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Kabir (yell): Just shut up Riddhima! What’s this brother, brother, brother!! I told you right I never felt you as my sister because I always wanted you on my bed. And… if you felt me as your brother then that’s not my issue and didn’t, didn’t I tell you if you still want me to be your brother then I can be from tomorrow but tonight you are my desire and hunger. So, just shut your blo*dy mouth

He suddenly pulled my dupatta from around his neck and gaged it onto my mouth so that I can’t shout anymore. Tears rolling down my eyes messing with myself. His eyes depict a beast with coly icy venom eyes. He starts undressing himself and throwing his shirt and trousers somewhere, he once again hovers over me with his boxers on and starts caressing my thighs, biting them, licking them, and …… and he cups my vagina. Squealing I suck in a sharp breath as he was rubbing it roughly with my panties on. I shake my body vigorously trying hard to get rid of him and this torture. He in a go pulls my panties off and stares at my vag with pure avidity as I struggle beneath him trying my hard to get myself off this torture. He starts inserting his fingers thrusting them in and out pleasuring himself torturing me. He bends and starts kissing, sucking,, and licking my bud satisfying his fantasies. As I try hard to pull myself out. He once again comes over, biting my nape, my shoulders, cupping my br*asts, and sucking them while his fingers once again thrust into me giving me immense pain and pleasure to him. The continuous shouting and now being gaged makes my throat dry but I keep all my strength to fight this beast but I don’t know how even after being intoxicated, he has all the strength to hurt me to this extent. He doesn’t stop with his torture; he was placing sloppy kisses all over my body. Pulling the gag to my neck, he closes my mouth with his mouth or mostly his tongue which is licking my lips and is trying to explore every inch of my mouth making me wince. Chewing and nibbling on my lips until they bleed and are puffy. I can’t still digest that am being …. Am being raped by the person whom I trust and assumed to be my brotherly figure. That figure turned into a beast with hidden motives planning and plotting against me for months. He once again roughly palms my br*asts until they leave in bruises with his bites.

He once again gags my mouth and leading himself down my vagina, he with his knees, wides my legs as per his comfort, he once again starts licking and biting my vag before getting rid of his boxers and now his erection is of hunger to thrust me. He …. He places his erection in near the entry of my clit and with whole force, ……. He…… (chi!!!! I still can’t believe I was raped and those touches and thrusts still haunt me till date) he enters my clit making me wince in immense pain and my this pain is giving him pleasure as I see him moaning and groaning as he thrusts up and down making me yell behind the gag. He keeps on grinding against me assaulting my neck licking and sucking as his other hand is fisting my hair. A new set of hot tears roll my eyes unable to bear his this torture and all my pleads go unheard by him. He spreads my legs more wider while he goes deeper and deeper inside me leaving scars on my soul and me. He was completely ruining me from inside and out. The headboard was slamming hardly into the walls because of his thrusts. With each movement of his in me I whimper in agonizing pain. Suddenly the door opens and there stands Ashok with another person behind him and they both had shocked expressions on their faces and this brings me a hope that I can be saved at least before I die and I move my body vigorously pleading with them to help while Kabir glares me and then at them with his mouth wide open

Ashok: What the hell Kabir!!!

Kabir got off me and taking it as an opportunity, I bought my hands from my head and held onto the bedsheet I found and wrapping it anyhow with my tied hands and with a little hope I ran limping towards Ashok as he was the only known person to me. With tears rolling and broken voice, I finally managed to speak something

Me (stammering): Hel…. p!!! help!!! Help As…..hok!!!

He held me with my shoulders and threw daggers towards Kabir while he was sweating and

Ashok: What the hell was happening Kabir!!! How the hell you could do this!!!

Kabir (stammering): Ashok…. Listen… to me

Person: Shut up Kabir! We didn’t expect this from you

Kabir: Vyom please listen to me b…. before assuming any…thing

Ashok: Just shut up Kabir! I and Vyom aren’t here to listen to your blabbering

My chest was rising high with all that happened and I was trying hard to digest everything and was glaring at at Kabir with disgust when I felt the hold of Ashok on me was getting a bit tighter and I could feel it sliding down and to my horror, his hands reached my hip and my breaths were once again higher as I turned around to see Ashok and the other person whom Kabir referred as Vyom. They had a glint in their eyes and the evilness I saw in Kabir’s eyes few mins back or a few hours back was now being reflected in their eyes. My heart skipped a beat as now beast was not one but three. I got off Ashok’s grip and was stepping back while they both took a step towards me with my every step back with a smirk on their lips and fear clearly visible in my eyes and body. As I stepped back, I hit onto a body, and that when I realized it was Kabir and I was surrounded by three monsters waiting to have their share of meal i.e., me. I tried to escape as the door was open and as I was about to, Vyom closed the door with a smirk as I was pulled back against another body and as I turned around, I saw it was Ashok with a smirk while Kabir and Vyom were laughing.

