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FIRST STORY : KAIRA FOREVER !!! (Character Sketch)

hey guys !! priyanshi here ! i am a new user to tellyupdates , i write fanfics on kaira , this is my first fanfic i wrote . it is also published on watpadd and instagram and i thought why not here ! so here i present you guys the poster of my fanific  titled : kaira forever !!


Kartik Goenka : A tall  and handsome man . He is married. All girls drools over him but he loves his wife . She is his breath and soul , without her he is nothing . Loves his family too. Always ready to help others , but sometimes when he is angry , he says whatever comes in his mind and end up hurting people. He is kind , loving , respectful towards girls  and is one of the best business man . Handles KG group of industries .

Naira Kartik Goenka : She is a bubbly ,sweet and charming woman . She is married to Kartik. All boys drools over him but she loves her husband . She cant imagine her life without him. Loves her family and can do anything for them . Very helpful , understanding and is the best Beti and Bahu .

Aditya Khuranna : He is the evil guy . He has lust for Naira. he wants Naira and can do anything for her . he hates Kartik to the core . He has a sister . P.S: he is not married to Kirti , the Goenkas doesn’t even know him.

Aditi Khuranna : Sister of Aditya Khuranna . Knows his brother’s intention . Will play a good character in starting but later will turn evil when she sees Kartik. She will want to replace Naira in Kartik life and thus will support his brother.

Manish and Swarna Goenka : They are very supportive to Kaira .They takes Naira as their daughter . Swarna is Kartik step mother . Kartik was angry with them but Naira made him realise their love for him later on as shown in the serial .

Akhilesh and Surekha Goenka : They are like 1st parents to Kartik because of his tiff with Manish and Swarna . Very supportive and caring .

Gayu and Samarth Goenka : Gayu is Naira’s sister and there is no difference between Gayu and Samarth as shown in serial .

Suhasini Goenka : Her character is same as in serial . She wants a grand-son of Kartik  and Naira.

Mansi and Luv-Kush: children of Akhilesh and Surekha . loves their family . they all love Naira the most . Their character is same as in the show . They are bhabhi ke chamche.

Naitik Singhania : father of Naira and Naksh . loves his wife Akshara but unfortunately she died in an accident due to Mansi’s car.  loves Naira a lot and can do anything for her

Naksh and Kirti Singhania: they both loves each other very much. Loves their family very much.


End of chapter one guys !promo to be out later today ! Guys it’s my first story so there may be mistakes , freely tell my mistakes, i won’t mind it . Do tell me how did you like the character sketch . Comment and like !!

Till then Bye and Lots of Love  ❤❤❤

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