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Kundali Bhagya 29th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Sherlin manages to instigate Pammi against Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 29th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Karan is lying down in his cell, Mahira walks towards him, he gets shocked seeing her so sits up, she says it hurts to see him like this, Karan exclaims he feels the police station belongs to his father, she questions what he means, he says that the police are not stopping anyone, Mahira explains that he is the Karan Luthra so would get all of these privileges anywhere.

Mahira mentions she is feeling really bad but is angry that Preeta is sleeping on the bed while he is suffering in the cell, karan explains that he is not in any sort of pain but is really comfortable, Mahira questions how can it be the case when he is suffering, karan says that she doesnot know anything about his feeling because she has not loved anyone, he would have not known the feelings two years ago but now knows the extent of love which he has for Preeta, he would surely give his life for her, Mahira is stunned hearing his feelings for Preeta, she leaves making an excuse she remembered some work which needs to be fulfilled.

Karan while standing remembers when he demanded to talk alone with Preeta, she exclaimed that he has always been there for her and has protected her so now she would also help him, he remembers the moments then lies down trying to sleep, Preeta is also trying to sleep however she is constantly weeping.

In the morning Karan is standing in the cell, Sarla comes saying that she has brought something for him, he questions so she places forward her hand, he opens it, she holding it starts kissing saying that a mother can only shower her love to the children, she explains that when he first came into their lives she did not know that he would be a member of their family but she could not stop her heart from giving blessings but then that day came when Preeta came back to her house and explained how he left her on the side of the road, she started cursing him as she could not even speak his name, she even threatened him, the next meeting they had was when Preeta was arrested and standing in the court where he promised to help her but was not able to protect her, she even then slapped him a lot but he did not utter a single word, she apologizes for all her mistakes in the past explaining the parents only hit those children whom they love the most. Karan stopping her asks why she thinks he ever got mad at her as she is his mother, so he never felt bad, he is used to such scolds of the parents since his childhood as he was always a naughty child, Sarla promises to shower all her love once he comes out of the jail.

Karan says that since they all are coming to meet him in jail and are showering their love on him, he feels he is really lucky she however says that she prays this doesnot prolong and leaves advising karan to take care of him.

Pammi is reading the newspaper when Sherlin seeing her enters, Pammi questions what she has to talk about since she came into her room however she turns back to leave, Pammi questions what she has to talk about as she is the elder of the house so would keep the secrets.

Sherlin apologizes for all the mistakes she has made in the past, Pammi is not able to understand so questions what she has to talk about, she doesnot like the straight sweets and only desires that Sherlin come to the point because she doesnot know what Sherlin desires, Sherlin exclaims she desired to talk nicely with her but would come to the point, she explains that she feels her love for Karan cannot be seen on her face as Preeta is making a lot of mistakes as she lost the mobile of Akshay which was the last chance of helping Karan, Pammi asks what does she desire as should she slap or hit Preeta, Sherlin reveals this is what she desires and so Pammi must go and ask Preeta what is she doing to save Karan, Pammi agrees to go and scold Preeta.

Sherlin comes out when Prithvi stops her asking what did she do, Sherlin reveals that when she realizes her mistakes then does all she can to correct the mistakes so has now decided to find out what the plan is, Prithvi cannot understand, she explains that since they know Preeta has lost the mobile so she now needs to find out what the new plan is so they can remain a step ahead, Prithvi is really satisfied with her decisions, he takes a photo explaining he will get it framed and pray in front of it because of her cleverness, they hear Pammi calling Preeta, she decides to leave as she cannot miss the drama, Prithvi also offers to come but she insists that he come after some time.

Pammi calls Preeta, Rakhi comes questioning what has happened yet she is adamant to talk with Preeta who comes asking if she has made a mistake today, she even apologizes but Pammi demands the mobile of Akshay, everyone is shocked so Rakhi and Mahesh ask what does she mean because they all know Akshay stole the mobile, Rakhi even advises her to not talk in such a manner however Pammi insists saying she really cares for Karan even when Preeta is not doing anything because of her sister and mother, Mahesh advises Rakhi to talk some sense into her as if he says anything then it might create a lot of problems, Rakhi stopping her explains that when a girl gets married she leaves every relation which she has behind to try and make some new relations so why is she saying such awful things regarding Preeta, Pammi answers she would talk which ever way she likes because if Preeta had stopped worrying about her sister and mother she would still have the mobile, Sameer gets frustrated so explains that Akshay’s mobile was not lost in the first place, everyone is shocked to hear what Sameer just revealed.

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