Ashok: Didn’t we decide to enjoy together Kabir!

Vyom: How could you not call us before starting everything alone!!! Thank god we heard her cries and understood that you have started

Ashok: So, we ran to have our own time with this little b*t*h for whom we have been waiting for 2 months (evilness)

Vyom: Yes man!!! 2 months back when you showed us her pic, I swear I desperately wanted her beneath me on my bed, and finally guys…. (Smirking)

Ashok: Yes, finally all our desperation has given us the results. Look at her how damn hot and s*xy she is even under that bedsheet. (lust)

Vyom: Now am imagining her without that too (smirk)

Before I could react or shout, I was once again pushed onto the bed with Ashok over me and with a go he pulled the bedsheet which I covered on myself, and before I could react, I could see him lusting over my body with his lips making their way on me while I was moving vigorously to get rid of him and then I felt something crawling on my thigs and legs, that’s when to my horror I realized it was Vyom and Kabir making their way for their pleasure. I was stuck between 3 monsters hovering over me for their pleasures over my body. (I never hated myself for being a woman till that day) As Ashok left my lips, they were occupied by Vyom, they were taking turns in torturing me, if one was licking my lips, the other was torturing my br*asts and the other was showing his torture on my clit. In short, all the three were enjoying on my body while my shouts and cries were unheard and they gaged my mouth once again. As they kept on thrusting me, my throat was burning, my eyes which had life in them are now empty with new tears flowing over the traces of old tears. I felt myself ripping away off my soul. I just want this to end. A terrible petrifying nightmare that is going to snatch my life from me.

This pain of being thrusted repeatedly by three beasts was horrible. I just don’t know if I could get off this before I die or only death is the solution for my ordeal. But I think death is the only solution, after all, that’s happening to me for hours. I don’t know when this will end and suddenly everything blacked out!!! I lost my senses and after some time when I got my senses back, I felt immense pain in my lower body and I was moving. My senses were not totally back, my eyes were moist and the image was a blur. I started blinking my eyes and that’s when the image was clear, Vyom was over me thrusting me still, when the hell will this stop!!! Then the feeling of moving came back and when I tried to examine the surroundings, I realized I was in a moving vehicle, in fact, a car. This bastard was thrusting me and having pleasure even in the car. Wasn’t he satisfied with what they did to me in the farmhouse!!! I disgust myself for ever coming here. Why didn’t I still die? Death is the only solution for all my pain to fade!!!! That’s when breaking my thoughts, he releases himself off me and dresses himself. My wrists are aching when I realize my wrists are free from that belt and …. Wtf!!!!! Am…. Am total nude and suddenly I feel a push and……nooooo!!!!!!! They pushed me off the running car and without even turning around to see what happened to me they drove off leaving me on the road nude all by myself. Vaise bhi I deserve this torment for trusting the wrong person and coming all the way to a secluded farmhouse without even thinking twice. I don’t know till when I was there in the middle of the road with many vehicles going by seeing me and still not bothering to stop their vehicle to see what happened to me. I didn’t know till when I was on that road waiting for help, my voice wasn’t leaving my chords, my throat was dried and my hands, lips, cheeks, and all my body parts were bruised and bleeding. At midnight, in the middle of the road with many flashes of lights passing in the form of vehicles, not even a single vehicle has stopped to care to help this unfaithful, half-dead woman!!! Those flashes were making my view even blurred and this pain over my body is making me feel like killing myself. Why didn’t they kill me totally instead of killing me half!!! My sniffing power was not as usual as in, I felt something else mixing in my breaths. And my lips too had something on them, as my eyes fell over my lips I felt something there but the darkness and my moist eyes betrayed me in identifying what that was. I tried to touch my lips and nose but bruises on my hands and lips I winced and when I finally felt something on my fingertips I could just identify that it’s some substance but what? No Idea!!! And I even was not in any sense to understand that substance.


