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Guns and Roses #Riansh (Immj2) Episode 20

My teacher are not interested in taking our classes….they are ignoring us like we use to did in starting….now they are taking revenge from us and busy new classes of 12th …..so I thought if they are interested in teaching us then why not I do something interesting so I am here with new update……

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Episode starts…

Ridhima left vansh’s room….

Vansh (Angry): Ragini what you have done? How can you talk to her like this.

Ragini : she could knock before entering in.

Vansh (still angry): she told nah…she was in hurry.

Ragini : but…

Vansh : what but….she is the one who brought you here.yesterday you were requesting her to stay here so that you can repay her. And look at you how you repaying her by insulting her….I don’t think so she did anything wrong. Let me tell you one thing very clearly she has right to come my room without knocking at any time and that right I have given her……

Ragini : I know she is your friend but you are going to marry.We need privacy.

Vansh : we going to marry ,not married.It was by mistake there was need to over react so you should apologize to her for your bad behavior.

Ragini : I didn’t did anything wrong .It was mistake not mine.

Vansh : See difference between you and her. She apologize instantly to you without even thinking once that she did anything your or not .You are even not accepting your mistake.I can’t live with one who didn’t respect my friend and my words.So leave.

Ragini : vansh hear me out.

Vansh (shouted) : you listen…I said leave .ok do one thing you stay here I am going.

He goes out and closed door so hardly that it seems like boom blast.He goes to guest room.

There Ridhima was packing her things for night stay.He goes in and locked door from inside.

Ridhima wiped her tears and tries to act normally.
Ridhima : what happened vansh ? Is any problem?

Vansh looked at her and said “I am sorry…..” before he could complete his sentence ridhima said…

Ridhima : Why are you apologizing me…She said nothing wrong.It was my mistake.

Vansh was shocked to see her reaction.Ridhima started moving towards the door.Vansh hold hand and pulled toward him.This made her to colloid with his chest.

Ridhima : Vansh…leave nah…(try to free her hand)

Vansh : why are you behaving weird….I know you are hurt by Ragini’s word but what is my mistake.

Ridhima : I am fine.I have to go.

Vansh : where and why?

Ridhima :I have applied for a job so owner want to meet me to fix the things .

Vansh : so where are you going to join.

Ridhima : till your marriage I am here then I will shift to Delhi in RK industries.

Vansh : What??? Are you mad….you are planning to leave Mumbai and you didn’t bother to inform me….

Ridhima : I came there to inform you only this but you were busy so…

Vansh left his hand and said “what so”.Ridhima didn’t replied anything.

Vansh : now listen to me…you are not going anywhere….you need a job nah…I will give job in VR enterprise and I am not interested in your lame excuses.

Ridhima : I don’t know ABCD of your business.How can I .

Vansh : you have nothing to do with my business that I will handle…..you just stay with me.

Ridhima : what do you mean?

Wrapping in his arms around her and making her to rest her hands on his chest.Directly looking into her eyes “I mean you will going to handle me and I will handle my business.you are going to work as my personal assistant.You have to just inform me about my meeting ….
Or……or you have to keep some file which may be needed during meeting…..that’s it.

I think these things you can handle very well….and this job didn’t required any qualifications so don’t worry…

Ridhima : For these things Angre is there nah….What the need of me.

Vansh : Ok….Now I am going to assign more work then don’t complain me that you can’t do this and that.You will accompany me to my office or to my meeting…..or tumko dyaan rkhna hoga mere khane ka…..mujhe kaun se din kon se cloths pahane ushka…..or tumhe mere sath parties me bhi jaana hoga or if I call you then you have come to me without any tantrums….

Ridhima :What are you made…..I can’t stick with you 24*7.this is not work of a PA. I will not do any of them.

Vansh : you can’t deny like this.You were only one who wants more work.

Ridhima: yes ….I said but not these things….

Vansh :should I give more..

Ridhima : No….I will handle.

Vansh : Good…Your work is start from now.

Ridhima : why are you doing this…

Vansh : what Ridhima….

Ridhima: this favor of keeping me with you.

Vansh : because I want to you to keep with me….(tightening his grip around her and making her more close)

Ridhima(with low pitch) : But this is wrong vansh…..

Vansh : Giving a job to someone…. how is wrong Sweetheart.

