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Mere Sai 28th April 2021 Written Episode Update

Mere Sai 28th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Sai says you may have a good heart but if you are not polite with others then no one would want to know you. This applies not just to in-laws but to all circumstances of life. You should support what is right. Don’t do anything wrong and don’t let anything wrong happen either. Don’t make any compromise for your daughter’s happiness. Find a suitable house for her but do it with love and politeness. He chants Kabir’s Doha. Prabhu says I got your point. Now I will keep a control on my voice. I will speak sweetly to everyone. His wife thanks Sai who blesses them. Wish few others could understand this as well.

Ram ji says his pride is above everything. He does not care about the lives of so many people. Chandra says you are right. You could have tried to convey your point sweetly though. They might have understood it. Ram ji asks her why she always tells him to mellow down and change. I did my best but till when would I have remained quiet? Why should I bend when I am trying to help others? They can think about profits and ignore the logics but I wont be able to face anyone if someone gets hurt in future. I would know that I could have stopped it. He is boiling in rage. Chandra notices it and offers him water. I know you will not do anything like that. Please calm down. Others may not care but I care a lot about you. Your health will worsen this way. Others wont be bothered. Chandra suggests taking a leave and going on a vacation. You will feel at ease with a change of location. Maybe things will be better after the break. He asks her where she wants to take him. She says Shirdi. He is confused. We don’t know anyone there. Chandra replies that she does. She tells him what she had experienced today. I think Sai Baba has called us. We should go there tomorrow itself.

Baizama looks at the preps in Dwarkamai and remarks that it feels as if there is a festival tomorrow. Sai says meeting your loved ones is like a festival only. Baizama says even I am very excited about tomorrow now. Sai smiles. He gets tensed suddenly. Baizama and Chihu notice the change in His expressions. Sai collects some dhuni in a leaf. Baizama asks Him what happened. Sai takes a glass of water and rushes outside. Everyone gets curious. They decide to follow Sai. Keshav leaves with Bheema, Chandu, Chihu and Baizama.

Baizama asks Sai where they are headed. Tell us something. A couple is looking for help. The man is wincing in pain. His wife requests Sai, Baizama, Chihu, Keshav and Chandu to help them. Baizama asks her what has happened to her husband. She shares that he has stomach problem since last 14 years. We have shown him to everyone but nothing has worked. His condition has worsened in the past 2 years. We heard about a Fakir Baba who helps people. We were on our way to meet Him when my husband fell because of the pain. I am very worried. She cries. Baizama tells the lady to have patience. Your husband will be fine. The lady says he is in so much pain. He is not in a condition to go anywhere. There is nothing around us. Her husband screams in pain. Sai says Ram ji is always present even when nothing else is. We often forget it. We also forget that fear cannot stay where Ram ji resides. Problems cannot stay when Ram ji is around. He mixes dhuni in water and offers it to the man. His wife asks Sai what it is. Sai calls it Ram ji’s Prasad. Ram ji will help. She says you mixed ash in it. My husband is in pain already. This will aggravate his pain. Sai feeds it to her husband. Hare Krishna Hare Ram plays. The guy calms down a little. Keshav remarks that he looks a little better than before. The guy touches his stomach. Sai remarks that he hasn’t recovered fully yet. Sai keeps His hand on the guy’s stomach and he calms down. The lady looks at Baizama who nods at her reassuringly. Sai grabs hold of the problem in His hand. They all look at Sai’s fist in confusion. The guy shares that his pain is gone. I have felt this peace for the first time in 14 years. Everyone smiles.

Sai says it is because you are perfectly fine now. The guy folds his hands. You saved me. Why was I in this pain since last 14 yearS? Sai opens his palm. They see something which was causing the pain. The lady thanks Sai. We had given up hope. We thought that he will not be able to survive today and that we wont be able to meet Sai Baba. My husband is fine because of you now. Keshav and Sai smile. The lady says we have heard that Sai Baba can fix every problem. We were on our way to meet Him only but now we don’t need to go anywhere. The guy asks Sai who He is. We don’t even know your name. Baizama says He is Shirdi’s Sai Baba who you wanted to meet. The couple is overwhelmed. They fold their hands with gratitude. Om Sai plays. The guy says it is true. Pain disappears when one takes your name. You know everything. I couldn’t come to you so you came to hlp us. Sai says Ram ji wanted me to come. How could I not? Allah Maalik!

Chandra is folding clothes. She asks her husband if they will go to Shirdi tomorrow. He asks her if she really thinks this will help. Chandra says I have heard everything you said. My heart is telling me that Sai is not an ordinary person. You dint experience what I did in temple today. I am positive there is something special about Sai Baba. Ram ji calls it her illusion. Disciples like Das Ganu try to convert people anyway. They only want our money. I have never and wont believe them ever! I have only 2 Gods – Vitthala and my work! I wont go to Shirdi. Chandra says I have never asked anything from you. Please come with me once. We will see the truth there. He stays put. She requests him to come for her sake. You can skip meeting Sai if you don’t want to. Ram ji says I cannot meet him anyways as I don’t have time. We have enough on our plate already. Don’t make me angry again. She nods and wipes her tears. Ram ji notices her sad face. I believe that we are able to live a happy life as I have never stopped you for anything while you have not pushed me for anything. You can go if you want. Please take Savitri along. Why do you want me to go there? Chandra says maybe you will calm down a little after meeting Sai.

Precap: Sai asks a guy why he is crying. He shares that he took loan from market for his work but a theft happened. Everyone will come to take money from me. I know no one will help me now. Sai says why someone will help you when you have a lot of money. The guy repeats that he just became bankrupt. Sai calls him a liar.

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