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RIANSH (Budding love for eternity) Intro

Hey guys I am new here. This is my debut FF. I have been reading quite a many these days so decided to write one for you all. I would personally thank @AishaD for helping me in creating this Account. Hope you all like it and support my efforts 🙂.

Character Sketch:

Vansh Raisinghania: A business tycoon, Mafia VRS (don of Asia) loves his family alot and is rude and stern but soft at heart. Interesting very interesting… is his go to line.

Riddhima Shroff A psychologist, running a successful business (Planning bells), an event management company; has a sad childhood with bitter memories. Hates her mother and lives alone in Anugrah Villa (her own) meets her father when he visits her.

Angre Vansh’s right hand, bodyguard, most loyal and trusted employee. Understands him in and out and lives for his Boss.

Ishani Younger sister of Vansh and elder to Siya. She is a fashion fiesta and pursuing fashion designing. A free bird and spoilt brat but good at heart. Already a follower of Riddhima Shroff due to her independent and inspiring thoughts.

Siya Youngest sister of Vansh and Ishani. Sweet and humble in nature. Just passed 12th grade and is mentally sad. Maintains distance from people.

Rudra Raisinghania: Vansh, Ishani and Siya’s chachu. Lost his wife many years ago and father of Aryan.

Aryan Raisinghania: Rudra’s son, Vansh Siya and Ishani’s cousin. A Happy go Lucky guy who is not interested in handling business. Wants to live his life freely. Loves everyone alot but bit distant from Vansh.

Gautam Shroff Riddhima’s father and a successful business tycoon, splited with his wife 20 years ago. He has been with Riddhima from then but always busy with offical works.

Nandini Sharma: Riddhima’s mother who left her in childhood to chase her dreams of becoming an artist.

Rahul: Riddhima’s most loyal and trusted employee. Her PA, understands and respects her alot.

Riya: Riddhima’s assistant psychologist, she is under training and respects her alot.

Dr. Shreya: Riddhima’s only and childhood best friend, she is a gynecologist who runs her own clinic and loves and understands her the most. They are one soul and two bodies.

Suman: Riddhima’s househelp and they both share friendly bond.

Faheem, Param, Rosy, Mala, Manju and Joshua are Riddhima’s employees and are very supportive to her.

Other characters will be introduced if any new entry will be marked. Today’s target is 15 comments on this atleast! Please support my Debut as I have gathered alot of courage to start this. I have a great passion for writing, and hoping that it gets reflected here. Episode one will be uploaded today itself. Suggestions, corrections and appreciations are needed in comment section below 🙏❤

Stay safe and healthy 😙😙 All!

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