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#Riansh Born to be United.. Episode 22!!

Hello, everyone..

I am back with my thoughts…and I know me and my thoughts are late..sorry for that but what to do “thoughts” were not coming they are really ziddhi like ziddhima…😂
okay, let’s start..
Episodes start with vansh and riddhima arriving in a VR mansion..
They were not talking to each other..
vansh was angry with riddhima…
When Riddhima entered the mansion aksh rushed and hugged her..
aksh:-Bua how are you?
riddhima:-I am fine ..and all thanks to you..
thank you so much..
aksh: beautiful I don’t want any thank you..I want a gift..
riddhima:- just order me..anything for you..
aksh:- I will tell you in the evening..
riddhima:-okay!! done..
dadi:-Now let her come in she must be tired..
vansh, take her to the guest room..
vansh:-DadiI am sorry but I can’t..
siya, Ishani could you pls..
saying this he went to his study..
It was afternoon everyone was in their room resting…
In Riddhima’s room:-
she was lying on the bed…which she doesn’t want to..
Riddhima’s pov
how rude he is he denied dadi..not for me but he can obey dadi..
I think everyone is right I also love him but what to do I am scared..what happens if..NO I will not risk his life, his life is more precious to me than my love..
scene changes to Vansh’s study..
He was lost in his own thoughts..his eyes were closed..
Why Riddhima is not accepting that she owns feelings for me..
I have seen in her eyes..
something is bothering her for sure..
when Angre entered..
Angre:-you are right bhai something is bothering her for sure..
vansh:-Angre you here..How do you know what I am thinking?
and you know that I love riddhima?
Angre:-well yes..but I was having a very small doubt but after I heard from your mouth I am sure..that you love her..and i will not give you cold comfort..but she really loves you..and the reason of saving you can be specifically this..if Aryan would be there in your place of yours she would do the same..but she loves you..she is stubborn not understanding what she feels but I am really sure she feels for you..
and i also know that it was aryan’s and kabir’s plan of Ahana..I am right?
Vansh:-yes but that also failed..how I will make her realize that she also has feelings for me..
angre:-Leave everything on me..i will do so..
vansh:-Thank you so much Angre..I am always thankful to God for giving me a friend, a brother like you..
Angre:-okay..so the plan is just you have to ignore her..and else I will do.
Vansh:-But don’t tell anyone..
Angre:- Anyone are you joking? everybody knows and I will tell you one interesting thing …everybody knows it before you realize it..
angre:-yes everyone means everyone..except riddhu..
vansh:-hmm..now i think why everyone was behind me and riddhima and that day when siya was drunk..from that only everyone knows..
Angre:-hmm….and that day siya was right..
vansh:-After that only i realized my love for her Thanks to siya…
The scene shifts to aryan who was talking with kabir..
A:-how can go like this kabir..you should tell me once..
k:-sorry it was urgent I have to urgently go to surat for some important work..
a:-Wait you have gone surat?
kabir are you there??
Aryan’s POV
if he is in Surat then why Vansh told us that he has to go to Ahmedabad..
something is fishy for sure..
i have to talk to Angre about this and his phone is also switched off..
in an unknown place..
unknown:-So you came here to catch me but i am not so easily caught by anyone..I am the one who catches people..you are a fool who came between my target now you have to bear the consequences..
He injected something to a person tied to a chair..with an injured head..
and the person is revealed to be KABIR…(yes our kabutar..)
man on phone..
book the flight tickets we will today only leave for Mumbai…
I am coming…my doll…you will be only mine…that day you saved you ashiq(love) but not every time…
I am coming, be ready…..
precap:- Dadi:-“I have chosen a girl for my Vansh”
so that’s it..I know there was no Riansh content and it was short also…..but I was busy…and tomorrow i will not be able to upload probably so I thought to update today only..
Do comments…I am increasing the target…This time 30+comments as I will get time to write… and yes do complete the target *puppy face*
till then take care..

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