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Bawara Dil 28th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Shiva puts Sidhi in trouble

Bawara Dil 28th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Sidhi is on the call with Ishwar and says everything is fine. Ishwar says if you have troubles with studies then come home, Sidhi says sure and ends the call. She sees Soni sad and says I have talked to Shiva and he will find a good teacher for you. Soni says I want you to teach me only, we can be discreet about it. Sidhi says your mother will find out and we shouldn’t be hiding things from her, be happy and go to college. Soni nods and leaves. Shiva comes there and says I wanted to Soni. Sidhi says she went to school, I have my exams starting in 10 days. Shiva says then let me know if you need anything, stationary or anything else. Just focus on your studies. Sidhi says I just remembered that Ishwar has a very smart student, he is sharp so he can teach Soni. Shiva says no, a guy won’t teach her. Sidhi says what? There are male professors in the college too, he is a good teacher. Shiva says I will find a woman for her. Sidhi says this is your thought process, you are ill-mannered like always, she leaves from there.

Sidhi works in the kitchen and asks Vijiya if she can study after this. Vijiya says I will handle everything, just study. All family members sit to have lunch. Mangala asks who made rotis? Vijiya says Sidhi made it, Mangala throws away the food and leaves. Vijiya asks Kaka to calm her. Shiva comes there and asks what happened? Vijiya says she didn’t eat food because Sidhi made rotis. Shiva takes some food with roti and leaves.

Scene 2
Mangala tells Kaka that I am very hungry. Kaka says then we can go and eat. Mangala says I am not going to eat that girl’s food. Shiva comes there and starts eating roti. Mangala says go your wife and eat in front of her. Shiva says women take care of kids, they work in the kitchen for years thinking one day they will have a daughter-in-law who will take care of them, take their burden and can order them around. He tells Mangala that this food is so good, it doesn’t matter who made it, he eats it and says wow. He leaves from there. Mangala says Sidhi is trapping everyone. Kaka says Shiva is right, give your burden to Sidhi and act like a queen. Mangala smirks and says you are right, I will give her so much work that she won’t be able to study for her exam.

Shiva comes to the lounge and asks Vijiya to give food. Vijiya asks if Mangala listened to you? Shiva says I have tried so let’s see. Mangala comes there and says I am so hungry. She starts eating. Sidhi smiles and thinks this ill-mannered man did magic today. Mangala says this roti is so good, Shiva was right in my room. When Vijiya came in the house, she took care of everything and gave me peace of mind so now we have a daughter in law, she can take the burden of Vijiya. Sidhi will do all the work in the kitchen. Sidhi gets tensed. Vijiya says how will she handle everything alone. Mangala says you did it too, you will take a break now. She makes her sit down and says you will eat with us from now on and Sidhi will serve us. Shiva you wanted this only? You asked me to give Sidhi a chance to serve the family and retire from my duties. Sidhi glares at Shiva who gets worried. Mangala thinks now she won’t be able to study or teach Soni.

Shiva comes to Sidhi and says I didn’t say things like that to Ayi. Sidhi says I didn’t complain to you so let me be. I have to take care of everything now. Shiva says but she took it wrongly, how will you manage? Sidhi says you should have been careful, you know about my exam but you messed everything up. I will manage my studies and work. I will ask the maid to help me. Shiva says how? You need time to study, I will talk to Ayi. Sidhi says no, that’s enough drama, I will manage my time, you don’t interfere in this anymore, she leaves from there. Shiva says my luck is worst.

Mangala comes to her maid and asks her to go on an off, she shoos her away. The maid leaves. Mangala sees Sidhi coming there and says these maids are useless, she left the work. Kaka says who will do the work? Mangala says I will take care of everything, I will clean the house and wash the clothes. Sidhi says the maid left? Mangala says yes, you can study so I will clean the house. Sidhi says no, I will do everything. Mangala asks her to clean the house, she gives her a mop. Shiva comes there and asks what happened? Mangala says the maid so Sidhi took the responsibility for everything. Shiva says what about her studies? Mangala says she said she will handle everything. Shiva glares at her and says yes she can. He goes and brings a broom. He says she won’t do it, I will clean the house. Sidhi looks on.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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