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Pratigya 2 28th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Pratigya confronts Krishna

Pratigya 2 28th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Krishna comes home with his hand bandaged. Meera rushes to him and asks what happened, you are hurt. He says I am fine. Sumitra comes there. Krishna says some goons were harassing a girl so I saved her, she tied this bandage. Meera says it’s a cloth, it won’t work and you allowed her to do it? What is happening? Krishna glares at her and says why are you interrogating, don’t make me mad, he leaves from there. Sumitra asks Meera to not pester him like this, you know he doesn’t like it. Meera says I got worried and jealous, how could any girl tie her cloth to him. Sumitra says Krishna is not a man that will go around with other women, he will do what he likes, go to sleep.

In the morning, Meera is running behind Krishna as he is working and making him eat. Shakti murmurs that she is always running behind him. Komal asks her to not treat him like a kid. Meera says he doesn’t eat and I like taking care of him. Shakti says she acts like his mom. Sajjan says wives like to take care of their husbands, only Meera can handle Krishna. Kesar says you are right, Meera takes good care of Krishna like his real wife used to. Sajjan glares at her. Sumitra says shut your mouth and never say this again.

Pratigya hides in front of the kids’ school. She sees Garv and Preeti standing there. Preeti says papa didn’t come to school today and mama.. Garv says it’s good that she died, because of her our papa is not ours anymore. Pratigya cries hearing that and thinks we used to be so happy. She gets an asthma attack and tries to use her pump but it falls down. Pratigya hides her face from the kids. Preeti rushes and gives the inhaler to her as she looks away, they leave from there. Pratigya cries.

Adarsh comes home. Komal says we were all waiting for you. He says sorry and greets everyone. Shakti shouts why do you want to marry her? Adarsh says you don’t think anyone can marry Komal? Shakti says you went to jail because of her and your mom died because of her but you want to marry her? You must be crazy. Adarsh says it was not her fault, it was my fault too, I just missed Komal in the jail, I wanted to meet her only. It made me realize that I love her, her feelings are true for me. I am lucky to get her. Sumitra says I am asking you directly how will you be a part of this house? Sajjan says we have some rules and boundaries. Adarsh says I am getting a family and I can do anything for Komal, she is my happiness. Sumitra says what’s about Pratigya? Adarsh says I don’t care what happened with Pratigya, I just care about Komal. She is gone, I shouldn’t have taken her side, Pratigya is gone but Komal is still here. Sajjan says he is good. Shakti says do what you all want.

Scene 2
Krishna arrives at his new hotel. The manager welcomes him and introduces his staff. The manager says we have hired someone as your assistant, she must be coming soon. Pratigya enters there in a nice dress. Krishna is surprised to see her. She smiles at him and offers flowers. The manager takes it on his behalf. Krishna says you? Pratigya offers her hand and says Pratigya Singh. Krishna doesn’t shake her hand and does namaste.

Meera stops Adarsh and says you used to love Pratigya then how did you start loving Komal? What is going on? Are you fooling her? Komal says he never loved Pratigya. Meera says what happened between Pratigya and him then? Komal says Pratigya trapped him, she was dangerous and why are you questioning him? Adarsh has impressed the family. It doesn’t matter what you think. Meera says I think about Krishna’s health, he can’t know about Pratigya, it can pain him. Adarsh says I won’t worry Krishna.

Krishna tells the manager that everything is fine but this girl needs to be fired, find someone else, if she can’t protect herself then how will she protect my business, I need someone responsible so change her. Pratigya says you don’t know much about me, what happened last night was not my mistake, those men were behind me and they were filthy, not me. Krishna says why were you roaming the streets at night? Pratigya says but that didn’t give them the right to misbehave with me. Is there a rule that women can’t be on the streets at night? This thought gives power to filthy men, instead of changing these men, you blame women for just doing their own work. You must tell women what they should wear, what they should eat and when to talk. I don’t need my character certificate from a man like you. The manager says don’t talk to the boss like that. Pratigya says don’t interfere, I won’t allow anyone to say rubbish about my character. She glares at Krishna and says those guys did a mistake but I will be punished, I am a woman so I have to bear the punishment for being myself. Fine, I don’t want to work for men like you. Just one thing, you are no different than those goons, they misbehaved with me at night while you do it in daylight. She leaves from there. Krishna looks on.

Shakti tells Sajjan that you know I am a clever man, I can recognize a person’s intention by looking at them. This Adarsh might look innocent but he is playing around. That Komal sent him to jail but he loves her? Want to marry her? That Krishna left everything for that Pratigya and this Komal is following the same path. Sajjan asks him to stop saying rubbish. Sumitra says Komal is adamant so we can’t do much. Shakti says then bear all this, I am telling you that we can’t avoid the insult after this wedding. Sajjan says then what? You will kill Adarsh? Shakti says we don’t need to kill Adarsh, we can kill Komal. Sumitra and Sajjan are stunned. Sumitra shouts if he has gone mad. Sajjan says don’t be shocked, his thoughts were like this since the start. We won’t accept Komal’s demands easily. Shakti says what will you do then? Sajjan says I will take Adarsh’s test, if he can’t pass that then we will throw him away. Shakti asks what is he up to? Sajjan smirks.

Pratigya is leaving the hotel and thinks I had this chance to come near Krishna and I have lost it. Krishna comes out and says stop. He comes to her and says you said too much but I don’t have time for all that, if you do your work well then it will be good for you. He asks his manager to keep her for some days then we will see. Pratigya says thank you for understanding. She smiles and thinks I will bring back his memory.
PRECAP – Pratigya shows Krishna around the hotel. They enter the lift and the lights go off suddenly. Pratigya smirks and cries that she is scared, she hugs Krishna. He recalls some memories and is about to hug her back.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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