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#Love from the heaven.. #38 Golden temple

The car reaches outside a big villa.Riddhima wakes them up. Because they are intoxicated, so they just went inside their rooms without any questions. 

Riddhima’s room : 

Vansh is sleeping peacefully while Riddhima is on her laptop messaging someone. 

Riddhima : Oye, me dijiste que ha llegado (Hey, you told me she has arrived)

Another person : Ja Mama, derzeit ist sie Ferozepur (Yes mam, currently she is in Ferozepur)

Riddhima : Was? (What?)

Another person : Yes mam (back to english)

Riddhima : Okay..I’ll meet her soon..

AP : Ok Ma’am, Our men are keeping eyes on her..

Riddhima : Good..keep giving me updates..

AP : Yes mam..Ma’am, have you told Tara Ma’am and Rudra Sir?

Riddhima : Yeah..Will meet you soon, just keep reporting..

AP : OK ma’am..

She shuts her laptop and lies on the bed. 

Riddhima : Vansh, If I would’ve known this all is gonna happen, I would haven’t brought you people here..Why should you risk your life like I do..A CBI’s job is tough, not only for the officer for their family too..

Saying this she closed her eyes and drifted to sleep. The next morning, As soon as all woke up, quickly ran to Riddhima, who was busy in the kitchen cooking breakfast. Currently, her eyes goes on them..

Riddhima : Riddhima, ready to reply all the questions?

She took a deep breath and said.

Riddhima : Good morning..

They all instead of wishing her started. 

Aryan : How are we here?

Sejal : Did you brought us? 

Vansh : This place?

Angre : IS it safe?

Siya : Why those bullets? 

Vansh : Goons?

Riddhima : G..uys, guys calm down, don’t panic..Here’s your breakfast, go and get ready we’re going to the “Golden Temple” She glared angrily at them to eat their breakfast and they continued. 

In Golden Temple : 

After standing in a line for almost an hour, they enter inside the holy temple, hitting each other and jostling, suddenly a black hoodie girl comes near Riddhima and says,”Well, I think I know you..” Riddhima alerts. She moves her head to see but finds no one.

Riddhima : Kiara 

The only word she said, they all quickly did prayers and came near the sarovar..Riddhima sits there. She calls someone. 

Riddhima : Abhishek..

Abhishek : Yes mam..

Riddhima : KIARA is here!!!!!

Abhishek : What mam..Mam, I’m coming..

Riddhima : See no need, now you go to Mumbai and bring Tara mom and Rudra dad here,we’ll play our move..

Abhishek : OK ma’am..

Riddhima : In Villa 2.0, bring them safely and with all the security measures..

Abhishek : OK ma’am, we’ll reach soon..

Riddhima : Good..

She hangs the phone. They all start clicking the pictures with the temple. After that, they start walking, 

Vansh : Riddhima…

Riddhima : Yes Vansh?

Vansh : What are you hiding? Why?

Riddhima : I can’t tell you anything, wait for the right time but I can tell you that It’s for your own benefit..

Vansh : Ok, I trust you..

Riddhima : You know, Vansh..I trust you matters more than I love you..

Vansh nods. Riddhima looks at him. 

Precap : Tara and Rudra arrive in Amritsar, Riddhima on a mission to catch Kiara, rest people doubt on her…

Long time, dude!!! But my health? Oh GOD! I was done with all the sickness..Now, I’m back again!!!! And I hope you liked it..Sorry for increasing the suspense but you see, you’re gonna love it and after this action-thriller, will be beautiful moments, guess..guess..guess…Take care and Stay safe!! IF you find anyone asking help from you share it with others as this disease is spreading a lot..!! Now, toh 6pm to 5am curfew is there in our state..So, yaa, maintain social distancing..Love you so much!!


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