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Love Beyond Limits (A RIANSH LOVE SAGA) Chapter#52

I am really sorry I got late actually super late in posting today. Actually, while working in the kitchen, I slipped on the floor and sprained my leg badly. I rested the whole day as it was paining so much but I wrote the update when I felt better. so, here is todays update. I hope you like it.❤️❤️❤️


Chapter 52: ”A normal day at VR Mansion”

The episode starts with the rising sun in the morning. It was the next day. Everyone had spent a jolly good time on the breakfast table as it happened after so much time that they had no worries and problems to think about.

(But they are the characters of my story so,….I won’t let them in peace na😉😂😅)

Everyone was sitting in the big hall of the VR Mansion. They were all busy doing one thing or the other. Ajay find it the right moment to speak,

Ajay: Well everyone! I have an announcement to make. So, please be attentive.

Everyone got attentive.

Ajay: You all know well what special event we have tomorrow. Right?

Everyone looked towards Riddhima excitedly but Riddhima seemed to be least interested. She just avoided their gazez and said,
R: Dad! Its not any special event. Its just a simple day. Please! I don’t want any kind of big plannings, parties or surprises. Just keep it simple.

Ishani: Oh come on Riddhima! I go crazy whenever its my birthday. Infact, I started preparing myself a week before. And look at you!
R: But!….ishani I don’t celebrate my birthday. Sometimes, I don’t even remember the date.
Sia(shocked): What? We were planning to surprise you but then we thought you would figure it out. So, we didn’t. It means you had no idea about tomorrow.
Rid: No I had an idea about it as you all were behavig so excited and suspicious since yesterday.
Sejal: Come on Riddhima! You used to be so excited for your birthdays. Don’t say you have not been celebrating you birthday too for all these years.
Rid: I did celebrated my birthdays but not like that. It used to be simple. I used to get up in the morning, did morning aarti and then I used to go to orphange and spent my whole day there.
Angre: So, you celebrated your birthday with them? The kids used to give so many surprises to you right?
Rid: No! They never knew its my birthday. I used to go there randomly. Actually, (slight glossy eyes) I used to live alone so, when its the day of my birthday, I used to miss you all so much and…It used to become so hard for me to stay alone in the house that day. So, I just spent my whole day with the kids so that I don’t miss you all so much. But at the end of the day, My day used to become special when Dad sent me a gift with lovely cards.i used to wait for that gift all day and when it used to arrive, my birthday got completed. So, I never celebrated it in that grand way and I don’t want it to be celebrated that way. Its just a simple day and your wishes and your love is everything for me. I don’t want anything more.

Everyone was quiet. They knew well that in all these years, Riddhima had not just left them or sacrificed her realations. She had really sacrificed her life and all its happiness. This made them emotional. Riddhima noticed everyone’s expression and spoke,

Rid(smiles): Oh come on! Whenever I tell you something about myself, you all become sad. Those days are a part of my life, I can’t deny them but the focus should be on present na and we are all together happy today. When I can remember those memories with a happy face, then why are you all posing to be guilty? Its no one’s fault. Its life! And I have no regrets how my life was some years ago. Because my content, my happiness is much more bigger than the hardships of those days. (Chuckles) So, stop it all of you! Look at your faces! As if you have received my death news!!!

Everyone: Just shut up!

R(stunned): Aa…I think it was a really bad joke!

Ajay(scolding her): Shut up! Not a word more Riddhima! Whenever we think of some celebration, you start throwing your tantrums. This time I am not taking No as an answer. Stop behaving like a child. You are not a 2 years old who keep ranting all day, “I don’t want to go Mumbai” “I don’t want to play holi” and now again!! I have decided everything and you are not allowed to give your opinion this time.

Riddhima jaws dropped. Ajay who used to take her side always was now the one who scolded her in front of everyone. Everyone was chuckling at her shocked expression and Vansh was specially smirking. Vansh cleared his throat to say something but….

R: Dare you say anything Vansh!
V(smirking): I was telling this before. She has a brain of two years old kid. And such stubborn kids should be scolded this way only. Haina Dadi?
Dadi: Of course!
Rid(shocked): Dadi! You too joined them?
Dadi: Well,……Yes!
Rid: So, this time no one is in my my team. Ok fine! Do whatever you all want to. I will sue you all.

She gets up to go posing to be angry when Ajay stopped her,

Ajay: Oh hello! Where are you going? Save this drama for future. Sit down quietly.
Riddhima was literally stunned at Ajay’s totally bossy but FATHERLY attitude. She sits down quietly not wanting to be scolded again. Everyone chuckles again.

Ajay: So, What I was saying, that tomorrow is Riddhima’s birthday. Though we are going to celebrate it in the best way but apart from that, The intelligence department wants something too.
Rid: What?
Ajay: They want to celebrate your success! Of becoming the chief! And of catching the three biggest underworld mafias, Charlie, Chang and Rehaan.

