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Hamariwali Good News 29th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Adi accuses Navya

Hamariwali Good News 29th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Navya complaining to Mukund about Meera. Meera says I will call a doctor, give the baby to me. Navya refuses. Ritvik says Meera won’t harm the baby, she will look after him, don’t worry. Meera calls the doctor home. Mukund sees Navya. Devika smiles. Doctor comes and checks Bharat. He treats him. Doctor asks who is Bharat’s mum. Navya and Meera say I m. Ritvik says baby is lucky to get two mothers. Doctor asks them to take care. Mukund stops Navya and says now Meera will handle Bharat. He asks Meera to prove that she can be called Bharat’s mum, fulfill his responsibility. Navya asks what’s the need, I m here. Mukund says this happened because of Meera, she needs a lesson to be careful next time. He asks Navya to give baby to Meera.

He says you give your time to Ritvik and family, this is your Sasural, Meera is there for Bharat now. Meera takes Bharat. Navya goes to her room. She stays worried. Ritvik comes and asks her to relax. He says Meera loves kids a lot, she will handle Bharat. Navya says loving a kid and handling are different things, how can Mukund trust Meera more than me, sorry Ritvik, I don’t think she can handle Bharat. He says its not like that, you stayed with Bharat, you know it, Meera never handled a little baby, it doesn’t mean she can’t handle, we should give her a chance, Mukund is doing the same, they are husband and wife, please trust Maasi. Meera takes care of Bharat. Mukund scolds her for the mistake. She argues with him. She says you and Navya always blame me, its my first marriage, I didn’t any course to handle kids, I didn’t become a mum before, I m not perfect, but I genuinely try, it takes time to learn, you and Navya need to keep patience. Mukund goes. Navya wakes up from sleep and thinks of Bharat. She goes to see him.

She sees Meera and Bharat sleeping. She sees the ac off. She thinks Ritvik is right, I never gave a chance to Meera. She goes back. She sees Adi. He says you are getting scared as if I m a stranger, I know you aren’t happy with Ritvik, you still love me, you married him to take revenge on me. She says stop this nonsense. He asks why do you come out of the bedroom every night, you are connected to your values, you are an indian woman, who falls in love just once, I m your love, come back to me Navya, I promise, I will make everything fine like before. She says leave me. They fall down. Akki comes and sees them together. She gets angry and shouts Navya. She says stay away from my Adi. Ritvik comes. Akki scolds Navya. Mukund and Meera come. Akki says you are married, still you are secretly meeting my Adi. Adi says thank God you have come Akki, explain her, Navya we had a relation in the past, our paths are different, you got married, I moved on, don’t bring old things back, I request you, if you respect me, stop giving me pain, I m already in much pain.

Ritvik says I will kill you if you falsely blame Navya. Akki says leave him, kill your wife, not Adi, Navya is playing with emotions of both of you. Navya says enough, what you have seen wasn’t true, I went to see Bharat in Meera’s room, Adi stopped me and misbehaved with me. Adi asks her to at least respect that he was her husband before. Meera scolds Adi. Navya cries. Meera asks Adi to stay away from Navya and Ritvik. She asks him to leave. Devika comes and says Adi won’t go anywhere from here. Meera asks why shall we tolerate him. Akki says Adi did a lot for me. Meera says we shall not keep him in our house. Akki says I love Adi. Devika says if this is the reason, then I don’t accept this, I won’t tolerate him here, Meera is right, Adi, pack your bags and get lost from here. Adi says listen, you can make me out, but not on false blame, I didn’t do anyting. He asks Mukund to believe this. Mukund scolds him. Akki holds Adi’s hand. Meera gets Adi’s bags. She throws Adi out of the house. She scolds him. She asks him to leave before she calls the police. Devika says stop….

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