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Love or hate – IMMJ2 FF – chapter 7

This is chapter 7 . Haven’t read the other chapters before? Go ahead and read them by clicking on #it_all_started_with_hate .here I go..
Vansh : what happened inspector?
Riddhima : what happened Mr. Beast?
Inspector : she’s here. Arrest her.
Riddhima : police officer? Yahan?
Vansh : you can’t arrest her inspector without telling us anything .
Inspector : miss panwar has filed a case of theft against her. She has complained that her expensive necklace has been stolen by her. Sir please cooperate and call her parents in the police station.
Vansh : sir you can’t…
Inspector : please sir cooperate

Riddhima : vansh I haven’t done anything.
Vansh : I believe you don’t worry I’ll sort out the matter just just don’t panic okay
Inspector : sir I have to check the whole house.
Vansh : do you have any search warrant? Inspector : no sir
Vansh : just go and get the warrant first (the police officers arrested riddhima and took her to the police station. Meanwhile
Vansh called Mrs. Bansal and told her to come as soon as possible but she was engaged in an important meeting and told him to take care of her daughter until she comes )
Vansh called harshit
Vansh : shit happened bro!
Harshit : what happened?
Vansh: police came and arrested riddhima for the case of theft
Harshit : what?
Vansh: some panwar has filed a case.
Harshit : okay don’t tell me that she’s Alisha panwar! ( mujhe pta hai bhot logon ko lga tha ki Alisha ka case khatam pr aise kaise jane du use? 😂😂)
Vansh: oh shit. Are you sure harshit?
harshit : yes I am sure. But don’t you worry I’ll call my father. He’s on a higher post. He’ll handle it.

At the police station
Mr. Pankaj ( dad of harshit) : leave the girl!
Inspector : sir you should talk to miss panwar about it.
Mr. Pankaj : did you found anything against riddhima. Miss panwar just blamed her and you without any evidence just arrested her. You can’t just arrest anyone without any evidence. Can you?
Inspector : sir but…
Mr. Pankaj : leave her or your job will leave you. you’ll get in a big trouble.
Inspector : sorry sir I can’t leave her until miss panwar tell us to do so.
In the other side of police station
Alisha : here I am!
Vansh : Alisha why are you doing this?
Alisha : if anything’s mine that’s only mine. Just get back to me and I’ll let riddhima go.
Vansh : do you want to show the campus your photos you’ve sent me when we were in relationship .
Alisha : a-a which photos?

Vansh : do I need to tell you that?
Alisha : I thought
Ankit : that I deleted them. Why would I? They are like my key to control you sweetheart. ( oh my god he is a playboy 🔥😂 )
Alisha went to the inspector : inspector may be that was a misunderstanding. I shouldn’t have blamed riddhima without any evidence. Please let her go.
Inspector : free her. And miss Alisha I can arrest you for wasting police’s time so don’t you dare to do this type of mistake again!
Alisha : sorry sir.
Vansh : thank you Mr. Pankaj for coming.

Mr. Pankaj : no prob beta.
( after sorting out the matter Alisha said sorry to riddhima and went back and riddhima and vansh came back to home .vansh informed Mrs. Bansal that she’s safe and is with him )
At home
Riddhima : kaise kiya ( how did you do that?)
Vansh : nothing just blackmailed her
Riddhima: wait! What ? Kaise?

Vansh : naah I just told her that if she’ll do anything wrong with you then I’ll leak some of her photos in the campus. And she loves her image.
Riddhima: kaunsi photo ? Show me
Vansh showed her a photo of hers cleaning the toilet seat and one more in which she was looking like a joker
Riddhima : oh ye thi
Vansh : vaise jo tumne socha wo wali bhi hai mere pass.
Riddhima : maine nhi socha khuch.
( they both laughed)
Next day
School sent an email regarding the information about summer vacations.
So Tara and harshit came to their house.
Tara : guys do you have any plans for summer vacations.
Riddhima : no Yaar
Harshit : guys let’s visit mussoorie na.
Vansh : haan vacations waste krne se achha hai chalte hai bs riddhima se bol do is baar kidnapping na krwale
Riddhima : vansh you’ll die soon
Vansh: then I want you to complete my last wishes! ( wink)
( vansh 1 riddhima 0 )
Riddhima : harshit apne dost ko sudhar lo

Harshit : ab isme Mai kya kru?
( everyone started laughing and Harshit booked four tickets of ujjaini express from jhansi to dehradun)
( they live in jhansi. *revealed* 😂😂
Btw there are no direct trains from jhansi to mussoorie according to my research so if you’re from jhansi then you can take the ujjaini express and after reaching dehradun you can take a cab for mussoorie wow looks like I have started a job of advising 😂😂)
Harshit : guys 2 more days and then we’ll go to
Everyone in one tone : “mussoorie” ( btw tum logon ne socha hoga maine manali kyu nhi liya to answer is ki manali visit krne ka best time winters me hota hai or mussoorie ka best time summers hota hai isliye I chose mussoorie… Dekha kitni information deti hun 😂😂 thank me later)

