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Riansh (the saga of truth unfolds) #episode 30

Hello everyone first of all i apologize to everyone for being super late.. please forgive me and do support me asusual

My bdi mom died few days ago and i was kinda mentally disturbed due to this covid scenario

Thnk you so much everyone who supported me in this phase

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@priya you find the current track quite boring so I decided to wrap this track soon and to make this quite interesting i hope u will like it

And i really request to all to drop honest opinion as your opinion matter the most

I missed you guys seriously i know you didn’t miss me ( is zalim duniya me koi mujhe pyr ni krta😂😂)

If you all forgot the track so here is quick recap

Recap – Everyone is not ready to accept that shivanya is not riddhima

Vangre and siya comes to meet vyom

Vyom tells about his love marriage with shivanya

Siya and vyom comes closer

So episode starts here

Scene 1

Vansh and angre comes to meet vyom

Vyom – welcome Mr. Raisinghania

Uff kya scene tha ye haye🙈

Vansh (smirk) – Well today i am here to meet your wife

Vyom (smiling) – don’t you think you are much more interested in my wife than needed

Angre – We have few questions and you have to answer them

Vyom – Shoot!!

Vansh – Wo bhi kar denge itni jaldi kya hai gun laye hai hm sth me

Pr usse pehle ye rha apka pehla sawal 5 crore ke liye apki tv screen pr 😎 ( god knows mene ye kyu likha hai spare me guys)

What is your wife’s name

Vyom – Is this the thing to ask
Of course Mrs. Shivanya vyom kapoor

Vansh –  Galat jawab!!

Gye 5 crore !!tch tch!!

Mrs Shivanya vyom kapoor or should i say Mrs. Sejal vyom kapoor

Vyom (flabbergasted) – wha..what..what r..r you saying ..

Angre – what happened jhatka lga!!!
Hame bhi lga tha.. ab tumhe bhi lgega

Vansh throws some files on vyom’s desk

Vansh (angry) – Now just tell me what you are hiding

Your wife name is sejal and here is her photo

I just love this girl yr

Then who is shivanya

Vyom (smiling) – Fine if you got this much information then i won’t hide anything from you

Vansh – chupane ka option hai bhi nhi 😎

Vyom started narrating story

The girl in this pic is sejal my wife my life

But 2 years ago we meet with an accident which destroyed her face completely She undergo with an Surgery and got new face

Your riddhima’s face

Because that day i found your riddhima in hospital in critical state

And doctor gave her face to my sejal and your riddhima died in front of my eyes

I got to know later that the accident was planned by my enemy

Just for saving her life

I changed her name to shivanya from sejal that’s it

Angre – How can we trust you

Vyom i know you won’t trust me but u will trust the proof right

He hand over a file to vansh in which all the documents related to surgery are shown

Along with riddhima’s picture with injuries

Her last rites was also preformed by me and my wife sejal who is shivanya

Angre and vansh are numb

The thought of riddhima’s demise is freaking them

Vansh (anger) – No !! My riddhima can’t die
You are lying

He says

Na hum kuch bhule hai na tum bhul paoge
Jitna marzi dur chale jao mujh se picha nhi chhuda paoge


Just tell the blo*dy truth damn it

Vyom – Here are proof just look at her death certificate

And vangre leaves from there..

Scene 2

In car

Angre’s POV

Although i hate her but how can she die..
She was my sister damn it..
No matter how much i hate her but she didn’t deserve this..

Pov ends

Vansh’s POV

Liar !! He is liar my heart is saying that my riddhima is alive
Mere pyr ne use jine nhi diya
Or ab meri nafart use marne nhi degi
How can you die sweetheart without getting your punishment from me..
Pov ends

After 2 days

Scene 3

Shivanya is alone in the house..

Suddenly she heard a sound of something and all the lights got switch off

Shivanya -Who is here..
Is any one here

Suddenly she collided with someone and left baffled

Shivanya – You!!!

Mr. Raisinghania

Vansh hold her from her arms tightly and says

Shivanya – Have you gone mad..
I m not riddhima

Vansh comes dangerously close to her

But she pushed him hardly and started running

Vansh (angry) – Please stop riddhima i want to talk to you damn it..