Hello!!! So, all that happened 12 months back, and now I don’t know if am fine or not but definitely am not totally broken! You might be wondering how I was saved or if I was saved then who it was, right!!! Okay before that I need to tell you why am here and where I am. So, am in Marine Drive, waiting for someone who saved me on that unfaithful night. That person isn’t any unknown to me. We met after 12 years and see the irony, how we met!!! Any person would expect to meet their long-lost friends or people in a friendly environment but we both met each other in such circumstances where that person felt pity to find me on the road nude, wounded, bleeding, breathless & half-dead.

Acha, we’ll discuss about that later but… am today here as that person asked me to be here by 4 pm to entertain you all and introduce myself meanwhile he’d be here and see!!! Uff!!! This person shows to the world that there isn’t any person as punctual as them but see the reality, given a time but that person is still not here!!! Today am going to kill that person…. That’s when I hear a voice and guys guess what I know the owner of this voice,

: Am sorry Riddhu!!!

I turn around to find the person standing with puppy eyes, did I tell you guys that whenever this person makes those faces, I feel like pulling those cute cheeks which they hate. Wait, let me introduce you to that person but before that let me handle this person

Me (fake anger): What’s the time?

: It’s around 5:30 pm (sticking the tongue out)

Me: When did you ask me to be here?

: It’s 4 pm!!! Riddhu, I know you are angry but let’s have this fight a bit later after all this ends!!! I don’t want to lose my respect in front of all these people so, please……

Me: Just shut up!!! When you are aware that I’ll react this way and today your name and fame aren’t going to help you save yourself from me then how dare you to reach late? Wasn’t that you who scheduled the time for this meeting and this spot?

: I know baba!!! It’s just that ki…. I was …. Aa…. I was stuck in an international meeting

Me: So, can’t you reschedule this meeting and we could have met after your meeting right!

: I know, but I thought you’d manage to some extent so… you know…

Me: Shut up!!!! Now, you are going to face the consequences of being late. You are the one who sets rules and regulations and now you are the one who’s late. Now pay for that

: Riddhu, please understand look everyone is staring at me and this is so embarrassing, please!!! It’s my request, I’ll pay for making you wait after all this is done. Till then shall we please sit and calm down and continue what you started (pleading eyes)


Hello, Guys!!! I know many requested to save Riddhima but today I want to bring something into the light. Though the whole story isn’t true but I have added this molestation part after witnessing a woman being molested by 3 men 5 years ago. I have known that woman for years and on that unfaithful night, she visited one of her friend’s place (a girl not a boy’s place) for some small party. She was about to leave but the girl’s brother and his friends brutally raped her and her private parts were so bruised. Municipality people found her lying in the middle of the road the next day morning and when she was shifted to hospital, the doctors informed her parents, and police too arrived as it was a rape case. Even I was there with her parents in fact even my parents were there, we were neighbors so we went with her parents to give them support. With much difficulty when the girl narrated the whole incident everyone was aghast and was in teras. The mere thought of how she faced all that was unbearable. After fighting for few hours she left this world. Yes, she died that day just after few hours of giving her statement against her molesters.  Guess what her parents did when Chargesheet was filed against those bastards, her parents intimidated the police to close the case and not bring this matter out in public and their reason for that was


Under pressure from her family, the case wasn’t filed and she was cremated without any records. That night her soul left this hell to reach heaven without getting justice. Her family left this neighborhood and settled in their village and informed everyone that their daughter met with an accident and passed away and so not being able to live in the city where her memories are present they moved to their village. Those culprits are still roaming free without being punished!!!!

The only reason I hate society!!!!!!!!!! Where the hell was this society when she was raped? where was this society when they threw her on the road to die? How can her own parents not ask Justice for her death? Why the hell did they choose Society over their own daughter who was on death bed when she gave her statement with the hope that her parents would support her and give her justice??? IS SOCIETY MORE IMPORTANT THAN THEIR OWN DAUGHTER???? 

That day we tried our best to convince them to file a case and fight for justice of their daughter’s soul but they were adamant not to lose their respect but were willing to see their daughter leave this world!!! It’s been 5 years and still, JUSTICE WASN’T SERVED to her!!! Not everyone gets a savior in their lives sometimes their own parents are against getting justice for whatever happens with their daughters!!! Am sorry if I hurt anyone with this statement but I have seen it and experienced it in front of my eyes so couldn’t hold back my emotions and blurt my heart out. 

Though that woman didn’t get her share of justice, I am trying to serve justice to riddhima. Coming to the track, let’s see how this story unfolds. Who’s her savior? What’s the relation between them? Did she get her justice? Who helped her? What’s her parent’s stand on this? Will they know? AM trying my best to give justice to that soul which left this world 5 years back with the justice am planning to give to riddhima!!! I hope you all will support me!!!


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