(Those who forgot, Riddhima had got all the data of ilegal activities of Charlie and Chang from Rehaan and submitted it in court)

Ajay: So, The senior officials, on the special occasion of your birthday, have decided to organize a success party in your honour. Moreover, there would be a formal ceremony too in which you would be made a chief officially.
Sia(celebrated): You mean a crown ceremony?
Ishani: Offo Sia! Crown ceremony only happens in the film for the queens and all.
Ajay: Well, its much like that. It will be both an oath ceremony and an award ceremony for my lovely daughter!

Ajay looks at Riddhima and smiles. Riddhima smiles in return.
Rid: But Dad! Its not needed! I just did my duty. Why this kind official ceremony and all?
V(ordering tune): Dad told you to stay quiet. You are not allowed to give ypur opinion.
Ajay: Thanks Vansh! I think she is needed to be reminded again and again.
Vansh: You welcome Dad!
Ajay: So, Its decided! The ceremony will start sharp at 10 in the morning. Be ready everyone and Riddhima! You will be the chief guest. The ceremony is in your honour. So, Be ready! There will also be a press conference at the end.
Rid(smiles): I will never disappoint you Dad!
Ajay: That’s my girl!
Aryan: Sir! You should often scold Riddhima! You know I really enjoyed today!
Rid(raising her eyebrow): Really Aryan! (Sarcastically) Should I make you enjoy more?
Aryan: Na na! I am good enough with one.

They all started chattering about tomorrow’s event. In this meantime, SiBir and SeAngre were cooking up something in their own minds. Sejal gestured Sia with her eyes. Sia nodded and said something Kabir’s ear. Kabir looked at Sia first in confusion but then he smiled. Sejal told something in Angre’s ears and Angre nodded in No. Sejal nodded in yes angrily. Angre looked at her and shook his head again in no. Sejal held Angre’s hand tightly slightly percing her nails in his hand, Angre gave a loud shriek,

Angre: Ouch!!!
Everyone become attentive to them.

Vansh: What happened?
Sejal(grabbing the opportunity): Actually, Angre wants to say something. Go ahead Angrey! Everyone is listening!
Angre(glares Sejal): Actually Sejal wants….
Sejal hits him with her elbow.
Angre: I mean I want that to say……

Vansh: Come to the point Angre!
Angre: As everyone is so happy, so I think its the right moment to talk. Do…Don’t you think its high time to get Sia and Kabir married. I mean look at their innocent faces. No one is thinking about them. They are getting older.
Sia hits Kabir with her elbow,
Kabir gets up too,
Kabir(hesitating): I want to say the same. Its been 7 years since Angre and Sejal are together. They…they should be get married too. Infact…Infact…..

He didn’t know what to say more. He looked towards Angre and all of a sudden they both sat down saying,

Angre and Kabir: I think Sejal and Sia can explain you better. Its their plan only.

They both smirked shocking Sia and Sejal.
Sia: What? No!
Sejal: No way! Angre! You were the one so desperate to marry me!
Sia: Ofcourse! They even proposed us on holi. We didn’t say to propose us!
Sejal: Ofcourse! Its been 7 years. I never said I want to marry you. Its only you who keep roaming behind me!
Kabir: What a liar you both are! You were the one elbowing me from the past ten minutes to speak up!
Sia: Of course! Do the girls look good talking about their own marriage?
Sejal: And it should be done by you two only. How shameless that you have no courage to ask for our hands from our family.
Angre: What shameless! It was your plan that we two couples speak on each other’s behalf and request the elders to get us married!

He stopped. He realized he shouldn’t have said that. He looked towards Kabir who gave him horrified looks and then and Sejal and Sia who were absolutely pissed.

Looking at the four of them, everyone burst into laughters.
Ishani: Like Seriously? How desperate! We can see well!
Aryan: Hahaha! I feel pity for you Kabir and Angre!
Dadi and Ajay were also laughing at their innocence.
Riddhima said,
Rid: Nothing could be done of the four of you! You are asking as if we would deny getting you married! We would love to! Afterall, Marriage is a really strengthening bond of a relation. It gurantees the purety of a relation!
Vansh(himself): I think its high time I speak about my marriage too. (Looking at Riddhima) No No. First, I need to talk to this mogambo. Otherwise, She will bury me alive for saying something without even telling her.

Ajay: Once, Tomorrow’s ceremony gets done perfectly, then we will start preparations of your marriage.

Riddhima gets a call, she excuses herself and goes out.

Ajay(eyeing Vansh): I think there is one more proposal going to come in our way. We should wait for that too.

