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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th May 2021 Written Episode Update : Tiwari files FIR against Vibhuti

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Vibhu visits Angoori and says you whistle well, do one more time for me. Angoori says you go I feel shy. Vibhu leaves and Angoori asks Tiwari to switch on Mixer. Tiwari switch on mixer and Angoori whistle again. Vibhu says when I said to you earlier, you didn’t whistle but as I turned back you did whistle again. Angoori says to Vibhu that I might have said like this. Vibhu says to Angoori I’ll listen your whistle when I’ll be free now a days i feel sleepy because of medicine. Angoori says go and sleep and asks Tiwari to turn on mixer. Tiwari says why this man doesn’t sleep permanently and switch on mixer. Vibhu comes out and Angoori tries to whistle but Vibhu start beating Tiwari

Happu Singh in his police station and talking to Chaudhry. Tiwari visit Happu Singh and says I want to file a report against Vibhuti. Happu Singh says what he did why are you friend with him. Tiwari says to Happu Singh from time he got shock he is not behaving normal every time he hears an electronic appliences he get fits, he is not letting live us normal life whenever i switch on electric appliences he came and beats me last time I was using mixer to make batter for Idli sambar. Happu Singh says one second why aren’t you going to your shop now days and you were making idli why didn’t you call me you got my number I’m just 2 minutes away from your house. Tiwari says I was not giving any party Pandit Ramphal told Ammaji a voodoo so to complete that I was making idli sambar and according to voodoo Idli sambar must be given to innocent, faithful person. Happu Singh says now I’m feeling bad you come to police station to make fun of me and do timepass Tiwari and Happu Singh start arguing to eachother. Happu Singh asks Tiwari to file case in mental asylum. Tiwari say’s to Happu Singh do one thing out him in lockup for different case and when my work is done release him. Happu Singh says what I’ll get in return. Tiwari says I’ll give you Idli sambar. Happu Singh says bring ten thousand rupees when you come next time.

Happu Singh talking on phone with someone and sitting near tea stall and shout on someone. Vibhu visits tea stall. Happu Singh says you have a long life I was just talking about you, how is everything, how is Anu. Vibhu says everything is good and Anu is fine. Vibhu mocks Happu Singh. Happu Singh asks Vibhu tell what new is going on. Vibhu says everything is normal and there is nothing new in my life. Happu Singh says I know what all new mischief you are doing in your life. Vibhu says I make laugh everyone entertain them. Happu Singh says that’s what I’m saying you are very jolly kind of person I like you. Vibhu says what happen you are being nice to me what is the agenda behind this. Happu Singh says now I’m feeling bad what you think I praise people only when I have any agenda. Vibhu says for your work you clean people’s undergarment too. Vibhu mocks Happu Singh. Happu Singh gets angry on him and asks him slap. Vibhu says to Happu Singh I have left all these things but will do for you and Vibhu taps two time on Happu Singh cheeks. Happu Singh says what you did you just slapped me and kept your hand in pocket, on duty you slapped me I’m a government employee I’m wearing uniform and you slapped me come to police station. Vibhu says if you are arresting me for slapping you so let me slap you tightly. Happu Singh says I’m able to see your lips moving but what are you saying. Vibhu says lets go to police station.

Vibhu in jail and Manohar talking on phone with Sushila making plans for tonight. Commissioner come and asks Manohar what plans are you making on duty. Manohar hungs up phone and greets commissioner and ask why did you bring this Mixer in police station are you shifting your kitchen in Police station. Commissioner says I brought this to make chutney now tell me where is switch board. Manohar says its there but not in working condition. Commissioner says I gave five hundred rupees to Happu Singh to make it repair. Manohar says from that five hundred rupees he repaired his home switch board. Commissioner asks is there any other switch board. Manohar says yes its in jail where we give shock to prisoner. Commissioner says to Manohar to take mixer and make chutney every ingredient is already inside. Manohar says I’ll make chutney but I’ll have one pratha from this. Commissioner agrees and Manohar take the mixer in prison where Vibhu is the prisoner and switch on the mixer. Vibhu hear the sound of mixer snd beats Manohar. Manohar gets call from his wife and says today plan cancel hungs up phone and says continue to Vibhu.

Tiwari and TMT outside Tiwari’s house together discussing how to catch Vibhu and be careful from him. Teeka says we need to do something about Vibhu. Malkhan says I think it’s risky. Teeka says to Malkhan no need to worry if something happen to us we will not leave Tiwari. Tiwari slaps Tillu. Teeka asks how much you will pay with GST. Tiwari says Idli sambar is in process you can eat how much you want now go hide at your place Vibhu is coming. Vibhu in colony sees light and goes toward it TMT and Tiwari holds him and take him to Tiwari house torturing him. Vibhu says stop this mixer its torturing me after sometime Vibhu says it feels good. It is some other kind of sound something divine. Tiwari says he has gone totally mad he thinks sound of mixer is divine. Vibhu says I’m normal I’m perfectly all right. Angoori says thank god you became alright because of you we were not able to complete Tiwari’s thing. Vibhu asks what kind of thing. Tiwari says leave all this first you go and do checkup of your brain. Vibhu says leave me I’m perfectly fine. Angoori goes and switch on light. Vibhu says wow it feels good and start singing. Angoori gets call from Ammaji. Tiwari asks Angoori to put the call on speaker. Angoori picks up call and greets Ammaji and says we were making idli batter in mixer what you told us to do. Ammaji says dont do that tell to Tiwari. Tiwari says I’m listening. Ammaji says pandit Ramphal saw some other person horoscope so don’t do that. Tiwari insults Pandit Ramphal. Ammaji says no need to say anything about Pandit Ramphal and shouts on him. Someone ring the doorbell Tiwari open the door and see commissioner on door getting shock from doorbell. Commissioner says to Tiwari I asked you to repair your doorbell but still its not done you are under arrest and takes Tiwari with him.

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