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The Story After A Leap IMMJ2 (FF) Episode – 29

Ria : camera

Rishi : check

Ria : drawing book

Rishi : check

Ria : paints

Rishi : check

Ria : photo album

Rishi : check , enough na yaar , no need to pack these many things

Ria : I am not like your sister or vriddhi sister , you see them ,

She points towards them

Vriddhi : shampoo

Tanish : check

Anju : bhai , come na , you have to help me

Ria : you see , your sister is calling you

Rishi goes to anju

Anju : hmm , conditioner

Rishi : check

Anju : sun cream

Rishi : check

Vriddhi : body lotion

Tanish : check

Vriddhi : sun glasses

Tanish : check

Anju : beach dress

Rishi : check

Ria : hey alok bhai

Here , alok is aryan and his wife kiara’s son

Alok : all ready

All : ready

Ria : but where are ishaan , saahil and rives dude

Alok : I think bhai is out waiting for us

At the hale :

Chanchal is crying

Chanchal (crying) : you see maa ji , my son married that kiara , who doesn’t even know how to dress up, you see her dressing , she torn her jeans like beggars , and those shopping malls where she bought them , I think they too are beggars and if she wants to tear them , why to wear them ??

Kiara : mummy ji

Chanchal : you shut up your mouth

Aryan : I am soo sorry kiara baby , I am sorry on behalf of my brother

Rudra : chanchal stop your stupid crying now

Alok : oh my dear nani , why to worry , I am on your side

Rivan : choti nani , why are you crying , when we are exactly leaving ??(sarcastic way)

Ria : yes nani , stop your crying

All leave to sit in the bus

Ria : it’s boring guys , let’s sing , teacher , with your permission.

Teacher :  sure ria

All sing deewangi deewangi (om shanti om) , yeh ladka hai deewana (kuch kuch hota hai )

All leave to the hotel after landing in Chennai , and after freshing up , they make a group and stand in a line

Teacher : so , children , we will visit 35places here

Children : yahhhhhhhh

Guys , actually all the pictures are from Google , so the credit of pictures and information of places goes to google uncle , and I doesn’t visit chennai , even I live in South india , so I took the help of google .

Teacher : children , here , there will be a tourist who will help you in seeing the places

Tourist : hey everyone , this is Aishwarya (le it’s me ) ,I will help you everyone to explore this state

Author’s POV

Me : so , this is the first place , it’s MARINA BEACH

All children play with sand and took pictures , they wore beach dress , and sun cream and sun glasses , their hair open , they doesn’t wore any slippers .

Ria : let me take some pics , everyone , give a pose

All give a pose , and she takes a pic

Me : the next is VALLUVAR KOTTAM

It’s a chariot , a literature place , and all start to look at the literature, written by thiruvalluvar , a famous saint and tamil poet , this place is the honour of him . All took a look on those beautifully written literature and took some pics


Its a multi-domed mosque , this place is named as thousands lights mosque because , at olden times , this hall needed thousand lamps to light up the hall , and it has minarets towering at a 64feet .

All took the blessings of allah and prayed in the mosque

Me : the next is ELLIOT’S BEACH

This beautiful beach , which is named after Edward Elliot (the cheaf magistrate , superintendent of madras , during british era ). All asusual loved this beach .

Me : the next is DAKSHINACHITRA

It’s a living history museum in Chennai , this museum has 18houses together kept to depict the culture , architecture , craft and lifestyle of all the south indian states – kerala , tamil nadu , andhra pradesh , telangana and karnataka

– via more than 4000 artefacts .

Me : children , as you all are from North india , if you wanna know more about all over south india , then you should definitely visit this place

They all see over the all 18roofs and learn more and more about south india  .


Regarded as an abode of lakshmi,

The goddess of wealth and knowledge ,  ashtalakshmi temple is a few kilometres away from Besant beach , Constructed to worship the 8 avatars of goddess lakshmi .

Me : so children , the most interesting part of this place is , there is a ocean echo at the temple’s complex , you can also visit it

Me : the next is GOVERNMENT MUSEUM

It is for artefact lovers , and there are many artefacts present in the government museum of chennai , this place is known for presenting the best ancient and modern south indian bronzes . More is that , amaravathi’s gallery houses marbles sculptures , depicting the life of gautam buddha , dating as back to 2nd century .

Me : the next is MYLAPORE

The place which is regarded as the cultural hub of chennai , where you can soak in the rich and colourful culture of chennai state , boasting a history going back to 1500 years, whether it is a beautiful temples , you wanted to visit ,  or delicious south indian delicacies , this place has its all .

Ria : rives , I think ladies should not come to this place

Rivan ; but why

Ria : because you see , it’s all in one with restaurants and shopping and everything it consists , you think they all will leave it easily without emptying the pockets of men ??

Me : the next place is , GUINDY NATIONAL PARK

It’s a home to over 300 kinds of plants and trees , 150 bird species and 15 species of mammals , amphibians and reptiles , hindu national park is a forest which is situated on the grounds , that were earlier part of Raj bhawan , and IIT Madras .


Dedicated to the incarnation of lord vishnu , lord krishna , PARTHASARATHY TEMPLE is built in 8th century , the intricately carved pillars of this place and colourful gopurams  , will leave us spell bound .The main features of this temple , are the two intricately carved and pyramid shaped rajagopurams or domes , one of the each is situated in the east direction , while the other in West direction .

Me : so till now , we visited 10 places , next 2days of this trip we can visit more

My pov ends

Precap : continuation of chennai trip

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