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Riansh(ishq mein marjawan2) a different love story episode 29

Hi all! First of all I wanna thank you all. The comments on the previous episode was 40😭❤️❤️. The highest ❤️❤️. Thankyou for much love ❤️❤️. As you guys were showering much love I have written an os too😍. Riansh Os- Arranged or love marriage.

Riansh Os- Arranged or love marriage? By attractiveuser

So let’s start:

Riansh share a moment when there was a knock at the door.

Vansh: who the hell is there!! Always at wrong time.

Riddhima laughs. He goes to open the door. It was ajay.

Vansh: yes dad?

Ajay: come down both of you!

Vansh: but why??

Ajay: vansh…

Vansh: ok coming coming. Come riddhu.

Riddhima and vansh go down with ajay.

Uma: we have to tell you both something. We have planned something.

Riansh: what??

Sia: ok so we all have planned to go on a trip to Maldives day after tomorrow. And you both are coming that’s final. And bhabhi Sejal di and anika also have to come.

Riddhima nods.

Vansh: but what will elders do there?

Everyone laughs.

Ajay: vansh you are being very naughty these days.

Vansh: but dad what will you do there..there couples go to spend time.

Everyone again bursts out laughing. Uma holds vansh’s ears.

Uma: you naughty boy!!

Vansh: ouch mom..my ears are paining.

Rudra: obviously vansh..why will we go there. Only you youngsters are going.

Vansh: ok ok.

They all laugh. Riddhima leaves.

Ishani(thinking): now I will get time with angre!! Yeah!! Maybe I would propose him there.

At malhotra mansion:

Riddhima tells about the trip to Aayush,aastha,Sejal and anika. Aayush was a little worried for anika as she is chirpy and won’t able to handle herself but Riddhima convinced him. They packed some stuff so that on the final day no problem occurs.

Next day VR college:

Vansh comes in the class and starts to teach for the periodic test.

Vansh: this is the way to solve these numericals. Understood?

Everyone: yes sir!

Vansh: now Riddhima I would like to call you to solve this.

Riddhima: are you calling me for giving award?

Vansh: shut up!

They all laugh. Riddhima comes and solves the numerical.

Vansh: that’s like my girlfriend.(proud)

Riddhima: always taking credits.

He laughs. He gives some numericals to the whole class.

Riddhima: I am not able to do this one.

Vansh goes to her seat and explains it to her. They were very close to each other while he was explaining the numerical to her. Vansh teaches some other topics to the class. Then his gaze fell on Riddhima. Her hair were blowing in air. She was looking damn beautiful. he was not able to move his eyes from her. A student was calling him continuasly but he was not able to listen because he was lost in riddhima’s beauty.

Student (shouting): sir…

Vansh: yes what happened why are you shouting.

Student: sir I am calling you from so much time but you were not listening…so I shouted..

Vansh: oh oh (embarassed)

Riddhima: vansh where were you lost(laughing).

Vansh: obviously in your beauty sweetheart.

Everyone starts laughing. Vansh realised what he just said.

Vansh: yes yes tell me your doubt(embarassed)

The students clears his doubts. The class gets over. Vansh calls Sejal and Riddhima. They leave to vansh’s cabin.

Vansh: actually I booked the flight tickets. And I cannot get a ticket for tomorrow so we have to leave today night. Flight is at 1:00 a.m. we will meet at XYZ airport at 12:30 a.m.

They both nod and leave.

Precap: trip..

Dear Stuti abhigail Tyagi hope these moments in college were upto your wish as I was able to write these moments only in class. And dear readers please do tell me should I add shivika(shivaay+anika) and ishangre(Ishani+angre) moments in the trip. Ofcourse riansh moments would be there. Bye! Take care!! 


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