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RadhaKrishn 28th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Krishna Revives Balram’s Previous Memory

RadhaKrishn 28th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Balram thinks Krishna’s words went wrong for the first time, he had told that Hanuman will realize his mistake and apologize him but that did not happen. Hanuman watching him hiding thinks if Balram can be brother Laxman; just because he is Krishna’s brother, he cannot be Laxman, but his anger and innocence reminds him of Laxman. He goes into flashback when he meets Ram and Laxman searching Rishimukh mountain. Laxman fumes that Shabri sent them in opposite direction as they walking since long and couldn’t find Rishimukh mountain yet. Ram asks him to calm down. Laxman says he will calm down only when he attacks Ravan’s lanka with Sugriv’s vanar/monkey army and defeat him. Ram says they will get back Seeta soon. Hanuman notices them and thinks who these prince looking men are, he needs to find out without revealing his identity of Sugriv’s soldier and they can be spies. Laxman tells Ram that they have definitely lost their way. Ram asks him again to calm down. Hanuman walks towards them disguised a saint. Balram says how can there be a man in deep jungle. Ram says he must be a saint meditating here. Laxman says he must be a spy. Hanuman walks to them thinking one of them looks angry. He asks them who they are. Laxman asks what is he doing here alone in jungle. Ram says answer is the solution for question and not argument in return. Hanuman says he looks knowledgeable and asks who is he. Laxman asks not to trust him as he can be a spy. Ram says he looks trustable and informs that he is king Dashrath son Ram and he is his brother Laxman, he is searching Rishimukh mountain on Shabari’s told path to seek help from Sugriv to fight against Ravan. Hanuman kneels down in respect and revealing his true identity says he was waiting for him since long. Ram says even he was eager to meet him.

Out of flashback, Hanuman thinks that was the most unique moment when he met Sri Ram and saw Laxman’s anger. He thinks looking at Balram’s anger, he seems to be Laxman and calls him Laxman. Balram asks who is calling Laxman as there is no one named Laxman in whole Dwarka, sees Hanuman and thinks why is he calling him as Laxman. Hanuman thinks Balram is not reacting, so he can’t be Laxman. He thinks of searching Seeta maiya first and while passing by Krishna stops. Krishna opens eyes and asks what is he doing here instead of searching Seeta. Hanuman says he wanted to look at him once and asks if he has any task for him. Ram says he has lot of other works to finish first. Hanuman says Ram’s task is most important for him. Ram asks him to go and meet Seeta first. Hanuman disappears. Balram walks to Krishna and asks to stop acting as sleeping seeing him coming and asks where did Hanuman go; Krishna told Hanuman will realize his mistake and will hug and apologize him, but instead Hanuman was calling him Laxman and when he looked at him, he left without speaking. Krishna says Hanuman was searching Laxman and he is Laxman. Balram asks how can he be Laxman. Krishna says he is Laxman and reveals how he erased his treta yug memories and with a snap of his fingers returns Laxman’s memories. Balram remembers whole Ramayan and asks why did he erase his memory. Krishna says he would have created problems with his innocent acts as he was angry as Laxman and is innocent like a child as Balram. Balram says he is angry on him and will see how will he calm him down. Krishna extends his hands and asks to hug him like tretya yug’s Laxman. Balram hugs him remembering the event and says he feels as if his mind is calm after many years.

Radha cooks food and asks maids to hurry up as Hanuman must be hungry. Hanuman watches her hiding and thinks she is worried for him like Seeta maiya and calls her Seeta maiya and Janaki. Radha doesn’t react. He walks to her and she asks why is he calling her with that name. He says he will help her like a child helps his mother and asks servants to continue their work while he helps Radha. On the other side, Balram says he wiil inform Hanuman that he is Laxman and will hug him like a brother. Krishna reminds him that Hanuman drew a laxman rekha for Laxman and troubled him, so he should wait until Hanuman realizes his misake and apologizes him.

Precap: Hanuman tears his chet and shows Ram and Seeta’s imagine to Seeta.

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