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A Fairy Tale Love Story (Part 39) A weird Proposal

Hello guys, From today onwards I’ll post in alternative days. Hope u all are okay with it as @Riansh1212 said that we writers also need rest and I need to prepare for my exams but please support me like this always.


Today’s episode…….


Riddhima and Vansh reach VR Mansion.

Siya(teasingly) : Where are you coming from Bhai and Riddhu BHABHI…Are u two out of house last night? (Detective mode on🧐)

(Did u missed Siya’s teasing? )

Vansh : You shut up. We are married couple so we can go wherever we want. Understood?

Siya : Oo…so the hottest couple is coming after a romantic night date😉.

Riddhima blushes hearing that.

Dadi who understood the situation told.

Dadi : Shut up siya beta. Riddhu and Vansh go to your room and get freshen up soon. Today Rudra and family is coming for a lunch.


Riansh : Ok dadi.


After some time :-


Everyone including Raichands and Raisinghanias are assembled in hall of VR Mansion.


Riddhima : I have an important thing to tell you all. I know may be all of you will be angry with my decision but please listen to me.


Rudra : Tell Riddhu.

Riddhima : Vo…actually….


Ajay : You’re my daughter. Don’t be tensed. We won’t say anything. You tell.


Riddhima : I want my and Vansh’s marriage to be hided.

Everyone is shocked to hear condition.


Everyone : What ? But Why ?


Vansh : She want to complete her studies first. And I didn’t find it wrong bcoz she has the full right to take decisions of her life. I agree to Riddhu’s condition.


Anupriya : But what’s the need of hiding marriage. She can study even after becoming mrs.


Riddhima : But mom, I want to be known as Dr.Riddhima first. I said this to Vansh too. Then I’ll announce marriage with Vansh. Moreover my studies will end after 2 months.


Ajay : There is a point in Riddhima. She is right. Moreover its the thing of 2 months.


Uma : But how’ll we hide it from media ? Its true that we did the marriage and reception only with family members. But what if the photos go out ?


Vansh : I’ll handle it mom. Its not a big thing for me. I’ll hide it from media and also prevent the photos from going out.


Riddhima looks at Vansh proudly.


Rudra : Vansh, Now I am sure that I made a best choice ever by selecting you as my SIL. You made me proud. I hope every dad get a SIL like you.


Vansh smiley looks at Riddhima.

Vansh : Papa, you made your daughter marry me and Its the best gift that you can give to me.


Then all had lunch and Raichands went.


Next day At College


Vansh drops Riddhima at college.

Vansh : Bye sweetheart. Take care.

Riddhima : Vansh. This is college and you know very well what we decided. So here I am Miss Riddhima Raichand. And don’t drop me regularly it’ll be suspicious to others. Ok bye.


Vansh : It hurts to hear Miss Riddhima Raichand still its Ok. Bye.


When Riddhima walks through the corridor of the college, a boy suddenly sits in his knees and proposes Riddhima with flowers in his hand.

Boy : I don’t how to propose as I am not at all experienced. I fell in love with you in the first sight. I LOVE U Riddhima. Will you marry me ?


Riddhima is shocked to the core hearing this.


Riddhima(😲) : What are you saying VISHAL? I always considered you as my friend. But i think you misunderstood my proximity as something else other than friendship.


Vishal : Riddhu, but love can happen afterwards too, he na ? Pls give reply to my proposal.


Riddhu : The answer is crystal clear. Its a NO.


Precap : Special Guest in college 😎


Guess who is the special guest. And don’t forget to comment my dear silent readers.





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