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Udaariyaan 28th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Jasmin breaks Fateh’s heart

Udaariyaan 28th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Jasmin saying this marriage can’t happen. Fateh asks what are you saying. Jasmin says yes. She throws the garlands and flower plates. She leaves. Satti and Gurpreet stop Jasmin. Everyone looks on. They ask Jasmin what happened, tell me. Tejo says I was afraid for this. Jasmin says Fateh didn’t get any job, he isn’t going to Canada, he lied to me, he cheated me. Khushbeer looks at Rupy. Satti says Fateh can’t do this with us. Gurpreet asks Fateh is this true. Fateh says yes, this is true, but I didn’t cheat Jasmin, she knew everything, I told everything to dad, dad told it to Jasmin’s dad, Jasmin’s dad spoke to her. Khushbeer asks Rupy didn’t you tell this to your daughter, right.

Khushbeer says you said you will handle everything, is this way you have handled it. Rupy bows down. Nimmo says I knew this, this girl will do a drama. Tejo says Jasmin, listen to me, marriage isn’t a joke, all the relatives have come for your marriage, Fateh loves you. Jasmin says he lied to me. Tejo says he didn’t lie, its dad’s mistake. Jasmin says he should have told the big thing to me, why did he hide this from me, ask him. Fateh goes to Jasmin.

He says if I had to hide anything, I could have hidden it, I told you about the new job, I thought you know everything, when we met, I asked you if your dad told you everything, you said he told you. Jasmin says he told me about Kashmir trip cancelling, not your job cancelling. Fateh asks what about the message, you didn’t reply. Jasmin says I didn’t get any message, you call me to say I love you, you left a message to tell this big thing. Nimmo says look at this girl. Manjeet says they should have taken our advice before fixing the alliance. Fateh says come with me. He takes Jasmin on the stage. He asks what’s this kiddishness.

Jasmin says you liked my kiddishness before, what happened now. Fateh says I like now also, I love you a lot, I can never think of cheating you, we won’t leave each other, right, its our marriage today. She asks why not, you also went against your word, why can’t I refuse for marriage, did you feel bad, you should feel bad, I m also feeling bad, you know Canada is imp for me, you told dad and took part in competition, you thought to tell me later, I didn’t hide anything from you. He says I thought you know it, its a misunderstanding, trust me. She says don’t talk of trust, you broke the trust today. He stops her and says I m really sorry, I should have come to you and talk, we will go to Canada, I will fulfill my promise, I have interview after 3 days, we will be in Canada after 2-3 months, why are you spoiling entire life.

She says you remember what I told you. He says I will get the job. She says fine, we will marry when you get Canada visa, job letter and flight ticket. He stops her and cries. Jasmin says leave my hand. He says you said you love me a lot, you will leave me today. She says you also made big promises, you said you are my slave, you cheated me too. He says okay, don’t think about me, our families, they will lose their reputation, you weren’t so selfish. He hugs her. Jasmin says now I have become selfish, tell me, if your parents asked for dowry and my parents refused, then you would have taken baraat back, what wrong did I do to refuse for marriage. He says think, if you go, then you can never come back, maybe you regret later, you rejected your love. She says fine, I can’t compromise with my dream. He asks her to listen. He says don’t make fun of my love. She says you made fun of me, my love and dream. He says I m asking you for the last time, won’t you regret to lose me and my love. She says no, what’s that love which can’t fulfill my dream, nothing is imp to me than Canada, neither you nor your love. Everyone looks on. Fateh cries.

Jasmin says I m still giving you a month’s time, fine if you get a job, else I will find someone from Canada for myself, then you stay a bachelor always. Fateh says you think I will stay a bachelor if I don’t get you. Jasmin says yes, you do anything you want, I can’t marry you now. He says you think no one will marry me. She says marry anyone you want. Tejo asks Jasmin why are you doing this. Jasmin leaves. Fateh holds Tejo’s hand and stops her. He recalls Jasmin’s words.

Fateh takes Tejo to the mandap. Everyone looks on shocked. Tejo asks what are you doing, leave my hand. Fateh recalls Jasmin’s words and cries. He shouts pandit ji, start it, this marriage will happen today. Everyone gets shocked. Pandit sits. Tejo says leave my hand, did you go mad, what are you doing. Tejo shouts leave me Fateh. She slaps him. Everyone gets shocked. Jasmin hears Tejo and stops to see. Tejo asks what are you doing, marriage isn’t a joke, if anyone refuses, then marry the other, come to senses. Fateh cries. Everyone looks on.

Fateh sees Jasmin. Manjeet says this is the result of not taking my advice, I m very upset. Fateh says I m sorry Tejo ji. He goes to Khushbeer and says we shall go, I can’t tolerate your insult. Gurpreet cries and hugs him. Khushbeer sees Rupy. He catches Rupy’s collar and says you didn’t do this right, you got our name ruined, Fateh loves your daughter madly, I went against my principles and said yes for this marriage, we got cheated and insulted, it happened because of you, if you spoke to your daughter, then we would have not seen this day. Rupy cries and apologizes. He says I was thinking about my daughter’s happiness, I thought once marriage happens, then Fateh will explain everything to Jasmin. Khushbeer says you have cheated us. Satti says everything got ruined.

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