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You are my love (Riansh) Part 13

Sorry everyone for not posting . I am just shocked from sunita mom’s demise.

Today’s Episode starts…

The marriage day


Riansh marriage was done , Ridhima was siting in her room . Vansh was about to enter the room just then he was stoped by aryan , ishani and siya.

Vansh- what ?

Ishani- bhai you have to give us money

Vansh- for what

Siya- bhai its our necki

Aryan- yes bhai , pls give us money.

Vansh- No way , I am not going to give you a penny also.

Ishani- bhai give us money or the consequences will be very bad for you.

Aryan and siya – yes bhai

Vansh- what , what will you do?

Ishani- bhai if you will not give us our necki , then we will no let you meet bhabhi and your special night will be spoiled. So

Vansh- No , no , no i am giving you money take , take and pls stop torturing me.

Then vansh was about to enter then again

Ishani- bhai

Vansh- now what

Ishani , siya and aryan – bhai humari pyaari si bhabhi ko pareshan mat karna. Pls

Vansh- ahh, ok(irritated)

Then vansh entered the to and saw ridhima checking her mobile .

Vansh- hi sweetheart

Ridhima- Hmm sweetheart.

Vansh- oh, so copying me

Ridhima- yes , is there any problem

Vansh- no,you know ishani , siya and aryan stoped me from meeting you . Then vansh told the whole incident.

Ridhima laughed

Vansh- acha , you re being happy

Ridhima- Hmm

Then vansh came close to ridhima.

Then they consummate their marriage. (Sorry I am not a romantic person so I didn’t add much riansh scenes)

The next morning…

Rishima woke up and took shower . Then she went to woke up vansh . Vansh also woke up and took a shower and they both went downstairs.

Then they started eating.

Ishani (whispering)- what happened last night??

Ridhima blushed

Ishani- I can understand from your blush bhabhi , kal rat ko bohot kuch huah. aaan

Ridhima- ishani stop it

Then vansh was going to office

Aryan-what is this bhai , its the first day after your marriage, you should spend with bhabhi .

Ishani- yes bhai, aryan is right .

Ridhima- aree no let it be , vansh you go to office.

Vansh went

Ridhima went to prepare lunch .

Then vansh came from office in afternoon.  He sat on the table for lunch .

Ridhima served him rajma-chawal.

Dadi- beta , it’s too delicious

Uma – yes beta , food is amazing.

Ridhima- thank u mom and dadi

Then at last Ridhima served the Misti doi. Everyone ate . After eating they went to their respective rooms.

To be continued

Guys i am going to bring a separation track of riansh , so be ready.

Thank you








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