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My World Is In Your Love – Chapter 5

My world is in your love Chapter-5

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In the car,

Riddhima was sitting silently. Vansh started the conversation.

Vansh: What is your relationship with Kabir?

Riddhima: Are you talking to me, Bro?

Vansh shouted….

Vansh: It is you and me in the car riddhima. Do you think I will talk with ghost? Answer my question.

Riddhima: We are just friends…

Vansh: Interesting, Very Interesting. I thought that Kabir was your brother.

Riddhima: What? How could you say kabir has my brother?

Vansh: Kabir is my younger brother. When you are calling me ‘BRO’, Kabir is also your brother, am I right?

Riddhima(in angry): you can directly tell me that you don’t like the way, I am calling you. Shall I call you, Boss like angre.

Vansh: As your wish. From when, where did you first meet together? Till now you have been friends or best friends?

Riddhima: Are you my father?

Vansh: No.

Riddhima: Are you my teacher?

Vansh: No.

Riddhima: Then why are you asking so many questions about us? We are just friends. You told me not to interfere in any matter of you and your family. Now, you are interfering in my life. Why should I tell you everything about my relationship with you? You are not my friend, Mr.Vansh Raisinghania.

Vansh: I am your boss, Riddhima.

Riddhima: It is inside VR mansion, Mr. Vansh Raisinghania.

This made Vansh angry. Riddhima was about to open the door. Soon, Vansh held her wrist and said,” If I come to know that you had hurt my family, I won’t spare you, Riddhima”.

Riddhima’s wrist becomes reddish. Riddhima got scared by vansh’s behavior. She had tears in her eyes. She opened the car door and ran into the hostel. When Vansh saw tears in Riddhima’s eyes, he could feel the pain. But Vansh was more concerned for his family.

Next morning, Riddhima came to the VR Mansion. Riddhima greeted everyone in the family except for vansh. She decided not to see or speak with vansh. She started the treatment for sia.

After a few hours,

Sia and Riddhima heard a fight sound when they went to the living room. Vansh and Ishani had a huge argument in the living room.

Ishani : I want to visit my friend’s birthday party.

Vansh: Definitely not! May, do I recognise his name?

Ishani: Akash’s birthday party. I will definitely go to the party.

Vansh: He is a playboy, Ishani. You are not going anywhere.

Kabir: Vansh, let her go. Ishani is grown up, she is not a child.

Rohan: Kabir, do you tell me how many friends Ishani has?

Kabir: 10 friends…

Rohan: Vansh.

Vansh: 15 friends….

Rohan: Ishani, Is vansh correct?

Ishani: Yes, Rohan.

Rohan: Kabir, you don’t care about our family, but vansh is not like that. He knows about everyone, including you.

Vansh: Rohan, please stop it. Ishani. You are not going, that’s final.

At 6.00 P.M., when Riddhima was about to leave the mansion, she came to know that Ishani had left the house and gone to the birthday party. Riddhima tried for Kabir, but he didn’t attend the call. Sia and Dadi called Vansh and Rohan.

Angre attended the call and said both were busy in the meeting with the foreign client, the meeting will end only at 10’clock. Riddhima asked angre to come back to the VR mansion, so both of them shall go in search of here. Riddhima consoled both sia and dadi. Angre came to VR Mansion from office. Riddima asked sia to send the location of Ishani.

At the birthday party,

Ishani was forced to consume alcohol by Akash and his friends, she lost her consciousness. Akash tried to misbehave with her while Angre beat Akash for trying to misuse Ishani. Angre lifted Ishani to the car. Riddhima thanked Angre for saving Ishani’s life. Ishani dress was torn. Angre went to the shopping mall and asked Riddhima to take Ishani to the trial room and change her dress. Riddhima, Ishani and angre came to the VR mansion.

At the VR mansion

Vansh started to shout at the security employees.

Vansh: Don’t you have any sense. This was the purpose for which I appointed you.

Angre, riddhima and Ishani entered the living hall.

Vansh: Ishani, stop!

Riddhima was holding her. Ishani attempted to face via way of means of herself. Riddhima attempted to give an explanation for. Vansh commenced to shout at her.

Vansh: Riddhima, you are just Sia’s personal physiotherapist. I didn’t ask you to explain anything. Now, the time is 10’clock. Driver?

Driver: sir?

Vansh: Take Riddhima to her hostel.

Riddhima felt very bad. She left the VR Mansion. Though she helped, vansh, vansh shouted at her in anger because of Ishani. Vansh slapped Ishani in front of everyone.

Vansh: Why did you rescue her? Why did you risk your life for her?

Angre: Because she is your sister, Boss. You have been with me in each and every situation. I will give my life for you, Boss.

Vansh: Ishani, you don’t deserve to stay in the VR mansion. I will talk to you in the morning. Everyone go to your room. Angre come to my study room.

Angre: It wasn’t Ishani’s mistake.

Vansh: I knew angre. It was a trap by Akash. He will pay for it. But I warned Ishani. Wait a minute, Know-a-day, you are supporting Ishani a lot.

Angre gave a grin. Ishani was watching it secretly.

Next Morning,

Vansh: Ishani, open the door?

Ishani opened the door.

Vansh: Did you have your breakfast?

Ishani: No, Bhai, I am sorry…

Vansh: Ishani, I don’t like to talk to you. As your elder brother, it is my responsibility to take care of you. That’s it.

Ishani started to moan and hugged vansh.

Ishani: Sorry bhai!

Vansh: I don’t want this to happen again. You will receive your punishment, Ishani for what you have done. Your pocket money is stopped for one month. For one month, you are not going anywhere. If you didn’t follow the punishment, I will throw you out of the house? Do you understand?

Ishani: Yes, bhai.

Ishani was quite impressed by Angre’s character. The way angre behaved and supported her today made her have some feelings with angre.

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