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#Riansh Born to be United.. Episode 36!! promo..

Hello Everyone….

So I was busy, sorry very busy with my Projects..which is now eating my brain…So I could not able to write anything..So thought to give a promo..Actually, this was on hold..#Riansh born to be united..My very first work…hope you remember this story that exists…

If you don’t remember the previous episode you can just revise…with these inks..
Episode 34:- https://www.tellyupdate.co.in/riansh-born-to-be-united-episode-34/

Episode 35:- https://www.tellyupdate.co.in/riansh-born-to-be-united-episode-35/

One note:-we have an amazing writer…Abhay!!..He is new so pls support him..


Okay, so let’s start…


Scene 1:-

Vansh:-Happy birthday riddhima..

I hope where ever you are just keep smiling..

I am missing you.

I just want to hug you wish you..

I want to celebrate..

gift you..


you know I have decided the very next day when I met you what I will give you on your birthday but..I can’t..


each year I had bought gifts for you..but how to give it to u..

I am sorry..

I just messed up..

I a..m ..s oo.rr..y

this VR is of no use..

I hate myself..

I hate my..s.e.l.f


Scene 2 :-

Ishani:-Mr.vansh rai Singhania

I am breaking all ties with you..

u deserve being lonely..

so live with your EGO lifetime….


Scene 3 :-

Aksh:-Mamu Now told na how is coming to meet??

Vansh:-Wait Aksh only 5 minutes…

When his phone rings..



Vansh:-Hello where is ?

Boy:-Actually the girl met with an accident The last dial number was yours..


scene 4:-

Neil:-Why is riddhima not answering my call…how to tell her..

scene 5:-

At the hospital:-

Doctor:-Her condition is very bad…We can’t say anything..

Okay done….I don’t know what I have written..I just wrote..will try to post asap..

I want to end his story soon..so now long updates..

Try to connect the dots…


Take care..

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