Ridhima : I am not talking about the my job…I am talking about the things you are doing with me.

Vansh(confused look) : What I am doing?

Ridhima(with low voice): nothing!! Just leave me…I have to go..(trying to free herself from his arms)

Vansh (smirk): where sweetheart….you forgot so quickly…you have to stay with me.(Making her more close himself)

Ridhima (slowly): Vansh….please….(still fighting to free herself but her hands slowly slowly coming to rest)

Vansh bent to make his mouth close to her .This increases her heart beat and make her to difficult to open her.He slowly rubbing his rough beard to her cheeks move toward her ear ,sending chills to down her spine.

Vansh (husky): Be ready for today’s night….
He gave a peck on her earlobe and left from there making shiver by his action…..

Ridhima was still in shock….she was not able to digest things that were happening with her.

Ridhima to herself: what is wrong with him.He never behaved like this and what is he going to do at night.What is happening with me….why my heart beat increases its pace when I am around him….why my face start burning and become red like tomato when he make me close to him….I never felt this before….

Voice came from her behind :”Because now you started falling for him”

Ridhima : No !!! I can’t….who the hell are you to tell me this…..why you are looking like me?

Voice :” Your soul Ridhima so I am look liking you….I know you better than you. And you can’t deny the fact that you have feeling for him“.

Ridhima: stop your rubbish and go from her….

Soul :” I will toh go…but what about your feeling that taking place in you…how you will make them away from you.”( stated laughing)

Soul: I am feeling pity on you….you came here to arrest him now see he arrested your heart….wo ek baar ko jail se bahar bhi aa skta lekin tum kya krogi…..you will never ever free yourself….you are imprisoned for whole life in vansh heart…..(laughing)

Ridhima : I don’t have any feel….I only stayed here to help him nothing else…

Soul: ooh really!!! You think so….I will tell you why you are here because you love him……you are here because you can’t stay away from…..

Ridhima : no !!! I will go after his marriage….

Soul : where dear…you forgot now you are his PA….(emphasizing on personal) PERSONAL assistant….You can’t run away from him like this…..tell me one thing that you didn’t thought to give one chance to this marriage….

Ridhima : He is my best friend that’s it and for your kind information he loves Ragini’s…..

Soul : I didn’t ask this…He loves Ragini or not….tell me that what I had asked from you….aise to tum bhi Kabeer se pyaar krti thi…..Jab tumhre pas chance tha use saadi krne ka wapas jaane ka….to Vansh k pass laut kr kyu aayi…
I tell you why because you love him...

Ridhima : yes I thought to give a chance to this marriage….but now situation is different….his love is back and he is going to marry her.

Soul : He told you that he loves Ragini….

Ridhima : But he is ready to marry her…what signifies that….He love loves Ragini not me…..(teary eyes…exhausted)

Soul : this means you are accepting the fact that you love him….

Ridhima : I never said that…

Soul : Ok then why you wearing this nuptial chain and vermilion on your head…. remove this nah….I am warning you “Never hide your feeling because sometime may you lose loved one just because of this hide and seek”. soul vanished….

She fell on knees and tears started coming from her eyes.She was unable to understand what she should do.”Bappa please help me” she said to god.

In hall…

In hall every one was sitting except Vansh and Angre.

Ishani : Dadi what I think vansh bhai should take Ragini for lunch…

Aryan : yes Dadi. She will feel happy and fresh..

Ragini became happy and excited on the other hand Ridhima was busy in her thought and not paying attention to the topic.

Siya : He must be busy.

Chanchal : He could sechedule his meeting later on…she is his fiancee not outsider.

Dadi : Ok !! Call him…

Vansh came there and asked dadi why she had called him.

Dadi : You take Ragini out for lunch…

Vansh : I have lots of work and meeting lined up so I can’t go.

Dadi : she need some new memories to fresh herself.

Vansh : so she can go with Ishani ,Aryan , siya and Chachi…..

Ishani : you are busy now then take her for dinner.you must be free at night.

Vansh : No…I am busy at night also.You better keep you mouth shut and don’t tell me what should do or not.

He left from there and goes to his library.He asked angre to call Ridhima.Angre called Ridhima.She came there after five minutes when vansh saw her he was shocked……


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