But she keep running without listening him

He hold her again and she started hitting him
She is crying

She – What are you doing please leave me..my husband won’t spare you

Vansh – He is not your husband look at me i am your vansh i won’t spare you this time please listen to me for God’s sake

He says

Dil ki sun kar kuch is kadar tut gye hai
Pyr ke bahane karib aye log bin btaye ruth gye hai


But she is not in her senses she is crying continuously


She again pushed him and started running to stairs

Vansh try to hold her but her leg got slip and thuddd!!!
Vansh – riddhimmaaaaa!!!

She roll down from the stairs
And fell on the floor with severe Injury on her head
Vansh lost his senses seeing her like this he felt that he lost his life

Vansh – riddhima!! Open your eyes i won’t let anything happen to you!!

Shivanya (semi conscious) – My daughter please take care of her..and she lost consciousness

Vansh takes her to the hospital

Scene 4

In hospital (har dusre din uth ke hospital ajate hai ghr ka h kya bhai tumhare)

Vangre and siya are present their with vyom

Vyom grabs vansh’s collar

Vyom (angry) – How dare you to touch my wife again..

Vansh – Your wife !!like seriously
Stop this drama Mr.kapoor she is my riddhima and i know that

Vyom started sweating

What..what are u saying
She is my wife..

Siya – We know that she is riddhu di..

Vyom – How!!

Vansh smirks

FB starts

Vangre comes to siya’s room
Vansh – can i ask something from my sister
Angre – we need your help siya
We think that we are missing something in riddhima’s case

Siya – Yes bhai i also think
We all know that how much riddhu di loves ishani and your child

She was normal till wedding then what happened suddenly that she did that sin

What is she is in danger

What is vyom is forcing her to live with him

Vansh – we all are going to VK mansion you have to gather information about her ..

Siya -Ok bhai i am ready
FB ends

Vyom – Then what you got to know

Siya smirks

FB starts

Shivanya’s room when siya is talking to her

Siya – So tell me something about your marriage

Shivanya – It was a arrange marrige my mom dad chose hi

We got married that’s it

FB ends

Siya – So!! You both made different story

According to you it was love marrige but according to her it was arrange one

This was my 1st doubt

But i didn’t stop here

I did my work perfectly

I got the hair sample of both shivanya and anaisha for DNA test while hugging them

And guess what

Her and anaisha’s DNA didn’t match
And angre bhai’s and her matched

Hence proved she is our riddhima

Vansh -we are not done yet

He smirks

FB starts

Vansh’s room

Angre comes running

Angre – Bhai i need to show you something

Here is the death certificate of Mrs sejal kapoor of 2 years ago

And their is no proof that vyom and shivanya got married

Vansh (happy) – this means she is still mine

Now she will see who VR is

I will break her to the core

I lost my everything because of her now she has to Face my wrath

Angre is having tears no

He says

Na maaf krne ki taqat hai
Na saza dene jitni himmat..
Mere nafrat krne se kam thodi na hogi uski kimat..


Vansh hugs him and say

I know it is difficult for you
But i can’t back off now

Angre (determined) – I am with you bhai i lost my wife and child because of her

And vansh rushes to meet shivanya
FB ends

Vyom is standing their bowing down her head

Vyom – i did this but i have my own reasons

I know she is not my wife but she is mother of my daughter although not biological  but she loves her as her own mother she lost her memory when i found her

And i can’t loose her at any cost my daughter will die without her

He says

Ha use khone ka dar hai mujhe..
Ha usse dur jane ka dar hai mujhe
Nhi hai wo meri mohhobatt janta hu me..
Phir bhi uske sath rhna pasand hai mujhe


Suddenly doctor rushes to them

Doctor – Patient is awake you can meet her now

And everyone rushes to meet riddhima

She is sitting on bed with blank expression holding her head

Vyom comes to her

Riddhima (holding her head) -Aaahhh!! My head

Vyom – are you ok shivanya

Shivanya – Bhaiii!!!!

Done for today guys

I hope you all like it

I tried my best

Target is still 30

But you all disappointed me in last epi response was not good

Please so support

Luv uh all

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