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Betrayal and Betrayed (Short story) Part 1

Episode starts with Vansh reaching home and once again he found the door opened and no one inside.he called his wife ,but again,she had gone.He was restless,unable to understand that how to hadle the situation,and finally he decided to track her wife's hone.She had been doing it from three months but today,
today was their first anniversary night.He couldn't believe that she will not stay home even today.
So after tracking her location he decided to go there.He stopped for a second,
"Wait Vansh,what are you doing?You are doubting yoour Ragini? She told you na that her office has night shifts too?Than why doubt between you both?" he asked himself.
But Ragini's different behaviour,the way she was ignorigg him from two months,the way she stayed out of house whole day,the facts that society people talked about her,and above all,the way she ignored his all questions,everything was telling him to go and look at her once.

So he drove to the location,got down,
it was not an office.It was a lonely street,perhaps the place,where prestigious family persons would never come.He parked his car a little away from location and with small steps moved .
He saw a local bar,
"Ragini can not be here,I am overdoubting,she is my love.She ..how can you think so low about her Vansh?But why her mobile is showing this location.I should check location once again."
But his phone got swtiched off.
Ragini was the love of Vansh's life,he could doubt himself,but not Ragini,that is why even after witnessing so many proofs his heart was still believing her.Vansh toook deep breath,
He went inside.It was difficult for him to go inside,but what could he do? His mind and heart were not together.He had been denying to his mind much,today,his heart was also telling to check.
He saw all the men,having drink,there was no girl there.

He stopped and without moving further inside turned to get back.But saw a men with a woman coming.
Other people said ,"See,one more pair ,rushed to this place".
Vansh got an idea,he thought to ask them and sat with them.
Vansh:What sort of place is this?
Those men didn't reply as vansh was looking a really rich and well behaved man,they didn't wish to disclose in front of him.
Vansh got the meaning,
And offered them money.
One men grabbed,
Men:What do you want to ask?
Vansh:What were you saying?Is it not a normal bar?
Men: Its not that sort of bar,see(lowering his voice),it has two floors,lower floor has bar,upper floor,is the lace where those pairs come to spend night,who don't get approval in society.
Another men: This society doesn't accept every pair,those who don't get the chance,come here to fullfill themselves.
Another men:But you won't get girl here.You have to bring your girl yourself,they just gives you the place.
Vansh was sitting quietly and again and again looking at the stairs which were to second floor.
He stood up,
"Shame on you Vansh.Get back,your Ragini is at some office,not at this cheap place."
Vansh left from there ,outraged on himself.
He reached home and sat waiting for ragini,telling himself,
that from tooday,he will never let this sort of doubts to come in his mind.I will give,full trust to Ragini.

At 3 o clock at night,
Ragini returned home,from her walking style ,it was clear that she was fully drank,but she was also walking as if she had some pain ,there was a sort of pleasure on her face,and she didn't even rrealise that Vansh is sittint there on sofa and looking at her.
Vansh :Ragini
Ragni stopped and looked at him.Vansh was shocked to see that ragini's top was upside down,
he couldn't believe,,all his doubts,the thing he witnessed today,were clearr on his face panic.
Ragini:Not slept yet?
Vansh: (gathering courage,pretending to be normal,trying to make all those thoughts away): Actually,its our anniversary,I have got cake,let us cut it.
Ragini: Its over 12 now...what's the purpose to cut it nowGo and eat it yourself.
She then started moving to wards the room,but stopped,,
Ragini:Vansh,before leaving for office in morning,be sure to recharge my credit cards.
Vansh: But Ragini...I did that just two days back.
Ragini: Asking me the reason of money spending?
Vansh: No,but all my monthly salaries are finished.

Ragini gave him frustated look and went upsatairs,Vansh kept looking at her.Scene shifts to next night, Vansh seeing the upstairs,which leads to second floor of bar.

Today ,he was going to go anc check upstairs,if his pride,if the person he has devoted his life,is there or not.It was really difficult for him to move ,but he went,every stair,was full of his and ragini's marriage,it was a love marriage,just after their college ended,they had fallen in love in college,just after some months of marriage she would change that much,he really had no idea,his heart was just saying that his ragini should not be there,but it is not always as the heart wants,he saw his wife,Ragini,kissing a man passionaely,and before he could understand,and his eyes could get off the scene,they both shut the door of their room,Vansh was standing there,as a broken man,as he is paralysed,even his mind ,was still now,only tears were showing movement,when he came back a little to sensed after a hand kept over his shoulder.

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