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Choti Sardarni 28th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Meher gets driver’s details

Choti Sardarni 28th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Karan cries and calls no one wants me in the first row. I don’t wanna dance. Meher says we will dance in the first row don’t worry. Wait for me I am coming. Meher leaves for somewhere, Kulwant says I know where is she going?

Scene 2
Sarab and Mittal come to the police station for registration. Meher is already there. She asks the inspector to check Gurnam’s records. She says he hit my husband with this truck. The inspector says before Yuvraj transport he was in 2 other companies and was kicked out. He was addicted to drugs. He died in an accident 3 months ago. Sarab hears all this. Inspector says Gill sir you. Meher is shocked to see him. Meher says Sarab ji.. He says if you’re done le’s go. He asks the inspector to help Mittal.

Meher says please listen to me. Sarab says you were seeing the jewelry with the inspector there? Meher says please listen. He says you’re the one who doesn’t listen to me. I told you we have happiness after so long, I told you to let’s enjoy our wedding. But no your inquiry is the most important. You carry on with this investigation, we can cancel the wedding. He leaves. Meher calls Sarab. He picks.. Meher says you didn’t let me speak. Sarab reverses his car and says the car is in front of you and you came on your own. Meher punctures her car and says now I don’t have a car. A biker hits Meher.. he says can’t you see? Sarab shoves him and says how dare you? I will call the police. Meher says I am fine. Sarab says what if something happened.. Meher says exactly. What if something happened to you? The bike didn’t even touch me. I brought you back from death. Someone attacked my God, I can’t leave him. I have to know who was behind that accident. Sarab says sorry. I shouldn’t have been so rude to you. He kisses her forehead. Sarab says the inspector said the driver is dead. He was the perpetrator. We can find out what it was before the accident. Let’s forget all these tensions until we get married. Meher nods. Sarab says let’s go.

Kulwant calls the inspector did she ask anything? He says no. Kulwant says Meher went to the police station and got the answer that she wanted. She got no proof. Case closed. Rana says Bitu what about the drive? Bitu says no one saw it yet. Let’s go to find out.

Scene 3
The decorations are going on. Dolly gives shoes to Param. Karan says where are my shoes? Dolly says we don’t have those for you. Karan says I want them. Harleen says these are for you. He says this is plain. I want the one with a design like Param. Dolly says he is sarbala. You can’t get everything Param has. Karan throws it and says I don’t want to go to the wedding. Meher and Sarab come in. Meher says big boy don’t cry like this. Harleen says actually.. Sarab says di, please. We always get same things for the kids. Then why did you get shoes for Param only? Doll says it isn’t a big deal. Sarab says all my kids are equal for me. So please, this is the first and last time. If you get anything it would be for all the kids. Param says but I am sarbala. I have to look different. Karan says why can’t I become Sarbala? Param says because you are young. Karan says they’re my parents as well. Meher says we spoke to the police, they said the groom is VIP so we need double security. there will be two sarbalans. Both kids say yayy. Meher says to Seher thank you for telling me they are both fighting to become sarbala. Meher gives them badges and licenses. Meher says your sarbala license would be canceled if you fight.

Scene 4
Meher dances on bolay churiyan. Everyone dances with her. Meher notices everyone’s bands. Meher wonders who stole the hard drive? Who broke the shop if Gurnam isn’t alive? Seher says mama why aren’t we dancing well? Where is your focus? Sarab says are you okay? Kulwant comes. Dolly says to Harleen Meher is making mistake by giving the same importance to Karan and Param. Harleen says I have a plan to stop Karan from being sarbala.

Kulwant asks Meher you left? Meher says I went to the police station. Sarab was also there. He said I can investigate after the wedding. Rana and Bitu ask Param if he has a pen drive for songs. Param says Yuvi gave me one. But Seher took it. Meher asks Rana and Bitu since when did Gurnam start drugs? Bitu says he was always an addict. Meher says do you have his adderss? Give me his address. I want to meet his wife. Kulwant says Meher, you are right. You should investigate and meet his wife. I will get his address and give it to you. Sarab looks at Meher.

Episode ends.

Precap-Meher and Sarab come to the temple and find out Gurnam died on 26th. Meher says your accident happened on 27th. That means he died before your accident. Sarab says you are right. There’s something wrong. Meher says I will find out that culprit. Sarab says we will both investigate it together.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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