romantic film, Vibhu says im sorry, i have plans, Anu says i know you have to go drink right, Vibhu says no and says sorry if you wanna go with me book morning or afternoon show i dont like evening shows and about to leave, Anu asks where, Vibhu says Prem is stressed because his wife left, Anu asks why do you have to go, to fulfill his wives need, Vibhu says you are so cheap, Anu asks and what about you, entering an unknown women bedroom isnt cheap.

Teeka counting money to buy alcohol and find that they are short of money, teeka asks Malkan to beg for some money and both get in argument, Master passing by talking about picking bottle from bank, boys greet him and ask him whether they get bottles now a days in bank,and shows them alcohol bottle, boys ask him to share, Master says its my fathers last belonging shutup and leaves.

Pre cap: Anu and Angoori discuss about Vibhu and Tiwari’s drinking habit and decide to take action

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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