A girl is literally crying , her face is pale and has no expression , her cheeks ate red because of crying continuously for hours , her eyes are red with anger and pain , her lipstick brushed away because of crying , she is holding her elbows , while crying , her hair is messy and she was not in a stage to speak anything , she then took a pic out of the left side drawer and saw the person in the picture , her eyes then changed to a angry look , she then tore the picture off , she then thrown the pieces in the air .

At the same time , a woman came into the room in a saree , less accessories , vermilion on her hairline and nuptial chain on her neck , she came with excitement in her eyes , she opened the door with amusement , but seeing the scenario , visible at her eyes , she gasped and then her all happiness and amusement faded away , she went towards the girl and spoke in a low voice with concern ,


Riddima then , turning towards the woman with moist eyes and wiping her tears , she spoke in a calm voice


Riddima after speaking , without taking a second , instantly hugged her again bursting into tears

Her bhabhi , then reciprocated the hug without thinking and sat on the bed and after a minute , she broke the hug and spoke worried ,

” Riddu , what happened ?? , Why are you crying , what made you cry, you don’t want to marry the person? ,whom papa ji choose ?? ”

Riddima , looking into her bhabhi’s eyes , gently spoke ,

” No bhabhi , I am ok with this marriage , you know right , papa will always select best for his princess ”

” Then what made you cry ? , Riddu, don’t worry , I know very well about your groom’s family , as they are my own family , my brother has a soft-heartened persona , he is kinda arrogant because of handling business and all , but he is good at heart , and will shower you with love , you are lucky that you are going to be a part of RAISINGHANIA family ”

Her bhabhi spoke with assurance in her eyes

” I know bhabhi , it’s your family , and I am happy , that you assured me , I am not scared now at all ,
But , I miss this family , mostly you and bhai ”

Riddima spoke to her bhabhi

” Hmm , I know you will miss me , don’t worry , if you once ask my bhai to take you to your house , he will not hesitate for a second ”

Her bhabhi spoke to her with happiness in her eyes

” Hmm , I literally miss you because, you are not only my bhabhi , but my best friend before your marriage with my bhai ”

Riddima spoke faking a smile

” I know yaar , we are friends since childhood , this house and this family , will miss you very much , don’t forget us ”

Her bhabhi spoke to her in a sad voice

” Oh god , siya , you are making riddu more unhappy by your words, won’t you send her happily ” A voice came from behind and both duo turned to see a girl standing at the entrance of the room

” Ishani di , I am not making riddu unhappy , just representing my sadness , as she leaves me , she helped me and her brother to understand our love towards each other , we got married because of her , she helped me house chores and post-wedding rituals , she helped me in cooking , which I doesn’t even listen about , how could I not miss her ” Sia spoke to the girl , who is standing near the door

” Could you both stop your fighting”
Another voice came from behind

” MUMMY JI ” both siya and ishani spoke understanding who is it

” Get her ready , she is going meet her groom today evening ” the mother-in-law of both ishani and sia spoke

” Ok mummy ji ” both ishani and sia nodded in positive way

And their mother-in-law left from there

” Hmm , I know my brother’s taste very well , let me get you ready ” siya spoke in excitement

” Hmm , are you thinking she is a doll or what ?? , She will get ready how she wants ” ishani spoke to siya in a stern way

” Don’t start your fight again my dearest bhabhi’s ” riddima spoke in irritation

And without speaking any other word , they got her ready , how she wants , she wore a kurti , with jhumkas , and a thin gold chain around her neck , she is looking simply superb , her nose is brightening because of the small nose stud on her tiny nose , she is looking ravishing , she went downstairs.

She took her car to leave and she left to the cafe where her groom is waiting for her

She opened the entranc door of the restaurant gently and entered in , she saw the chit in her hand ,in which the table number of hers is present , she saw the table , and went near it , there is a person present there facing her his back , he was wearing a turquoise blue tuxedo (my favorite ☺️) , and was constantly either messaging anyone or talking a call , then she came near him

Riddima’s POV

As mom dad said , I with a huge hesitancy , gone to meet the groom selected by then , here you see , by seeing the view in front of my eyes, I can clearly understand that he is a workaholic , who has numerous meetings in line , and a bundle of calls and messages often coming on his phone , he is literally sinked in work , that he doesn’t even paying heed to me .



As I was scrolling down my phone, I thought like someone is behind me , I understood that my would be wife came , hmm , she has punctuality , for which I have more possessiveness in my life , I made a gesture to tell her to take the seat, she sat in front of me , and I was surprised , she is wearing a kurti , with very less accesorios on her body , usually , I know well , that in present 21st century , no girl can be without soaking themselves in makeup , and dressing must be either jeans and crop tops , or short hot skirts and dresses , then my gaze fall on her face , her hands are removing the scarf , which is covering her face , she is slowly opening it , and I can observe each and every part and look of her face , my gaze first fell on her sparkle black eyes , any man could just sink in them and get attracted to them , then my gaze fell on her nose , she has a tiny nose , which is a little red because of sweat , and I liked it very much , then my gaze fell on her cheeks , they are like red tomatoes , they are hardly blushing with no reason, I want to kiss them and cup them , and cherish them , and finally my gaze fell on her lips, she has rosy pink lips , but I could say that they are , juicy tasty lips , I want to taste , and I can’t control myself , she is just dragging me towards herself , I can’t resist myself anymore so I spoke

” Hello , this is VR , VANSH RAISINGHANIA ” I spoke gently

” Hi , this is RIDDIMA RAICHAND ” She gave me reply

Her voice , I loved it , it’s like the sweetness of honey lips , huh , once again she is making me out of control , she is making me hers .

We had some talks related to our lifestyle , profession , and some of personal life , we bid adieu to each other and gone back to our respective houses .

Here the scene shifted to My mansion , and when I am going to keep my right leg ki inside the mansion , my elder cousin sister spoke with excitement

” Vansh , do you like her ? , How was she ? , Modern or classy ? , Did you liked her behavior , is she fit to become Mrs Vansh Raisinghania , speak na , ” she spoke to me with a questionful look

” Oh Question bank , stop your talks and just shut your mouth , you speak beta , what’s your opinion ? ” My mom spoke to me in a calm way

” No need to stress out of this matter vansh , she is trustworthy and she will definitely suit for you”
My father spoke with assurance

I just nodded to them and left , I saw many girls , some tried to flirt with me , and some wanted to marry me just for money , even my office is consisting of mad monkeys , who are truly crazy on me , but she looked different than anyone , my gut feeling said she best than anyone and is unique from everyone , my heart said to say yes , and I does it , don’t know what is in store for us

Pov ends

Riddima gone back to her house , only to see confused and questioning looks for her in store , before anyone could speak she spoke taking a long breath


All are on cloud nine , both families greeted each other and started preparing for the rituals .

Guys , it’s just a SS , and I will end it soon , hope you all like it .

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