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Riansh(ishq mein marjawan2) a different love story episode 43- leg pulling session.

I am done with my exams😍😍😍! I was very happy par kehte hai na khushi zyada der tak nhi rukti..I got so much holiday homework 🙃🤣🤣🤣😂. Aarushi and parita..you both thought the same like me🙈🤣🤣🤣😂. I got 136 comments on the previous episode.. including mine..🥳❤️❤️!



The episode starts with:


Next morning:


Riddhima wakes up. She finds herself in a room.


Riddhima: I am here…how..I and vansh were in that small curtain bed..then here..(noticing something) my clothes…they are changed (shock){ek dum se waqt Badal diye.. jagah badal di..kapde badal diye🙃😂😂😂}


She holds her head.


Riddhima (shouting): vansh.. vansh..


Vansh comes to her.


Vansh: what happened Sweetheart!!


Riddhima: vansh..how come I am here..my clothes are changed how!!(fear)


Vansh: sweetheart you don’t remember anything that happened last night(smirk)


Riddhima: what..what happened..vansh(fear)


Vansh blushes😂.


Riddhima: vansh tell me…it’s freaking me..


Vansh: Sweetheart!! How can you forget that beautiful night..


Riddhima: beautiful night…(shock)


Vansh: ya..look at your clothes.. Sweetheart.. you are wearing my shirt.


She gets shocked.


Riddhima: oh no..how can I do this..no no..this can’t happen.


Vansh: sweetheart..


Riddhima: no..this can’t happen..how can I do this.


She starts crying. Vansh was not able to see her crying so he decided to tell her the truth.


Vansh: shh.. sweetheart..don’t cry..I was just joking.. nothing happened.


Riddhima: what..then how come I am here..and in these clothes.


Vansh: actually at night you slept there only..so I brought you here to the bed..but you were looking very uncomfortable in those clothes so..


Riddhima(cutting him in between): so what did you do(fear)


Vansh: relax sweetheart!! I talked to the hotel manager to send a girl that can change you dress!!


Riddhima(relief): oh ok!!


Vansh smiles.


Riddhima: but you..lier..I will not talk to you!!


Vansh: Riddhima..


She gets up and was about to leave but vansh pulls her by her waist.


Riddhima: vansh..leave me..I am angry from you..


Vansh: is it so?? My sweetheart is angry.


He was back hugging her. He kissed her neck.



Vansh: I love you sweetheart..


Riddhima: but I am angry..(pout)


Vansh kisses on her cheek. Then he turns her so that she was facing her. He then kissed her on her other cheek. Then her forehead. Then her hand. Then he kissed her ear.


Vansh: sweetheart!! Now you are happy!!


She blushes and nods.


He then lifts her up and then make her sit in the car.


Riddhima: where are you taking me??


Vansh: obviously home..


Riddhima: how will I go to home in this state..let me first wear my that dress in which I came.


Vansh: oh ok


They both go to the hotel room and freshen up and then vansh drops Riddhima to malhotra mansion and goes to VR mansion. Both quietely sneaks inside the mansion and get changed. Then they both come down in their respective mansions. After having the breakfast they leave to college.


At VR college:


Riddhima enters inside and heads to the class. Soon vansh also came and everyone greeted him.


Ritika: riddhi..you know you got saved that day.. because vansh sir took you with him.. but we all have to face that punishment.


Riddhima: ya..he is mad..he fought with me..and punished you all.


Kirti: we got punished in your fights..(pout)


Riddhima laughs.


Vansh: sweetheart!!


Everyone looks at him.


Vansh(embarassed): sorry..I mean Riddhima..voh..your assignment. Take it.


Riddhima also gets embarassed and goes to take the assignment. He offers the assignment to her. She holds it but he was not giving her it. One side was being holded by vansh and one by Riddhima. They were having an intense eyelock. The whole class seems to be vanished for them.



Teri Nazar Ne Ye Kya Kar Diya

Mujhse Hi Mujhko Juda Kar Diya


Teri Nazar Ne Ye Kya Kar Diya

Mujhse Hi Mujhko Juda Kar Diya

Main Rehta Hoon Tere Paas Kahin

Ab Mujhko Mera Ehsaas Nahi

Dil Kehta Hai Bas Mujhe


Ke Thoda Thoda Pyaar Hua Tumse

Ke Thoda Ikraar Hua Tumse

Ke Thoda Thoda Pyaar Hua Tumse

Ke Thoda Ikraar Hua Tumse

Ke Jyada Bhi Hoga Tumhi Se

Ke Thoda Ikraar Hua Tumse



Ahana comes to them and break their eyelock.(is ke baare mein main bhul gayi thi..thanks to annoying user I mean anjali to make me remind this chipkali🙃😂😂😂😂)


Riddhima: what the hell do you want!!(irritated)


Ahana: have I talked to you!!(to vansh) sir (sweetly)


Vansh: what the hell(irritated)


Ahana: sir my assignment (sweetly)


Ahana(thinking): now I will get a chance to hold his hand.


Vansh: you could have wait for your turn..well..take it now.


Vansh gives Ahana’s assignment to Riddhima and asks her to give it to her. Riddhima gives the assignment to Ahana while she takes it giving a annoying look (bichari ke armanon pe paani fir gaya🙃😂)


That’s all for today. Some readers were asking for college scenes so I gave it. In next update tell me if you want more college scenes..I will give it❤️❤️! Take care ❤️!

















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