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Love of sacrifices and trust (Chapter 9)

Episode starts with Riddhima greeting Angre.Riansh comes and hugs Riddhima.Riddhima carasses Riansh’s hair and sat down,
Riddhima: How was the time with bua ?
Riansh:It was a lot of fun,
Riddhima smiles.Riansh goes inside the house.
Riddhima:So did it work Angre?
Angre nods.
Angre:Thankyou for sending Riansh with us bhabhi,I really saw that Ishani has full desire for a child,and with little efforts ,she can turn a great mother.
Riddhima smiles.
Angre leaves.
Riddhima comes inside the house.
Riansh:Mom,why these suitcases are packed?are we going on vacation?
The expressions on Riansh’s face were full of excitement,Riddhima sat down and kept her hands over his little shoulders,She hugged him and then said.
Riddhima:Riansh,we are going back to the house in which we lived 3 months back.
Riansh’s expressions changed,he got srious.
Riansh: Mom,,but why?I love this house.
Riddhima:But we are made for that house.
Riansh with a still,and a very deep desire to know what is going on,
Riansh:Mom,dad will ,come with us na?
Riddhima stayed quiet on this.She had no answers.She got up and turned her face on other side to avoid his little face,
Riddhima:No.Only mom and son.
Riansh stood shocked,within a moment he started screaming,
Riansh: Nooo,,never,I won’t leave daddy,he is my daddy..
Riansh’s voice got filled with tears,he was screaming and sobbing,he was running here and there to search for vansh.
Then Vansh came there ,he stood there like a statue.Riansh rushed to him and got hold of Vansh’s legs very tightly.Sobbingly he said again and again,
Riansh:Daddy what happened,I won’t trouble you,I would never demand anything,i promise I will noot even demand chocolates but please daddy ,stay with us.Riddhima’s face got wet with tears but she had to stay strong.She could not give any false hope to Riansh that one day his dad will love him.After all that was never going to happen.
Riddhima came towards Riansh,with her every step ,Riansh held Vansh even more tightly.But Vansh ,he couldn’t keep his hand over Riansh’s head.Riansh shook Vansh,screamed thhat daddy do something,stop mom,but vansh didn’t respond.Riddhima got Riansh’s hand and started pulling him to her.
Riansh was just looking up at Vansh screaming,
Riansh: Daddy I will stay with you onl ,,please..
Riddhima :Leave his hand Riansh.
Riddhima forcefully got Riansh up in lap and started taking him away.He was just screaming daddy ,,
Vansh’s eyes were also filled with tears.
Riddhima took Riansh to his room..
Vansh stayed back over in the hall.
Riddhima:Riansh listen to me.,listen to me bacha..
Riansh was just crying ,and saying daddyyy
Riddhima wiped his tears ,but they again and again flew back over his little cheeks which had turned red by crying a lot.
Riddhima wa just cursing herself for Riansh’s condition.
Scene shifted to vansh who fell down on floor,his flashback started,which was filled with Riddhima’s memories.
Her first look when he first saw her,their moments they spent together,
one scene of Riddhima sitting in Vansh’s lap and both of them laughing to the core of their hearts,
another scene,of Riddhima standing in a mini frock and high bun and cooking in the kitchen,vansh comes from behind and grab her waist from behind.She stoof by keeping her foot over Vansh’s foot.They both cooked food together.
Another scene of Vansh ringing the door bell.A crying Riddhima,with red face opens the door.He comes inside.
Vansh:Listen to me yaar
Riddhima:What should I listen,
VAnsh:Its just a trip of three months Riddhima,and you had told me yourself to not leave this deal.
Riddhima turns ro him and shout,
“Yes I had told you,but why are you leaving me.”
Vansh hugs her and consoles her.
Riddhim:Okay leave now,and listen to me,
(she holds him from collar)
Riddhima:if after three months you don’t come back straight to me then I will kill you.
Vansh laughs.
vansh:Okay do it fast.
Vansh:Lip kiss.
Riddhima:Stay away,stupid.
Vansh:Don’t blush yaar.
he shows her his ring.
Vansh:We are engaged,you can atleast give me a lip kiss.
Riddhima kisses on his cheeks.
Riddhima:Lip kiss ,after marriage.
vansh stayed angry.
