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The reason of my ecstasy — Chapter 11

​Chapter :11…”Falling for you”…

Scene 1: (Past continues)

Next day Shweta again came for checking Vansh. As she is Kabir’s friend so Dadi and Anupriya invited her for lunch.
Shweta: How are you feeling now Mr. Vansh?
Vansh: I am feeling good but…
Shweta: (tensed) But what? Any problem?
Vansh: Yes one problem. Stop calling me Mr. Vansh. Only say Vansh.(smiling)
Shweta blushes.

Shweta’s pov starts:

How will I make you understand Vansh that I fell in love with you at first sight. You are so hot and handsome. I heard about you from your brother that you are so caring and possessive. But you are my friend’s brother. No! No! I have to control myself.
Pov ends.

Shweta:Okay Vansh.
Vansh:(in his mind) Now see how I will flirt with you.(smirks)
As Shweta was wearing a white kurta,red palazzo with red dupatta so Vansh started singing without making eye contact with her.
Vansh: Haaye ni teri laal chunariya
Pehan ke lagdi tu kamaal
Ho tera kya kehna
Ho tera kya kehna

Haaye ni teri laal chunariya
Ho udd na jaaye zara sambhal
Man mera kehna
Man mera kehna

Shweta continuously stares him.
Vansh:Any problem Shweta?
Shweta: You sings very well.
Vansh:Thank you soo much.
After checking him,Shweta was about to leave from his room when Vansh starts to sing again.
Vansh: Bhekara karke hamein yun na jaaiye
Aapko hamaari kasam laut aaiye

Shweta heard it and turned towards him.
Shweta:You should leave business and become a professional singer.
Vansh: Oh it’s fine.
Shweta: I never thought Vansh RaiSinghania can flirt also.
Saying this she left from there smiling.
Vansh: Huh? I can’t flirt? No I can flirt! Sweetheart sharma gayi( sweetheart gets shy)
Vansh was laughing seeing Shweta in that condition.

Few days pass like this. They grew more closer. They become friends. One day Vansh thought to propose her.

Scene 2:

Vansh calls Shweta.
Shweta: Hii Vansh.
Vansh: Shwetaa…come.. fast….they…they…will…kill..
Call ended.
Shweta:Vansh!! Hello! Hello!
She immediately drives to VR Mansion. She knew that no one is there in the house as all went for a reception ceremony. Vansh was alone in the house.

She rush to his room. She saw the lights are off.
Shweta: Vansh!! Are you there? Vansh….
Someone came from back and put a handkerchief on her mouth. Shweta tries to remove it but fails. That person took her to terrace. After reaching there he leaves her and went away.
Shweta: I know it’s you Vansh. Say something.

Suddenly someone came with a candle. It is Vansh. He sits and starts to light all the candles. After lighting it Shweta became suprised.
Shweta: You have done all this?
Vansh:Yes sweetheart.

The whole terrace was full of candles. She was standing in middle of the terrace. She was standing inside a heart made with candles. Infront of her it was written”I LOVE YOU SHWETA” with candles and rose petals.

She was so happy to see all this. She never thought that someone will love her so much. Vansh sits on his knees with a diamond ring to propose her.

Vansh: I fall in love with you at first sight. I never thought that I will fell in love with my doctor. May be that day I got shot for that only. I thanked to God for that. You inspires me always. When I thought that I can’t do this,it’s impossible for me then you come and inspires me. You always supported me. Your words encourage me. After spending time with you I understood that I can’t live without you. I am incomplete without you. You came in my life and made me a happiest and luckiest person in this world.

He takes a break. He gains his confidence and again starts.

Vansh: I can’t explain you how much I want you. I want to love your soul, I want to know you more, I want to love you more,I want to share my feelings with you, I want to be your first and last love. I love you Shweta. Do you love me? Make me complete by saying those words.

In the background a song was playing in a soothing sound.

You’re the light, You’re the night

You’re the colour of my blood

You’re the cure, You’re the pain

You’re the only thing I wanna touch

Never knew that it could mean so much,so much 

You’re the fear I don’t care

‘Cause I never been so high

Follow me through the dark

Let me take you past our satellites 

You can see the world you brought to light, to light

So,love me like you do lo-lo-love me like you do

Love me like you do lo-lo-love me like you do

So, touch me like you do to-to-touch me like you do

Touch me like you do to-to-touch me like you do

What are you waiting for?


Shweta: I am an orphan and being an orphan this all seems to like dream. I never thought that someone will love me so much. I don’t know what to say more but  I want to stay by your side thorough out my life. If I have to give my life for you then I am also ready for that. I love you Vansh. I love you too I  want  to spent my whole life with you.

Vansh makes her wear the ring. Then he gets up,kissed on her forehead and hugged her. Then the song changes to,

Kehte hai khuda ne is jahan mein sabhi ke liye

Kisi na kisiko hai banaya har kisike liye

Tera milna hai us Rab ka ishara maano

Mujhko banaya tere jaise hi kisike liye

Kuch to hai tujhse raabta

Kuch to hai tujhse raabta

Kaise hum jane humein kya pataa

Kuch to hai tujse raabta

Tu humsafar hai phir kya fikar hai

Jeene ki wajah hi yahi marna isi ke liye

Kehte hai khuda iss jahan mein sabhi ke liye

Kisi na kisiko hai banaya har kisike liye.

Flashback ends.

Sejal: Such a nice love story.

Sia: But everything become upside down in their marriage day.

Sia’s face turns pale. All the colour of her face suddenly vanishes.

Riddhma(with courage): What happened that day??

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