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In the Name of Love – Chapter 22

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Vansh and Riddhima’s engagement was supposed to be a private affair. No outsiders were invited because Gayatri feared that someone might cast an evil eye upon the couple.

The house had been adorned with minimal lights, and everybody had assembled for the ceremony, except for the bride herself.

Vansh irritatedly kept glancing at his watch every now and then. He hated waiting for anybody, and this girl was making him do exactly that.

“Ishani, did you hand over the lehenga and the jewellery to Riddhima?” asked Gayatri.

“Of course I did, Dadi,” said Ishani sulking. “It’s literally been more than an hour. God only knows what is taking her so much time.”

Sia budged in. “Ishani, we’ll see how much time you will be taking in your own engagement.”

“Riddhima is the bride, and she has every right to make us and the groom wait,” said Gayatri looking at Vansh pointedly.
“When my Riddhima will come downstairs, all decked up, she will look no less than a fairy…..”

She had not even completed her sentence, and Riddhima had already made her appearance at the top of the staircase.

Everybody, including Vansh, was shocked to see her.

Riddhima was dressed up in a pair of jeans and a casual top. She hadn’t worn the lehenga.

Anupriya seized this opportunity to shout at her. “What is this? Why aren’t you ready yet?”

Riddhima smiled at her. “I am very much ready, but if you’re talking about the lehenga, well it got burnt.”

Vansh looked at her skeptically, while the others stood with a question mark on their faces.

“When I was ironing the lehenga, unfortunately it got burnt at one of the corners,” she explained.

“We had sent you an already ‘ironed’ lehenga. What was the need to iron it again?” said Anupriya, unable to control her temper.

But Riddhima stood unfazed. “So why don’t you question the laundry as to how on earth could they leave so many creases upon the lehenga?
They must learn to do their work properly.”

But Anupriya wasn’t going to let her go so easily. “So why did you wear ‘this’?” She pointed at her dress. “Don’t you have any traditional Indian wear in your wardrobe?”

“Actually, I didn’t know that I’d get engaged within only a day, otherwise I’d have shopped for some traditional attire,” taunted Riddhima.

“Mrs. D’souza, Mrs. D’souza! Please get a nice lehenga from either Ishani’s or Sia’s wardrobe for Riddhima to wear,” ordered Anupriya.

Ishani immediately said, “I won’t give my dress to anyone!”

“Ishani, even if you’d have agreed, I wouldn’t have taken your dress. Because it would be too loose for me,” said Riddhima coolly.

Ishani rolled her eyes. “Are you calling me FAT?”

But Riddhima ignored her and said, “I don’t like wearing others’ dresses, so I don’t want any of Sia’s stuff too.”

Vansh found a ghost of a smile creeping over Riddhima’s face. “So this is all part of her plan. Interesting, very interesting.”

“So what do we do now?” asked Chanchal who decided that even she wanted to take part in this discussion. “We have to wait for a few hours, until we can get a brand new lehenga for her….”

“No need for that, Chachi,” interrupted Vansh. “Let her do the engagement in these clothes itself. Plus, it’s the feelings that matter, not clothes, right?”

Gayatri backed him up. “Yes, what does it matter if she wears Indian or western for the occasion? Come on, Riddhima beta. Let’s begin the ring ceremony.”

Riddhima and Vansh sat beside each other on the couch.

Riddhima sadly thought to herself, “What has my life come to! Within exactly one day, I broke up with Kabir, and now am getting engaged to Vansh. My life has become nothing but a joke!”

Vansh observed Riddhima’s gloomy expressions.
He thought, “I’m sorry Riddhima, that I’ve to make you do all this. I promise you that once I make everything alright, you wouldn’t have to bear me even a second longer.”

He caught her hand and slipped the ring on her finger.

Riddhima was feeling very angry. When it was her turn to put the ring on Vansh’s finger, she did it so carelessly, that the ring was almost about to fall on the ground.
Vansh managed to catch it at the right time, and placed the ring on his finger himself.

“What do you want to prove by playing such childish games?” whispered Vansh. “You’re only satisfying your large ego by doing all this.”

“I am not only satisfying my ego, but also destroying your ego too in the process,” Riddhima whispered back. “Don’t think you can always make me dance to your tunes! Whenever and wherever I get an opportunity, I’ll stand up and rebel against you. I’ll trouble you so much, that you’ll curse the day you even got this lame idea to get engaged to me.”

Vansh glared at her. But she winked at him instead.

“What is this Kabir? How much more will you drink?” his Bhabhi scolded him.

“Today, she is getting engaged to Vansh Rainshania. How can I not drink, then?” He was totally inebriated.
“She thinks that I do not love her. But she doesn’t realise that no one can love her more than me.”

Kabir fell on the floor. His Bhabhi tried hard to help him stand up, but was unable to do so.

“Vansh! You snatched my Riddhima from me. Now my enmity with you has increased by ten-fold. I will get you jailed, and then I will get my Riddhima back.
And the game begins now.”

The next day, Riddhima was strolling around the house, feeling bored, when Gayatri called her into the kitchen.
“Do you like gobi ke parathe?