Vansh;I know you are an innocent girl,who wants to stay in limits,but I am also not expecting much,we are engaged,give me a lip kiss so that I can leave peacefully.
Riddhima doesn’t respond.
vansh:Fine,I won’t ask again.
Riddhima smiles.Vansh starts leaving.She runs and held him tight from behind,and then hanged over his back,he turned to look at her,she kept hanging by one hand and from other hand held his head and pulled it close to her,and then kissed on lips tightly.Vansh smiled and as she was falling back,held her waist by taking one hand behind,and they shared a liplock for few moments,and then Riddhima broke it,got down and breathed heavily.Vansh turned to her and laghed.
Vansh: Exhausting in just a kiss?What about after marrriage?
Riddhima pushes him and both laughs.
Riddhima: Don’t forget in these three months,(She ties his tie knot correctly)
Riddhima:That you are someone’s whole world.Someone is living just for you.
Vansh smiles and kissed her forehead and left.
Vansh’s flashback ended.Tears were scrolling down his cheeks.
Riansh came and wiped them.
Vansh kept looking in Riansh’s eyes.
Riansh:Don’t cry daddy,see ,I also wiped my tears.You know,mom told me ,not to have any false hope and forget about you,but I know,that you are going on a mission,
When saying this Riansh’s eyes again got filled and he spoke heardly.
Riansh:I will wait for you daddy.I know,you will come.
Vansh kept looking in his innocent eyes,he then looked up at standing Riddhima on the main gate .Riansh left Vansh’s hand and started going towards Riddhima with his small steps.
Vansh got up and rushed and lifted Riansh up ,and kept kissing him on forehead,cheeks,hugging him,carassing his hair,wiping his little tears and huggging him tightly.
Riddhima stood stunned.
Vansh then went to Riddhima and dragged suitcase inside,and sat on sofa with Riansh in lap.
Vansh:My son is not going anywhere.
Riansh became too much happy and Riddhima also smiles shockingly.
Riansh kissed Vansh’s cheek and got down and started dancing happily.Riddhima and Vansh laughed looking at him.Riddhima then became serious,and looked at Vansh.
Vansh:Riansh,my child,go and water the plants in lawn.
Riansh nodded and happily went.Riddhima closed the door and opened the curtains.They saw Riansh from glass window,watering plants and dancing in lawn.Riddhima looked at vansh.
Riddhima: Vansh ,my child,is not a toy that you will accept him today,and leave him after three months.
Vansh: I ..
Riddhima;You brought us in this house three months back and told us to leave today.Today we were leaving ,but we can’t leave if you stop us this time,teell me what is in your mind.
Vansh looked in her eyes.
VAnsh:I found,love,deep love,which Riansh made for him in my heart.Whole night,I had been thinking about him,and I had realised,that he innocent Riddhima.he did nothing in this.And I love innocence.
Riddhima eyes widened and she looked at him.
Vansh:You know,when i first told Siya that I love you,she asked that what is the best thing in you,and I said,your innocence,on which i can trust.I found the same innocence,in Riansh,and I feel he is the only one in my life,for whom i can live and I have to live.So I want to live with him,I accept Riansh as my son Riddhima,from now,you will never ever have to worry about him.
VAnsh stayed quiet for a moment.
Vansh: But just for one last time,I am asking you.Why you betrayed ?Why you broke my trust?Why Riddhima,?
Riddhima stayed silent and then smiled.
Riddhima:It takes a lot ofcourage to stand with a person who betrayed you,I respect you for this Vansh.Even after my betrayl,you are trying your best to accept me,knowing that Riansh is not your son,you accepted him.I have full respect in my heart for you for this,but Vansh ,i am also telling for the last time,I can not tell you about his real dad.
Vansh smiled a little and then looked at Riansh.
Vansh:I won’t never ask you again,he is my son from now.But,I would not be able to give you ,the love of a wife.
Riddhima nodded.
Riddhima:I understand,I don’t even want love for me now,you just made Riansh your life,and I got everything.
Both smiled and rushed to Riansh and three of them played in lawn with water pipe,side by side,Riddhima and Vansh playing in lawn scene in past scene is shown.
The love of sacrifices,and trust.

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