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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Ranvir makes a request to Nani

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Kirti coming to Naksh. She asks him to take medicines. He plays football. She says anger isn’t good, calm down. He asks how can I see someone taking my sister’s place. She says I know, but you try to understand Kartik’s state, he is helpless to move on, I don’t understand why you are so against it, my marriage with you is my second marriage, like Manish and Suwarna’s, what’s the problem. He says her face, they will soon understand that if face matches, the persons can’t be the same, this girl can’t be like Naira. Kairav moves back to catch a ball. Sirat comes and holds Kairav. She says you would have got hurt, you scared me Kairav. She hugs him. Kirti thinks sometimes a small thing affects mind, Lord show something such in Sirat to Naksh.

Ranvir says I really saw Sirat or not, I don’t understand. He comes to his jeep. Nani shoots an arrow. She says sorry, I was just checking the toy. She comes to him. He turns. She gets shocked and says you, get away, be thankful that this pistol is fake, else I would have punished you. He says Maudi… She says don’t call me Maudi, I don’t know you. He says I have seen Sirat. She asks where. He asks is she happy, does she miss me, did she get married, can I meet her once. Sirat wards off bad sight from Vansh and Kairav. Kairav says don’t do Dadi’s work. Sirat says she isn’t here. Kairav says don’t do then. Kartik says you are becoming smart.

Sirat says don’t scold Kairav. She asks where was your focus. Vansh says maybe on bike ride. Kairav says Papa’s friend told that he will take me for a bike ride, he is very handsome like Papa. Kartik says I understand you are convincing me for bike ride. She says I want to meet him. Ranvir says I want to see her once. Sirat says let him come, we will see. Ranvir says I request you. Nani says go away from here. He says I swear I won’t come in front, let me meet her once. She asks why, you didn’t come, she was waiting for her. He says I had come. She says you came when all her hopes broke. He cries.

FB shows Nani praying for Sirat. Ranvir comes and holds the mannat chunri. Nani asks how dare you come here, if you had no courage to fight your family, why did you show dreams to her, I know you and your dad, its good Sirat’s life is saved, you didn’t marry her, Sirat trusted you, her trust and heart broke. He says I want to apologize to her. She says this can’t happen. He says let me tell her what happened that day. She says you won’t meet her, you are dead for her. She goes. He has a wound on his chest. He cries. FB ends. Nani warns Ranvir. He says let me meet her, much time has passed, I want to ask if she is fine. Nani says she is fine and happy, she got a much better guy than you. She goes. He says its happening because of you, Mr. Chauhan, I love Sirat, I hate you, you had hurt Sirat’s heart, I can never forgive you.

Nani lights a diya in temple. She says why did you get Ranvir back. Sirat comes and asks what happened, you are complaining about me. Nani says yes, I want you to leave from my house soon, my responsibility will end soon. Sirat says I will stick to you like a ghost. Nani says its your engagement tomorrow. Sirat says no, its day after tomorrow, you got old, you don’t remember. Nani says I remember, it will happen tomorrow, I m going to talk to Suwarna. Sirat asks but why, what will they think, don’t put pressure on them, don’t worry, I will come. She goes.

Nani says I would have got you married today itself if I could. Suwarna says you look worried, did you get the ring. Nani says I got the ring, I have to tell you something. Ranvir hits the tyre. He shouts I have to bear the punishment of your sins, I will never forgive you, I will make you long for your son. He cries. He says Maudi is right, my dad is wrong, I will never forgive you.

Manish asks what. Suwarna says Nani is requesting to keep engagement tomorrow. He says we have to see mahurat. Nani says mahurat is good tomorrow. Kartik and Sirat come and look on. Sirat says I refused to you. Nani stops her. Kartik says calm down, talk to Dadi. Nani says I asked her, she has no problem to keep engagement tomorrow. Suwarna says its Dadi’s message, she has sent mahurat for tomorrow, fine engagement will happen tomorrow. Kids get happy. Nani says there is a small ritual, Kartik and Sirat, get ready in the morning. Kartik goes out. He talks to Dadi. He says I made all the arrangements. Dadi thanks him. He ends call. Manish gets some money and gives to him. Kartik picks a fallen glass and sees the cracks. He trashes it. Manish says we can throw the thing when it cracks, what will we do if heart gets cracks, Sirat’s heart also has the cracks, she already for married, her mum told it.

Kartik says she didn’t get married. Manish says she was of someone by her heart, you and Kairav may get hurt. Kartik says my heart is broken. Manish says two broken hearts can’t be joined to make one heart, why are you marrying her, you both don’t love each other. Kartik says I loved Naira, I will always love her, I told Sirat about it, she understands it, I can’t explain this to Rhea, Rhea will get any nice guy, she will compromise by marrying me, it will be bad for her, kids can’t accept Rhea, Sirat is Kairav’s choice. Manish says you will stay well with Rhea. Kartik says you married Suwarna after my mum’s death, you trusted Suwarna that she will take care of your kids, I m also finding a mum for kids, I understand your decision, I know Sirat will love my kids, cracks heal with time, this will also heal, I want your support, bless me, then see nothing wrong can happen. Suwarna and Akhilesh come. Kartik keeps Manish’s hand on his head.

Ranvir comes to the resort to meet Kartik. He goes to the banquet hall. Kartik, Sirat and everyone dance in the function. Rhea asks are you Ranvir, Sirat’s ex.

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