“I love them,” said Riddhima with a glitter in her eyes.

“Even my Vansh loves them a lot,” remarked Gayatri. At this, Riddhima’s face fell.

“I’m planning to pack these parathas in a tiffin box, so that Vansh can eat them for lunch,” said Gayatri. “Will you take this to his office?”


“Yes, you. You’re his fiancee now, and you should try to spend some quality time with him. I’ve packed extra parathas, so that you can also eat with him. It is said that eating together increases love,” said Gayatri.

Riddhima realised that visiting Vansh’s office was better than staying in this prison-like mansion. She was accompanied by a driver.

When she reached Vansh’s office, she was struck in awe. It was a luxurious building with thirteen floors, with Vansh’s office on the topmost floor.

It had atleast five elevators, and each elevator could carry upto fifty people. The elevator was made up of glass, and Riddhima could see everything through it as it took her up.

Once at the top floor, she collided with Angre who looked surprised to see her.

“I came here to meet Vansh,” she explained.

“Well, Boss is busy in a meeting, but it should end within five minutes. Till then, you can wait in the lounge which is towards the left,” said Angre before leaving for another work.

Riddhima observed around her. Some of the staff were sitting in their respective cubicles typing away furiously. Some of them ran from one room to another carrying files in their hands.

Even though Angre had told her to go left, but she turned right, and there she saw a room with a large board that read: NO ENTRY.

She saw that the door was unlocked too.
“What if I find something related to Vansh’s illegal business in this room?” she thought.

Just as she was about to press the handle down, she felt a strong hand catch her arm from behind.

“What are you doing over here?” Vansh asked angrily.

Riddhima got nervous, but she maintained her calm. “Uhm…Nani had asked me to get these parathas for you, otherwise I’ve no desire of meeting you again.”

“I’m not talking about that. I want to know what are you doing right next to THIS ROOM?” said Vansh. “Can’t you see this board? No one is allowed here.”

“Oh my bad. Actually Angre told me that the lounge would be on the right, that is why I came here mistakenly,” Riddhima lied.

Vansh looked at her suspiciously, but then caught her hand and brought her in front of his staff.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to my beautiful fiancee, Riddhima Sinha,” said Vansh placing his hand on her shoulder. But she jerked his hand off.

Each one of the staff came upto Riddhima and personally congratulated her.

A girl from the staff whispered into Riddhima’s ears, “By announcing his engagement to you, Sir definitely broke many of his junior female staff’s hearts.”

Riddhima looked up at her in surprise. “Girls actually used to drool over HIM?”

“Why not? Just look at his attitude, the way he carries himself. And just look how handsome and dashing he is,” replied the girl.

Riddhima turned to look at Vansh, who was busy talking to Angre in a corner.
She realised that he indeed looked gorgeous. Why hadn’t she ever noticed that before?

Vansh caught her staring at him and came towards her. “Shall we have lunch, sweetheart?”

“Sweetheart? How dare he!” thought Riddhima.

Just then, Angre interrupted, “Boss, I’ve got news that the authorities might conduct a surprise inspection of our docks, either by tomorrow or the day after.”

Vansh became worried. “Then we have to leave for the docks immediately. I want to make sure that everything is prim and proper and in order. I don’t want to give the authorities even a minute chance to raise a finger over our shipping business.
Angre, ask the driver to take Riddhima back to the mansion.”

Riddhima’s driver came towards them. “Sorry Sir, but the car has broken down. It will take a minimum of two hours to get it repaired.”

Vansh said,”Angre, do we’ve any other cars that are free for the time being?”

Angre shook his head.

“I’ll hire a taxi,” Riddhima offered.

“No, you won’t,” said Vansh sharply. “You’ll also be coming with me to the docks. Once I’m done with my work there, then we can head back home.”

Riddhima tried to protest, but it was of no use.

As soon as they reached the docks, the sea’s familiar fragrance filled her nostrils. It felt so relaxing and refreshing, that Riddhima internally thanked Vansh for getting her here.

The cool wind, the sound of the gushing waves, and the flock of seagulls flying above her, all this brought a lovely smile onto her face.

She could see huge ships, plenty in number, being loaded with all kinds of goods and cargo.

Just then, she came across an unattended carton of bottles lying in the middle. She remembered Kabir telling her that Vansh carried out illegal business of alcohol.

“Is there alcohol inside?” she wondered. When she dug her hand inside to inspect, she became disappointed to find that those bottles contained cold drink inside them.

“That’s cold drink, sweetheart.”

Riddhima got startled to see Vansh standing beside her.

“That’s for shipping, you can’t drink that,” he said. “If you want, I can order some cold drink for you from elsewhere…”

All of a sudden, Riddhima’s eyes fell upon a sailboat, that was anchored safely in the waters.

“You’ve a sailboat too?” she asked excitedly.

“Yeah. I have my personal yatch too that I sometimes use in my leisure,” said Vansh. He remembered how he had killed his enemies when he was sailing in his yatch the last time.

“Can I have a ride in it too?” she asked with pleading eyes.

“No!” he replied rudely.

