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Santoshi Maa 28th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Indresh and Swathi stay at a hotel.

Santoshi Maa 28th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with Indresh and Swathi arguing in the car if they have to take a left turn or right turn. Indresh says it is a right turn while Swathi says it’s a left turn. Indresh says no it is a right turn, I am sure about it. Swathi says okay. Indresh says I have been through this road before as well, it is a right turn. As they drive through the path, Santoshi maa says my disciple Swathi is in danger. She is going to face danger now.
As Indresh, drives his car, another car comes from the opposite way in pace. Indresh tries to stop and they crash in a small accident. In the trees, a ghost like figure watches them. Indresh and Swathi wake up and both have minor scars but are saved. Indresh and Swathi get down from their car. Indresh says there was something here, I am sure of it! I had crashed into something but now I cannot see anything. Swathi says yes even I saw something. Indresh says but how did it disappear? There was something in which we crashed, did it just fly away or what? Swathi feels scared as she sees something in the trees. Swathi says we should go from here. Indresh says yes. They sit in the car and Indresh tries starting the car but it doesn’t start. Indresh says something has happened to the car, we have to walk nearby and find a garage or some help. Swathi says yes and they both walk as the ghostly figure still watches them.
Swathi tries calling the ashram Devi Santoshi! But her phone is out of network. Swathi and Indresh come walking ahead and find a hotel. Swathi receives Kunti’s phone call and tells them they are fine and will reach in some time. Swathi and Indresh ask the hotel for help but are informed that it is late in the night now and the car will be repaired tomorrow morning. Indresh says then we will stay here till tomorrow morning, bring our luggage here. Indresh and Swathi go to their room. The waiter calls someone and says they both have come here to stay and our plan has worked, now I shall do as you say.
Indresh and Swathi are in the room and as they drink water, the waiter comes at the room with their luggage and says the car wont be repaired today. Waiter gives the luggage and says order something now as the restaurant will be closed. Indresh orders food for them both and the waiter goes. The waiter brings food and he mixes a white powder in the food and takes the food to Indresh and Swathi’s room. The waiter smiles cunningly and gives them the food and says eat it as it is hot. The waiter goes.
Swathi and Indresh sit down to eat food. Swathi keeps Santoshi maa’s statue and then sits for food. Swathi and Indresh start eating the food. Swathi says it would be great if we had reached the ashram now. Indresh and Swathi eat food.
There the waiter and manager go to the car and easily repair it. They sit in the car and waiter says now we will sell this car and have fun. Manager says yes, even madam wont find us she will think we are resting in the staff quarters but lets go now, sell this car. The manager and waiter go.
Swathi and Indresh eat food and Swathi drinks milk. Indresh and Swathi both get drugged and then they get romantic. Indresh starts singing a song and Swathi and Indresh both dance on it romantically. Indresh and Swathi then fall asleep on the bed.
Sometime later, Swathi is woken up by someone knocking the door. Swathi says who is it? Swathi calls multiple times but nobody answers. She then opens the door and looks at Santoshi maa’s statue. Swathi goes in the passage to see who it is, she sees a woman dressed in white saree and she follows her. Swathi calls to the woman but she keeps walking away. Swathi follows her.

Precap: Swathi is confronted by the woman, who turns out to be the ghost of Babli. Babli says I have come back to avenge my death. Swathi is scared.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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