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Riansh-love between police officers episode 20- Riddhima’s drama

The episode starts with:

Riddhima: vansh..what the hell you are doing..

Vansh: revenge..Riddhima..revenge. like you are taking from me..I can also take revenge from you.

Riddhima: vansh..

He gets very close to her. He lifts her up and splash….(socho socho kya hua)

Vansh threw Riddhima in pool(@riansh1212 aap ke dil ki thoughts sahi thi😁😂😂)

Riddhima (shouting): vansh..what the hell..is this!

Vansh: revenge.. Sweetheart.. revenge.

She stares him angrily. He sits on the corner of the poolside. He offers her hand to Riddhima.

Vansh: you can take my help!!

With no option left she gives her hand to him. When she was about to grab his hand he took the hand back.

Riddhima(anger): vansh..

Vansh: get out yourself!! I won’t help you(smirk)

She stamps her feet inside the pool. He leaves. She with much difficulty gets out of the pool.

Riddhima: you will regret mr. Vansh rai Singhania.(tu royega pachtaega 🙃)

She goes to the room but it was locked from inside.

Riddhima(shouting and knocking): vansh open the door!!

She continues knocking but he doesn’t open the door.

Riddhima: vansh…open it or else.. domestic vi..

Before she could complete he opened the door (ise hi bhagwat geeta mein dar kaha gaya hai)

Riddhima: good..(smirk)

She quickly gets in and goes to change her clothes. She comes out of the washroom. And sees vansh standing in front of the mirror.

Riddhima: mr. Vansh rai Singhania you will regret for throwing me in the pool!

He turns to her.

Vansh: oh really sweetheart!!

He again lifts her up in his arms.

Riddhima(anger): now what do you want to do!!

Vansh: I can do anything with you..you are my wife(naughty smirk)

Riddhima: vansh put me down.

He throws her on the bed (are har baal pool mein thoda na fekega🙃😂😂)

Riddhima(shouting): am I a thing..you are again and again throwing me!!

Vansh goes close to her.

Vansh: yes you are my thing Sweetheart (wink)

She pushes him and due to sudden action he falls on the floor while Riddhima bursts out laughing.

Vansh: you..

He pulls her and she falls on him. They share the most famous eyelock!

Ishq mein marjawan…

Ye pyaar hai ya fir mujhko junoon hai tera

Tere ishq pe sabse zyada haq hai mera

Ye zid hai to zid se hi kya pata

Bas tu rahe hardam mera

Is ishq mein marjawan

Kuch bhi kasam se karjawan

Hadd se bhi guzar jawan 

Kuch bhi kasam se karjawan.


Riddhima tries to get up but vansh holds her tightly by her waist.

Riddhima: do you want to spend the whole day here..in this position!!

Vansh: I can spend whole day..whole night everything with you sweetheart!!(wink)

Riddhima: shut up and leave me!!

Vansh: I will not.

Riddhima: oh that’s the matter. Just wait and watch(wink)

She shouts on the top of our lungs.

Riddhima(shouting): vansh…don’t beat me.. please..vansh..no.

She acts to cry so loudly so that everyone could hear her. Vansh gets shocked.

Vansh: are you mad!!

He quickly places his hand on her mouth and makes her stand up.

Vansh: are you mad or what!!

Riddhima: I told you..I can do domestic violence case on you..if you do anything with me..see now your family will think you were beating me. I do what I say(wink)

All the Raisinghanias have heard her voice and they rushed to their room. They started knocking the door.

Ajay: vansh..what the hell is going on. Open the door!!(shouting)

Aryan: bhaii open the door(shouting)

Aryan(thinking): I knew bhai would not leave riddhu easily..but what was the need of beating her.

Vansh: see what you have done.

Riddhima winks. Vansh was going to open the door but Riddhima stops him. She goes and opens the door. All the Raisinghanias come inside.

Aryan: bhai what was going on(anger)

While Riddhima was doing the acting of crying.(Riddhima ko actor banna chaiye tha.. police kaise bangayi🙃🙃😂😂)

Sia: bhaiya… tell everyone what was happening..why was bhabhi shouting..

Ajay: vansh..were you actually beating her??

Uma and chanchal were consoling Riddhima. Vansh was silent. He was thinking what to say.

Ishani: bhai..tell na..what were you doing with bhabhi(shouting)

Done for today!! Iske aage abhi mujhe kuch samajh nhi aaraha🙃😂😂! Riddhima jo kehti hai vo kar ke dikhati hai🙃😂😂! Let’s see what vansh will do to save himself🙃😂😂! Meet you in next episode!! Take care❤️!



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