Riddhima felt hurt by his actions and looked away. Vansh realised that he had been way too harsh with her.

He signalled one of his men to prepare the sailboat.

Riddhima was still sulking around, when someone came upto her. “Ma’am, the sailboat is ready. You may get onto it.”

Riddhima’s face glowed up and she turned towards Vansh with a happy face. It was at that moment that Vansh realised that he could literally do anything just to see her smiling always.

“Boss, the wind is blowing in the north direction, so you’ve to adjust the sails accordingly,” said the worker.

“Alright. How’s the weather at the sea? And life jackets?” asked Vansh.

“The sea is supposed to be calm today. And yes, your life jackets are placed under your seats,” the worker replied.

Soon the worker left, and only Vansh and Riddhima remained in the boat.

Vansh tried to adjust the sails, while Riddhima stood in awe.

“You know how to do that? So cool!” she said.

Soon the sails had been adjusted, and their boat had begun to sail smoothly.

Riddhima stood by the deck of the boat, enjoying herself thoroughly, with the little droplets splashing on her face and the breeze scattering her hair away.

She squealed with delight, when she saw plenty of dolphins, jumping about in the sea.

Her happiness knew no bounds, and at that point of time it didn’t even matter that she was with that person whom she hated the most.

Vansh on the other hand was completely lost in Riddhima. Everytime, she laughed or giggled, his heart would swell up with joy…

I marvel in your eyes
Swimming in the sky
Never been this high, oh this high….

You feel like kryptonite
Sparks fly like dynamite
Reflecting in your light, beaming bright….

[Do listen to this song ‘Saving Me’ by Marin Hoxha and Alexis Donn]

Both of them were enjoying in their bliss, when suddenly the sky grew dark.

“We need to head back to the dock right now,” Vansh sounded worried as he looked up at the dark clouds hovering over them.

But in a split second, it started to pour heavily. The sea became very rough, and Vansh was finding it very difficult to keep the boat in control. The wind was blowing very hard, and was further drifting the boat away from the dock.

“Get the life jackets! Quick!” he ordered Riddhima.

Riddhima was almost about to get her hands on the life jackets, but before that, an enormous wave tossed their boat into the air.

Vansh and Riddhima fell right into the sea, and struggled to keep themselves afloat. Their boat sank deep into the water.

Vansh tried to grasp Riddhima’s hand, but a strong wave carried him away.

“Riddhima! Are you okay?” he screamed, but got no answer.

“Does she even know how to swim?” he wondered dreadfully.

“Riddhima!” He screamed out her name again, but could neither hear, nor see anything.

“Did she sink into the sea?” he thought in despair.
Never had Vansh felt so helpless, as he felt right now. He himself was struggling against the stormy sea, and on top of that he had no idea if Riddhima was even alive or not.

As if miraculously, he heard a sound from a distance. “Vansh!”

He felt relieved to hear Riddhima’s voice. That means, she was alive and knew how to swim.
He could not see her due to the rain blurring his vision. He tried to swim in the direction from where the voice came from, but everytime he did that, the waves carried him in the opposite direction. He grew tired and realised that it was useless trying to swim against the flow.

“Riddhima! Can you hear me? Listen, you got to swim towards the north! There’s a small island there. Can you listen to me?”

“Okay Vansh!” came Riddhima’s feeble reply from afar.

The waves carried Vansh to the shores of the island. But he was still worried for Riddhima. She had been lagging behind him during the swim by a few minutes, and had not yet reached the island.
A lot of ‘what if’s’ started creeping through his mind.

Just then, he saw Riddhima appear at the shore. She looked fatigued due to long periods of swimming. She lay there itself, on the wet sand, trying to relax herself.

Vansh felt as if his life came back. He ran towards her with tears of joy. He tried to hug her, but she signalled him to stay away.
Realising what he had been trying to do in the moment of weakness, he backed off voluntarily.

“Riddhima, are you okay?” he asked instead.

“Yes.” She sounded out of breath.

It still continued to rain heavily, and Vansh realised that they’d have to take shelter somewhere.

“Riddhima, come on, we need to go to a safer place,” he said.

She felt so drained out, that she found it even impossible to get up. “Let me lie here itself,” she said.

“Don’t be stupid! You can’t lie close to the water, or the next moment you know, it will take you back to the sea,” said Vansh. “Unless….”

“Unless what?” she asked irritatedly.

“You want me to lift you up,” smirked Vansh.

As soon as Vansh spoke these magical words, Riddhima got up and stood straight.

Vansh gave her a I-know-all-your-weakpoints look. He held her hand and took her into the inner part of the island.

“What’s this island? Does anyone live here?” asked Riddhima.

“It’s uninhabited,” Vansh said with a weird tone.

Vansh brought Riddhima to a cave, where they could take shelter from the storm.

“This place is safe for us to stay, until further help arrives,” said Vansh.

Riddhima became surprised as to how Vansh knew his way around the island so well, and correctly brought her to the cave. Had he been here before?

Precap :
Riddhima falls over Vansh and accidentally kisses him.

Riddhima realises that they are not the only ones present on the island.

Vansh starts doubting Riddhima.

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