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Mere Sai 28th May 2021 Written Episode Update

Mere Sai 28th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Rihana is still feeling bad for Rama. Sai asks her to speak up. Tell me what’s on your mind. Rihana asks Sai why Rama must stay here. She has the responsibility of the entire house already. She is so young. We have only seen Bala’s behaviour right now. Don’t know how others must be treating her. You must not have told me but Tatya has. There are so many problems at Lakshmikant’s house. Will it be fine to let Rama stay in a house with such a bad environment? Rama has been through so much already. Why did you bring her here? Why did you let her stay here out of all the places? Sai replies that Rama is the daughter of this house. Rihana is stunned. She looks at the house in disbelief. How? Sai says this is the truth. This is the same house which has abandoned her as a kid. She must stay here so she can be accepted by this house again. They must know how good she is. Rihana asks Sai if Rama does not deserve to be a place where she will be welcomed with open arms. Sai asks her why others bear the brunt of a person’s mistake. Lakshmikant was wrong. A mother and daughter are still in pain because of that. Rama years for her parents till date! It is time for her to get what she deserves. She came here to find her real parents. Her search will end here. Rihana gets tensed as she looks at the house. Sai follows her gaze. They see Rama looking at them. She hasn’t heard anything and smiles at them.

Rama says I came back as Kaki came here for the first time today. She brought Prasad for me. I started tending to the plants as soon as I came here. These are first flowers. She gives a basket to Rihana who thanks her. Rama heads inside. Rihana says it is good that Rama did not hear anything. Don’t know what would have happened otherwise. Sai replies that Ram ji has fixed a right time for everything.

Lakshmikant comes home. Rama helps him wash his hands. He is all smiles. Rama pours him water and goes to bring snacks. Lakshmikant smiles as he realises that someone did that for him after years in this house.

Rama is massaging Vidya’s feet and Vidya is looking at her sweetly. Bala is walking past that room and fumes seeing them thus. Vidya caresses Rama’s forehead sweetly.

Later, Rama steps out of the kitchen after making food. Bala wlaks in stealthily and adds red chilli in the curry. Everyone sits down to eat. Bala is confused to see them eating their food silently. He takes a bite and starts screaming for water. It is too chilli! He drinks water from Rama’s hand. Rama says you added it so only you should eat it. I saw you which is why I kept that dish for you only. You reap what you sow! He looks at her in shock.

Rama takes very good care of Vidya and Lakshmikant. Sai also visits her every day. She gives him ingredients and touches his feet as well. Sai says I will give you a suggestion today. Go to the root of the problem if you want to solve it. The entire family is enjoying meal together when Lakshmikant tells Vidya that her health has improved a lot. She makes a plain face. Rama thinks of Sai’s words.

Rama says Kaki told me that you believe in Radha Krishna a lot and you love colourful flowers so I did this. I know it wont solve your problems but it will calm you. Azoba says that God helps everyone. He may be able to help you by being near you. Bhagirathi calls her sweet. You take care of everyone.

Sai says Ram ji, that girl is doing her best. Help her succeed.

Rama comes to kitchen. She hurts her finger while trying to pick a hot container. She screams in pain. Rama recalls Sai’s telling them a story about Rishi Dadhichi. Rama says he must be in a lot of pain. Sai says pain becomes bearable when we tell ourselves that everything is happening for a good reason. Rishi Dadhichi’s sacrifice helped Gods save 3 Loka’s from Asuras. This is the reason why we still think of him. Flashback ends. Rama wonders if her wound has some meaning too. Vidya notices Rama’s wound and tells her to not do any more work now. Rama insists and calls it a small wound but Vidya denies. Be it any kind of wound, you should give it time to heal or it worsens and hurts more. I will bring lep for you. Rama smiles.

Sai comes to Lakshmikant’s house for alms. He greets Sai and goes inside to bring something for Him. Lakshmikant tells Vidya that Sai is outside. Please give him something. Rama notices Vidya’s reaction and change in her behaviour. She tells Vidya that it is Vaishakh Purnima today. I made kheer for this occasion. Azoba told me that Lord Vishnu visits people today in different avatars. Maybe it’s Lord Vishnu in Sai’s avatar. Vidya smiles. You are very interested in spiritual fables. Rama asks them if they don’t think they should do it together. Maybe this house will get its happiness back with Lord Vishanu’s blessings. Vidya becomes distant again. She keeps the bowl in front of Rama and tells her to apply the lep on her wound. Rama looks at their faces and then smiles. She assures Vidya that she will give her finger ample rest today. You told me the right thing earlier. Be it any kind of wound, you should give it time to heal or it worsens and hurts more. I knew this too but I couldn’t realise it. Azoba says we often don’t realise suggestions ourselves that we give to others. I never realised it earlier. Vidya also realises that this applies her the most.

Lakshmikant is extending the plate of rice towards Sai when Vidya holds it from the other side. He is amazed to see her while Sai smiles. Hare Krishna Hare Ram plays. Vidya and Lakshmikant look at each other. They pour the rice in Sai’s bowl together. Sai notices Rama at the window. They both smile at each other. Sai blesses the couple. How are you two? Lakshmikant says I can only say that Rama has brought this house back to lif after years. Vidya seconds him. It feels as if she is a part of this house only. Sai says very often people who are strangers don’t appear to be our own and vice versa.

Precap: Lakshmikant says it is good that you brought this (Rama’s bag) here. I have to check Rama’s stuff. Lakshmikant finds jewellery in Rama’s bag while Rama pleads innocence. I did not take anything. Lakshmikant says the jewellery has been found in Rama’s bag. Thus, she cannot stay here anymore. Bala smirks. Sai tells Lakshmikant that Ram ji pardons the first mistake but what is done again is not really a mistake. It becomes unpardonable then.

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