After 2 days
Vansh : are you ready?
Riddhima : yes
harshit : let’s go
Tara : yupp
( all of them reached jhansi junction and they met one of their classmates at the platform)
Vansh: we’ll have fun there man.
Voice : heyyy riddhima Harshit…

Riddhima : kabir tum yahan
Kabir : heading to mussoorie yaar. Suna hai photography krne ke liye bhot shi jagah h
( kabir! Yaad hai na character sketch 😂😂 but I must tell you kabir has a different place in my heart 😂😂 don’t kill me after reading this)
Tara : hum log bhi mussoorie jaa rhe the
Riddhima : yessss
( kya tum log bhi kabir is the topper of class. Riddhima ko bhi uske works achhe lgte hai to vansh jalega hi na 😂😂 )
Harshit : kaunsa coach
Kabir : A-2 32
Riddhima : oh great hmara hi coach hai vo
Vansh: Is he coming with us now?

Everyone stared at vansh and riddhima said : yes he is!
Kabir whispered : yes I am! ( smirk)
( In the train they had a few chit chats.
At night riddhima was feeling a little cold so kabir just gave her a blanket but vansh was not happy so he just made her sleep in his lap and gave a “get lost wala look” to kabir . Kabir just rolled his eyes..
After a journey of more than 10 hours they reached mussoorie .kabir took his taxi and vansh called another cab)
( no prob agar tum logon ko by Air jana hai to jaa skte Ho pr trains have a different vibe)
In the hotel ( the next day)
Kabir : you guys are also staying here.?
Tara : coincidence right?
Kabir : haha! Yes
Harshit : so mera or vansh ka room 356 hai or tum logon ka 358 ..rest and kal hm log mussoorie ghumne chalenge
Kabir : wow we’ll have fun
Vansh : you’ll come with us?

Kabir : can’t I?
Riddhima : can’t he? ( C’mon riddhima is friendly with everyone)
Vansh : okay he can
Kabir : thanks bro!
Kabir then kneeled down and took riddhima’s hand in his hand and said : I am always here for you. If you need anything you can just give me a call. Good night sweetheart.( and he planted a soft kiss on her hand)
( what am I doing ? 😂😂 . Wait and watch)
When he was going to his room vansh whispered in his ear : I can help her too. She believes me and not you.
Kabir smiled and loudly said : my room no is 357 .
Riddhima : noted
Tara : haha! Yes
Harshit to vansh : koi nhi bro hota hai hota hai
Vansh to Harshit : he’s dead I am telling you..

At night
They all went to the nearby restaurants for the dinner
Tara : let us call kabir too .
Harshit : Tara just chill na.
Kabir came from the other side
Kabir : riddhima I have a surprise for you.
Riddhima : for me?
Kabir : yes just come with me .
Vansh : she’s not going anywhere.
Riddhima whispered in his ears
Riddhima: are you jealous babe? ( and she started laughing )
( riddhima 1 vansh 0 )
Riddhima : Tara you all just go and have dinner. I’ll meet you at the hotel .
Tara : okay
( riddhima went with kabir and vansh went back to hotel without eating anything)
Tara to harshit : Is this any love triangle Harshit?
Harshit : seems like it is!

On the other hand kabir took riddhima to the terrace of some building which was covered with balloons and lights. In the center there was a table and two chairs were there.
Riddhima: what’s this kabir?
Kabir : I just wanted to give you a surprise.
Riddhima : aj to khuch nhi hai.
Kabir : celebrate krne ke liye khuch hone ki zarurat nhi hoti.now come let’s have some dinner.
Riddhima: candle lights?
Kabir : yes they were your priorities no?
Riddhima : priority ! Oh yes
After eating dinner riddhima stood up and thanked kabir for this wonderful night. She then went back to hotel.

At the hotel
Tara : vansh achha hua tum aa gyi
Riddhima : kya hua guys?
Harshit : vansh khuch bhi kha nhi rha hai.
Riddhima : okay wait! Harshit give me the keys and the pizza. Don’t worry you both can rest in our room okay.
Riddhima went to vansh’s room
Vansh : why are you here ? You should be with kabir .
Riddhima held his collar and pinned him to the wall .
Riddhima: dinner kyu nhi kiya
Vansh : man nhi tha
Riddhima : ab kha lo mere sath
Vansh: nhi khana
Riddhima : aww looks like someone is jealous of kabir .
Vansh : no way.
Riddhima : then eat it and prove me. Don’t worry no-one can take your place in my heart so be happy 😂
( riddhima 1 vansh 0 )
Vansh ate the dinner and then they started watching some sort of movie and they both fell asleep.

Next day
6:00 AM
Riddhima was standing at the terrace . Staring at the beautiful weather suddenly she felt someone was standing behind her. She turned back and lost her balance but “HE” saved her…..

Who’s that he? Kabir riddhima vansh ! Is this a love triangle? Jealousy in mussoorie?
Will riddhima grow some feelings for kabir too? Riddhima is not sure about her feelings!
Will this love triangle heat the temperature of mussoorie ?

Hey everyone !
If you have any doubts or questions about it you can ask me in the comments section itself!
Do tell me if you liked this part or not!
And yes I would love to take your suggestions as well
Your well wisher
Mysterious storyteller ♡


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