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Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 29th April 2021 Written Episode Update

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 29th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Shubhra video calls Sanjana. She takes phone to Rishi. Shubhra says Rishi, I got an order of 100 pieces. Your idea worked. Rishi says congrats, you’re the best. You can do anything. Shubhra says if I could do anything wouldn’t I make you happy? But I will keep trying.

Roli plays with Chandrani. They ruin Samaira’s lipsticks. Phirki says didi.. Samaira comes. She looks at Roli. Chandrani says she what she did. Roli says how do I look? Samaira says you look so cute. Let’s take one photo. She takes a selfie with Roli. Kuldeep says what is happening. Samaira says Roli let’s go to office. Roli says I don’t wanna go. Kuldeep says I will be there as well. Roli whsipers to Chandrani I will ruin her office. Samaira says let’s go change. Kuldeep says Sam has changed a lot. And Roli is getting so close to her. Don’t think she would want to go to Pune now. Chandrani says she will go and she will take you as well.

Scene 2
Shubhra comes to the psychiatrist. Harsh comes there. Shubhra waits in the waiting room while Rishi goes inside. Shubhra didn’t see Harsh. Rishi comes out happily. Shubhra is about to hug him but he’s another kid. Shubhra says my Rishi would be happy like this. Shubhra goes in and sees Harsh. She’s shocked. She says you.. He says you..

Scene 3
Roli comes with Samaira. Everyone is shocked to see Samaira in desi attire and Roli with her. Roli says hello to everyone. Everyone is scared of Samaira. Roli says everyone is so scared here. Samaira says it’s not like that. Roli says they are scared of you. Samaira says they are my friends. Roli says to lie. Samaira says everyone smiles for Roli. No one smiles. They pretend to fake smiles. Samairahugs everyone and says they are all my friends. Samaira says call me Sam not. Roli says if they are your friends, they are so boring. I am going back home. Samaira says let’s change everything. Samaira says no one will work today. Samaira says today is Roli day. We will do whatever you ask. Order.

Roli asks to move all the tables. Everyone says the same.

Scene 4
Harsh says you denied my help. He spreads papers. Shubhra says enough. Who are you and what are you doing here? My appointment is with doctor Harsh. I am sure you are his patient. He says your guess is right. She says yeah you need a therapist. You can go out because this is my appointment. He says okay and goes out. He comes back in with the coat. She says you’re the doctor? He says yeah but I don’t wear a white coat. It becomes a wall between me and the kids. He picks the papers. He says I have to be a friend. I knew you were in a bad mood and you need a mood therpaist. Please have a seat.

Your name is Rishi Chadha? That’s a boys name. Shubhra says Rishi is my son’s name and I am here to talk about him. I am in good mood. Can we talk about Rishi? He says sure. Your name? She says Mrs. Chadha. He says don’t you have a name? Shubhra says we don’t need that. He says you have a boring name? It’s okay. I will write Mrs. X Chadha. Shubhra leaves. He says angry woman.. our parents give us boring names. So much anger. We have to do your therapy first. She leaves.

Scene 5
Roli plays musical chairs with everyone. A man says Roli out.. Samaira gets angry and slaps him. Everyone is shocked. Roli says who hits their friends. Samaira says we are friends so joke. Now he will hit me as well. She says come on. He says no ma’am. He touches her face. Roli says slap like she slapped you. Samaira says slap me. He says I can’t. Samaira says come on or I will fire you. He slaps Samaira. Everyone is shocked.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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