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Ishk Par Zor Nahin 28th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Mayank insults Ishqi

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 28th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Riya says I m happy to meet your family finally, Ishqi let me have the dress I wanted, Ahaan told me that baby pink is my colour. Kartik teases Ahaan. Ahaan stops him. Riya says Ahaan tells everything without saying. Kartik asks how. Riya says he came there on my saying. Ahaan plays the radio. Sajan re jhuth mat bolo…plays… Kartik smiles. Ishqi thinks Ahaan has a GF. She comes home and thinks of him. She asks Maasi do you know Ahaan has a GF. Maasi says no, the girl he loves would be lucky. Ahaan and Kartik come home. Kartik says I want to go it. Ahaan says I went when Ishqi said she is in problem. Kartik says you lied to Riya that you went for her sake, you went on Ishqi’s call. Ahaan says I called Riya here to stop this nonsense. Kartik says you called Riya because of Ishqi. Ishqi says this is my marketing job. Maasi asks how does Ahaan’s GF look. Ishqi says she looks likes a heroine. Maasi says he should have best girl. Ishqi asks why did I call Ahaan, not Mayank, what am I doing.

She thinks of him again. Mayank calls her. She answers the call. He asks are you eating something. She says its my new job. He says come here and get ready for sangeet, will work end before sangeet. She says yes, I was stuck in lift today. He says I don’t have time, I will hear your story in the evening. She gets upset. A girl comes to clear the wrong name. She says it will take time, but we will write the right name.

Everyone gets ready. Ahaan says Dadi your surprise is not needed. Dadi says our bahu is coming home for the first time. Sonu says focus on me sometimes. She gets jealous. Dadi says you will be going to Sasural, you will be valued there, we will value Riya here. Ahaan says Riya is punctual. The door bell rings. Ahaan calls Bhola. Dadi asks him to go. He asks Kartik to make a video. Chachi says Sarla should know how to treat bahus. Dadi thinks Ishqi should know she has no place here. Kartik makes a video. Ahaan opens the door. Everyone shouts welcome bahurani. Ishqi comes and gets the surprise. Ahaan looks at her. Mahiya….plays…

Kartik and Sonu smile. Ishqi says Mayank asked me to come early. Dadi says this surprise was for Ahaan’s GF, not you. Ishqi says sorry. Ahaan says its okay Dadi. Dadi says Ishqi should know that she is standing at Riya’s place. Riya comes. Everyone smiles seeing her.

Dadi says Ishqi came by mistake. Ahaan introduces Riya to the family. Dadi compliments Riya. She insults Ishqi. Kartik jokes and teases Ahaan about Ishqi. Mahiya…plays… Ishqi goes to Mayank and Suman. Suman says looking nice. She goes. Ishqi says I told you that I went to the designer. Mayank asks did you rehearse for sangeet, you may embarrass me again. He taunts her and goes. Sonu asks what happened. Ishqi says nothing, I was worried for the dress. Designer asks why. Ishqi says I was thinking if I can carry the dress or not. Designer asks her to try. Riya helps Chachi. Kartik comes. Chachi asks him not to joke on Ahaan. She likes Riya a lot. Dadi welcomes Sarla and Ginni. She introduces Riya.

She says Riya is our Ahaan’s GF, he always likes the best things, be it watch, car or girl. Ishqi finds the blouse tight. She says maybe the measurements are wrong. She asks how will I go downstairs. Sonu says we will see. Ishqi asks her to wear it right. Mayank comes and says Sonu, Sarla has come. Sonu goes. Ishqi says this dress isn’t fit. Designer says I made it according to measurements, what’s your diets. Mayank says chips and sugar. Ishqi says you have made a wrong size dress. Mayank jokes on Ishqi. Ishqi asks him to stop it. He says you should have limited the sweets. Suman comes. Designer says Ishqi is bloated. Mayank says typical Ishqi, you always create a drama, you could have gone on diet. He goes. Suman says we can’t make a new dress, do something, think. She goes. Ishqi says why did Mayank taunt me about my weight, does anyone get fat in a day.

Mayank and Ishqi dance on the stage. Her blouse gets torn. Ahaan takes his coat and runs to Ishqi. He covers her up. Everyone looks on. Ishqi goes to talk to Mayank. He says please don’t spoil my mood. She says I need to talk now.

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