Vansh smiles.
V: Why not! But first, the consent of the lady mogambo is very important even if I know that she will agree.
Dadi: Ofcourse!
Ajay: Its really important. Because this matter is sensitive for her. (Pointing towards Rajveer’s incident)
V: Let me talk to her!

He gets up and goes.

He reached outside where Riddhima was standing looking at some pictures in her mobile and smiling. He hugs her from behind and keeps his head on her shoulder,
V: What is the reason of smiling so much sweetheart?
R: Vansh! Look! How adorable Sejal and Angre looking in this picture!
V: Show me!
She shows and the both smile.
R: You know what I was thinking? Its been seven years! Isn’t it? I was so desperate for this!
V(himself): Is she thinking the same I am thinking? She is talking about our marriage!
V: Yeah! You are right! I think we should plan for this!
Rid: Yeah! Why not! We will plan for the marriage and we will celebrate each and every moment of this marriage happily.
V: I was really looking forward to this day! You know how much happy I am!
R: Me too Vansh! I was really longing for this day! Together for seven years in each other’s love, what a beautiful love story it is!!!
V: Its the best love story! The most beautiful one!
R: You know what! I am going to personally organize the wedding ceremony. I want everything to be perfect! I am going to dance so much!
V: Everything will be perfect Riddhima! Afterall, its our wedding!!
Rid: Yeah! I am……(shocked) Wait what?
V: What?
Rid: what you said?
V: I said what?
R: Whose wedding are you talking about?
V: Our wedding! Who else?
R: Seriously?
V: What are you…..(realizing) Whose wedding were you talking about?
Rid(making a face): Angre and Sejal!
V: I thought….
R: Come out of your dreamland Vansh! And what do you think of me? Which girl talks so desperately about her own wedding? You think I will dance on my own wedding? You think I will organize my wedding myself! Have al the Mumbai wedding planners gone on a holiday?
V: Well there is nothing bad in that if you dance on your own wedding! (Smirking) Well If you say I can accompany you! Or if you are so shy to dance then I will organize a private room there would be no one except you and me.
He winks.
Riddhima glares him And hits him with her elbow,
R: I am not a shamless like you! And who said that I am ready to marry you? Did I?
V: Why would you deny marry me? Or is there anyone else in the waiting list?
R(teasing): Well, there are alot! And Now I am thinking of considering someone!
V: Dare you try to consider someone else!
R: You think I will do that? (Serious) Seriously Vansh! You think there would be someone apart from you! I don’t want to talk to you!
V: Riddhima I didn’t….
R: Even if you are going to be the last man on this earth, I will not choose you!
She winks and goes back.
V: Not Fair Riddhima! (Thinks) Tomorrow is going to be really special for you!
(Holding a ring in his hand) Tomorrow, You will become mine forever!

Everyone gets busy in preparing for the next day!

Then, the scene shifts to Mumbai Railway station,
A train arrives at the station and a girl steps down from the train. She looked to be 15-16 years old. Her hair were messy and her clothes were untidy. One of her sleeve was ripped which she had covered with a shawl. She looked extremely miserable and tired. She was scared and worried but seemed to have alot of courage in her. She looked here and there, saying,

Girl: Where am I?
She started searching for some sign board and finds it,
Girl: Mumbai! No one knows me here! I will be safe!
She goes to a neaby shop and says,
Girl: Please give me a water bottle, I don’t have money but I am really thirsty.
Shopkeeper: Try to fool someone else. People like you come to my stall daily. Go away! (Loud) Get out!!!
The girl gets back being scared. She thinks for a while and starts walking briskly. All of a sudden, She collides with a man,
The man: Sorry!
Girl: Its ok!

She smiles and starts walking out of the station. The man feels something weird, he checks his pocket and shouts,
The man: Hey you! Thief! Come back!

The girl starts running away and soon disappears from there. She comes out of the station and after walking for a long distance ensuring that the man is not following her, she stops on a tea stall and orders tea from there. The tea maker gives her tea with two biscuits. She removes a wallet that she had grabbed in her hand tightly. She remembered stealing it from the pocket of that man when she deliberately collided with him. She takes some money from the wallet and gave it to that man at tea stall. She takes tea and thinks,

Girl: I have no way to go back! What am I going to do? Soon, they will come to know about me!

She sees a newspaper placed on the bench beside her. She picks it up and reads,

“Proud of India!! Brave and courageous intelligence officer, Riddhima Shah and Billionaire Business tycoon, Vansh RaiSinghania”

She opens up the article and reads,

“The chief of Military Intelligence, Dr. Riddhima Shah and Bussiness tycoon Vansh RaiSinghania together by their uncanny skills and mastermind strategies succeeded in catching the biggest underworld mafias of India, Charlie Coles, Change And Rehaan Malhotra. Tomorrow, a press conference will be held in their honour”

She reads and thinks,

“They are my only hope now. I have to meet them”



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