hey guys !! thank you for giving me your love on the story till now !! ahead in the story :

Description :

kaira have crossed almost every part of their life ! this story starts from my imagination where naira learns that she is actually not a singhania . is it a lie ? well it can be or should i say it is !

Teaser : 

in storeroom ,

kartik (crying) : this can’t happen .. nahi yeh nahi ho sakta . krishna ji yeh sach nahi ho sakta . agar yeh sach hua toh…toh meri naira toot jayegi.. nahi yeh nai ho sakta . i have to find out but how ?

 i have to find out but how ?

while from behind

naira(confused) :kartik….. kya nahi ho sakta ?

kartik quickly wipes his tears and put on a fake smile for naira and turns behind and tells her

kartik: aree kuch nahi , voh jis deal main mai kaam kar raha tha , voh deal shayad hamein nahi milli par no problem tum tension mat lo it was a small one .

naira(still not assured) : ohh… tum tension mat lo , kuch na kuch ho he jaayega

 tum tension mat lo , kuch na kuch ho he jaayega

later that day

kartik (talking to a naitik):papa kya yeh sach hain?

naitik: haan kartik , yehi  sach hain .the things which was in the letter , all of it is true .

kartik(shocked): whatttttt and then he drops the phone ..


How is the teaser guys ? what is the matter which will lead to break down of naira? what is such truth that kartik is so sad and is lieing to naira ? well you will soon find out ! do tell me how did u like it . if any mistakes ,do let me know freely i wont mind at all. do vote and comment and follow !!

Till then bye and lots of love ❤❤❤

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