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The Twisted game of Destin-Chang Trapped ep. 28 IMMJ2 Fanfic

Chang Trapped!

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The Twisted game of Destiny-Pawri in VR Mansion ep. 27 IMMJ2 Fanfic

Episode starts

Vansh: (seeing everyone mingle) I wish Riddhima you were here! I miss you

The lights suddenly went dim, and then a voice covered the entire area, gaining everyone’s attention.

Guy: Ladies and Gentlemen, can I have your attention. (pause) I gladly welcome you to one of my best friend’s party! Tonight is a very special night, not only for my friend but for everyone.

Another guy: (joining) Yes, this night is very young. We’re going to have a lot of fun, teaching some people a few VR bombs and some more entertaining activities.

Vansh: Shivaay and Aman!! (elated) Welcome!!

The spot lights aimed at them and their faces were shown as Shivaay and Aman. They smiled at everyone while Vansh ran to hug them on stage.

Vansh: lights on! (commanding) So everyone meet my friends and business parteners, Shivaay Singh Oberoi and Aman Junaid Khan!

Two ladies from behind: And us?

Aman: How can we forget you! Come Roshni!


Shivaay: Anika! Come

Anika: Shivaay looks like you forgot us! (pouting)

Roshni: Exactly, Khan baba? Why?

Aman: How can I forget you jaan. Vansh meet our wives.

Vansh: Of course I know them! (laughing) Hope you both are well as well. (they nodded) Come let’s go meet the rest.

Vansh took the two couples along with Raghav and Pallavi to the family where they met and talked for a bit. Vansh noticed the twins secluded in a corner understanding that it would be difficult for them to mingle with everyone. He excused himself and took the three couples to them where they talked.

Anika: you’re looking extremely pretty Riva! (after intro)

Roshni: I agree, you need to give us some tips (laughing)

Shivaay: You both are really sweet to talk to. Yaar Vansh where’s the latecomer?

Vansh: Latecomer? (realizing) Ohh Mahir, I told him to come on time but this guy I tell you!

Mahir: What do you want to tell me? (side hugging him) You missed me!

Vansh: VR never misses someone! (Smirk)

Bela: Roshni, Anika hi!! Hi Shivaay, hi Aman!! (they all greeted) Nice meeting you Riva and Rivan.

Vansh excused himself and gathered each and every family member to discuss with the plan. He gazed at the watch continuously, waiting for Kabir and Aryan to mark their entry before Chang would arrive.

Dadi: Where are these two? (worried)

Siya: Relax dadi, I’m sure they must be coming. Call them

Sahil: Yea let me do so. (calling) They’re not picking.

Angre: (looked towards the door) They are there! (pointing) What the!! (shocked)

Ishani, Siya and Dadi: Are you sure this is what you told them to do? (suppressing their laughter)

Riva and Rivan: (shocked) Are they them? What did Kabir uncle do?

Vansh: This is unbelievable! I told him not to mess up and there he is!

Kabir and Aryan came to them. Kabir was dressed as an Arab guy while Aryan dressed as a Punjabi guy with a turban. Their faces black in color.

Vansh: What the hell have you done to your face? I told you no make- up then why? (annoyed)


Kabir: Bhai you know what, he’s said no make-up right! Then why not we put this face pack, it will make our face glow in the dark as well!

Aryan: Do you want to be a bulb that you want to glow?

Kabir: Bhai, let’s try it at least! Anyway everything else is ready so why not just use this time to do this. (forcefully put it over Aryan and then over himself)

After an hour, Kabir got up and used the washroom to check on his face pack. He removed the mask sheet and washed his face to only see something he never imagined in the mirror. His face had turned charcoal black!

Kabir: Shit! What has this thing done! How will I help myself out of this mess! I promised I won’t mess up but now this! Uhh! (frustration) Bhai, oh God what if it happens to bhai? No no, I’m going to sue this company for such useless products! It says (reading the pack) Charcoal used to whiten the face but here it blackened my face! My poor face, my handsome face! (caressing it)

Aryan: Kabir!!! (shouting)

Kabir: Bhai, oh no his is also black!! (he rushes out to see Aryan’s face black)

Aryan: what the hell is this Kabir! My whole face turned black, I told you to not do anything that would mess up everything!

