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RIANSH (Budding love for eternity) Episode 1

At Planning Bells: 

Author’s POV;

A beautiful and classy girl carrying her purse enters the office, everyone greets her and she smiles back and as she gets in her cabin and calls..

Girl: Rahul! What are the meetings lined up for today? Today in evening there’s a party, I hope the preparations are done and if not then it should be done in an hour because you know in Riddhima’s life everything is pre planned. So many business tycoons are coming from mine and dad’s side both, it should be the best. I believe only in perfection.

Rahul: Ofcourse Riddhima! don’t worry everything is done. And about the meetings I’ve scheduled them all for tomorrow as today’s evening party is very special for all of us. Everything will be fine. Just relax.

(Leaving but Riddhima stopped him)

Riddhima: Just sometime Rahul I’ve called Param. I need to ask him about the bonus!

Rahul: Yeah, that’s important.

Param entering:

Param: Riddhima you called me?

Riddhima: Yes, I wanted to ask about the bonus of our employees have you added it in the salaries?

Param: No Riddhima I have not done it yet but will do it by evening as server is slow.

Rahul: You should have informed us earlier! You are HR and legal adviser of the company and finances along with all other issues are handled by you!

Riddhima: I agree to Rahul, you know Param I hate delays. Fine now, it should be done by evening. And do not repeat the same. U may leave.

Param: Sure Riddhima, It won’t happen next time.

At Anugrah Villa in Evening at Party: 

Author’s POV;

Everyone gathers for the party and then Riddhima comes down from the stairs wearing Orange coloured falling straight dress. Everyone claps. Her eyes were searching for someone special and suddenly she hears a voice..

Voice: I’m here my Jaan!

Riddhima: You, I’ll kill you someday.  Who comes so late? Well now you are here I’m happy, be with me.

(She was Dr. Shreya Riddhima’s only and childhood best friend, yet another pretty and simple girl)

Shreya: Sorry yrr, I had an urgent delivery and guess what they were twins 😍😍 (personally my fav.)

Riddhima: wow! No problem I forgive you.

Shreya: Haha, as if I was waiting for your forgiveness 🤣

Riddhima: very funny 🙄

(Suddenly Riddhima’s father came and took her and Shreya to meet someone)

Gautam: come Riddhima and Shreya I want you to meet someone really special. He’s a great business tycoon.

Riddhima: Dad he must be your guest please you only attend him, don’t try to show your sudden rights on me.

Shreya: leave it yrr! Let’s see who is he?

Riddhima: okay let’s see! But you know Riddhima doesn’t give anyone importance in her life,🙄 though you are an exception.😍

Episode ends…

Hope you all have liked the first episode. This was all about Riddhima and her life, her principles and her relations, next will be RiAnsh meet-up and Raisinghania family. Today’s target is 15 comments again ❤️ plz support. Suggestions, corrections and appreciations are needed in comment section below 🙏🙏

Stay safe and healthy 😙😙 All!

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