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Hey guys,  hello . Thanks for the support you have shown . So your comments have inspired me to write next episode.

Episode 12 – https://www.tellyupdate.co.in/riaansh-love-and-betrayal-episode-12/

1) All the characters would be same we saw in main show .
2) the characteristics of characters have changed.
3) I will include some imaginative places and I will add other characters as well .
I wish you will  all enjoy.

Episode 13 :

A Daring Dairy Tale .

Episode starts

Scene  – 1

Vansh : Now this stranger  is killed,  i can’t find out who send him but i know that he came to vr mansion not for stealing purposes but for something else.

Angre : yes boss , i will find it out and put this body in secret walls of vr mansion.

Someone observes the entire vr mansion in his laptop through that ” house – fly shaped drone ” . ” Now no secrets could be kept away from me “.

Vansh gets a call .

Vansh  : hello dadi , how is your vacation going?

Dadi : our vacation is going wonderful . I would have been more happy if you and angre come with us .

Vansh  : sorry dadi , we can’t came , we have something important to do.

Dadi : i have called you to say we are departing the villa  today and would come to vr mansion next day . Take care and bye .

Vansh  : thanks dadi , bye .

Amgre  : boss , i put that body . That stranger today jokingly threatened us about bomb in vr villa , but what if someone will do this in reality  . Why did you send the entire family alone ?

Vansh  : i wanted a thing , but getting that thing would be risky and this risk could affect our other family members therefore I wanted everyone to go out for vacation so that there would be no danger and i could play a safe game .

Angre : Are you talking about that ” Red Dairy ” again ?

Vansh  : yes , that dairy is very much important for us . And dadi said that she would be returning home within 2 days . Therefore we have to get that dairy as soon as possible.  Will you please bring that map from my office.

Angre : Yes boss , i am getting you the map which could take us to ”RED DIARY ”

Angre goes to vansh`s office to get that map .

Scene – 2

Riddhima : we have to find ragini . That day she ran away but i will find out .

seejal : but how ?

Riddhima : i have to check the nearby cctv footage of ”compartment 12 ” to know  about where ragini went . But now without Ajay its difficult for me to find about Ragini , where did he went ?

Seejal : I think we should go and search for Ragini in Ajay`s office .

Riddhima agrees with seejals idea and they go to Ajays office .

Scene – 3

Kabir reaches Ajay`s house , he rings the doorbell and then someone opens the door .

Kabir : surprise  😂😂😂😂 . How are you Anjali , cute sister of handsome brother .

Anjali (Ajay`s sister) : Stop flirting with me . And Ajay is not here at home .

Kabir : What ! I thought that he would be at home .

Anjali : yes , but since few days he is not coming to home . He said he was on a mission to find ghost . But i have not talked to him since days .

Kabir : OK , bye Anju 🤣🤣🤣🤣 . I am going to find your brother in his office/lab .

Kabir leaves from there to Ajay`s office .

Scene – 4

Both riddhima, seejal and kabir reaches Ajays office/ lab. Riddhima and seejal gets shocked seeing kabir here (they all don`t know each other clearly)

Riddhima : Who are you ? and why have you come to my friend`s office .

Kabir : same to you 🤣🤣 . Let me guess you are Ajays name-sake sister , Whats your name ….. Ziddhima , isn`t ?

Riddhima :  My name is Riddhima not Ziddhima , ok😠😠😠.

Kabir : oh ! sorry ziddhima ,,, not riddhima

Riddhima : so what`s your name … Kabutar ?

Kabir : My name is kabir .

Seejal : stop fighting , i am bored of seeing you both fight . I am seejal , ridhdhima`s best friend and she is riddhima , ajay believes riddhima to be his second sister .

Kabir : Ok seejal , you look smarter than ziddhima . I am Kabir , i am sir/head of Ajay and his best friend ,  I went to his home and i come to know from his sister  Anjali ,that Ajay is not coming home . Therefore i came here to search for him .

Riddhima : yes , he had wrote a letter for me and he said that he was going to catch ghost and he couldn`t return alive .

Kabir  : (shocked) what , he wrote like that . Please give me that letter written by him .

Riddhima gives that letter written by Ajay to Kabir  . And then riddhima and seejal went from there taking the compartment 12 nearby cctv footage . Kabir starts reading the letter .

Scene – 5

Angre brought that map from Vansh`s office .

Angre : Boss , i brought this map . This was the map we got through a woman .

Vansh : yes , Angre , i got this map from a deal with a woman . That woman was very strange , i think that woman didn`t knew the value of this map . This map is drawn by a cartographer ( map maker ) and that cartographer was the first and only person who reached to that Red Diary .

Angre : But , still that map maker was unsuccessful in getting the diary  , But his this map could lead us to that diary .

Angre matches the coordinate of the map with modern map and says .

Angre  : the coordinate and location of map is similar to modern day viridian forest ( fictious forest in my ff ) .

Vansh : Pack your back angre , because we are going to ”viridian forest” to get that ” RED DAIRY ” . I have heard that forest is very dangerous and specially the ” PROTECTOR OF THAT RED DIARY ” . We have to complete this work within 2 days .

Precap : – Kabir was reading Ajay`s letter and he felt something ,” Why is this paper wet …. did this paper cried 🤣🤣🤣 ” He smelt the letter ” This paper is written in lime ink tasty , so there could be a code message written by Ajay ”

Episode ends .

So how did you like today`s episode ? . Sorry , today i wrote too much . There are many mysteries today

1) What is the mystery of RED DIARY ? What does it contains ? Who is the map maker who made that map ? Who is that woman with whom vansh dealt with for that map ? who is the protector of that RED DIARY ?

2) What was the secret message written by Ajay in lime ink to kabir ? Is it related to Vansh or with a new secret ?

3) Who was the person who was viewing vansh – angre conversation through house-fly shaped drone ?

Are you feeling thrill ? Please give me your precious advice about my ff .

Thank you , take care , sayonara (bye)



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