Kabir: Bhai it’s not my fault it just happened!

Aryan: If you had listened to me it wouldn’t have happened!

Flashback ends

Aryan: It’s all this Kabir’s fault! He put this face pack of some I don’t know what brand and ingredients and instead face glowing it turned in to black!

Kabir: Bhai it’s a trustworthy company and as per the ingredients it clearly mentioned (cut by Vansh)

Vansh: Enough! You’ve already done so much, just don’t’ add more to it. No one cares about the ingredients. (deep breathe) Now get on to your positions, Chang is coming. Kabir and Aryan you know what to do right! (they nodded) It’s game one!

They soon went into their positions and soon after Chang also arrived inside. He entered and noticed Vansh smirking at him. He decided to just sit quietly and wait for the news he had actually got. It was the news of a rare blue gold diamond. An Arab had brought it to India, and a Punjabi was ready to buy it. They were going to meet in the party and hearing that, Chang thought of coming to get the diamond off at a better deal he would offer. He searched for the Arab and noticed him at the corner. He got up to go to him but the family members kept on trying to delay him.

Just then the lights go dim, with only disco lights on and a song started playing.  Vansh entered the dance floor singing the lyrics.

Vansh: Toone kar di hai thodi dooriyan (eyeing Chang)

Angre: (joining) Daba ke rakhi dil mein sau farebiyan (eyeing Chang)

Sahil: (Joining) Elan hai yeh zakhmi jigar ka (eyeing Chang)

Shivaay: (joining) Hun vekh tamasha chhad gallan saariyan (eyeing Chang)

Raghav: (joining) Jhoothi mohabbat  (eyeing Chang)

Mahir: (Joining) hai teri fitrat (eyeing Chang)

Aman: (joining) Har martaba sau dafa toone kiya daga (eyeing Chang)

Rivan: (joining) Nasha tera, nasha nasheela nasheela hai


Allah duhai hai
Phir jaan pe aayi hai
Ab to tabahi hai
Haan tere pyaar mein (x2)

Zindagi tujhko kaise mod pe phir le aayi
Kuchh lamhon mein duniya se hogi teri rihayi
Tere ghunahon ki saza tujhe mile abhi
Hum bhi nahi chhodenge, na chhodega ilahi (eyeing Chang)

Chang was talking to Kabir (Arab) and Aryan (Punjabi) while those two signed to the rest that everything was going according to the plan.

The ladies enter and sing and dance with the male along with Shayne and Anisha (I forgot abt them)

Bela: Junoon bhi tu

Anika: nasha bhi tu,

Pallavi: talab tu meri

Roshni: Mitana hai tujhi ko to yeh zid hai meri

Riva: Jayega tu kahan pe tujhi pe nazrein meri (eyeing Chang)

Ishani: Main kar doon tabah tujhe yeh zid hai meri (eyeing Chang)

Siya: Nasha tera, nasha nasheela nasheela hai

All dance:

Allah duhai hai
Phir jaan pe aayi hai
Ab to tabahi hai
Haan tere pyaar mein (x2)

While the song is about to end, Kabir and Aryan pull Chang in to the middle of the stage. The song ends and Chang decides to run away, and tries to sneak out however everyone surrounds him, capturing him.

Vansh: (smirking) Your time’s over!


Chang: how dare you betray me!! (anger)

Vansh: The way you dared to betray us! (shouts)


Girl: This is their location, let me go inside.

 I hope you enjoyed reading this. The more the response the earlier I will post 😜 Please let me know how you found it in the comments section. Please keep supporting like you all always do.

Questions: So how was the party and the plan? Who do you think the girl is?

Please keep commenting and do let me know how you found this episode. I would be revealing the truth in front of the entire family in one or two episodes, by episode 30 for sure.


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