In raisinghania family one baby is about to born and was born and it was a girl , seeing her crying the doctor who done the delivery starts laughing for that the baby kicks on his head and then the doctor understands how much attitude she has and he leaves from and the baby smirks she has the same attitude and characteristic her father has but also she has her mother’s kindness which will control her anger and arrogance
And her mother loves her very much but her father doesn’t like her bcoz she is a girl and he doesn’t want any kids before but afraid of losing his wife he agreed but then seeing his ill treating towards her daughter the wife of Mr . Raisinghana (who is the baby’s father ) leaves the house bcoz of this Mr.Raisinggania hates his daughter he later learns that his wife got killed bcoz of an accident .

17 years Pass and the baby becomes young and her name is siya and is now of 17 years old who now became a CBI officer like her mother bcoz she likes exploring and live her life in adventurous mode and her first case she selects to find out about her mother’s death and then she checks the case file in which the investigation of her mother’s case done she doubts it to be a murder when she observes the reports

Siya : in this it is written that she died bcoz of an bomb blast but there is no bomb placed right ?? How this is possible and how could they close this case without deep investigation as it was about a bomb blast and it is the accident of a CBI officer and it also has proofs that it could be a murder but how could they neglect this fact , they have done a mistake but I will clear it and I will avenge my mother’s revenge , I will avenge my beloved one’s death and I will not stop investigating before solving this case

At VR Mansion :
Vansh : everyone be ready to invite my nephew Siddharth as he is coming after so many years and he will be 20 now and after a long separation he is coming back so make the decorations in a unique and special way and of course it will need to be special am I right ? or I am not right ??

Samiksha (vansh’s sister also siddharth’s mother ) : bhai you are always right and i believe he will definitely like your surprise party but i am sad that Riddima (vansh’s wife) is not here i really miss my best friend

Abhi ram (riddima’s brother) : even i but what we could do she died and even we didn’t have any trace about hers and vansh’s daughter naa jaane kaise hogi (i dont know how she will look ) as its been 17 years so she definitely would be 17

Vansh eyes are teary bcoz when siddharth came into his life he realised how he really very lucky to have a daughter but bcoz of his ego and wrong thinking he lost even his wife with his daughter and he leaves from there

And finally it’s 5 :00 pm

Vansh comes from his room
Vansh : samiksha how many times I should say I said you know that I will pick up siddu from air port but you send the driver

Samiksha : bhai if he will be angry that no one from family came to air port he will be happy when he sees the surprise don’t worry

Vansh : ok and where are angre and ishani as there is no trace of them ??

Angre & ishani : we are here
Angre : ishani where is parita and priyanka as they should definitely invite their little brother siddu right

Priyanka and parita : we are here
And even dadi arrives with a Aarti plate to welcome siddu

And when siddu arrives he is angry that no one came to air port but he is surprised when he saw the decorations in the mansion and then he directly goes to vansh and hugs him tightly to express to express how much he missed him and then everyone celebrate later they have lunch

Dadi (teasing siddu) : samiksha say to your son that don’t flirt with any girls here as it could cause a big problem and even he has to marry right

Vansh : dadi come on let him enjoy and about marriage he has to be ready and at this age he is so young right

Uma(vansh’s mom) : come on vansh beta you don’t know the reason why maa ji is saying like this , it is bcoz he will flirt with girls and when he will get married there will be nothing like this and he just need to romance with his wife

Siddu : oh god pl I have just came right now and you all are talking about marriage

Everyone go to sleep

The next day Morning :

Sid gets ready and leaves to a cafe to meet a girl who is chooses by samiksha to marry him and at the same time finally siya completes her case and finds out that one of the criminals whom got arrested bcoz of her mother killed her to take revenge and how she got killed is shown


When riddima got a call from her office to solve a new murder case she leaves to go there and then the criminal who want to kill her uses the technology and keeps the bomb’s blasting button in riddima’s mobile so when she answers his call and when she touches the green button to answer it bomb blasting button ons and she gets killed and it happens as same and she gets killed but at that road side CCTV photage is been there and it has been safely kept and bcoz of its help and the CCTV photage of house in which 13 years back when siya is 4 years they used to live and then the CCTV photage shows how the criminal connected the phone and then sia knows who killed her mom
*Flashback ends*

Sia : now I am truly happy that I have completed solving mom’s case I miss you darling I miss you a lot I hope your blessings will always be with me

One CBI officer from cbi team comes to her who adopted her when her mother died and his name is Mr. Rudra Pratap Singh

Rudra : you will always have her blessings with you don’t worry

Sia turned to see who it is and got surprised

Sia : appa (guys she calls him appa) I missed you a lot

And then another voice comes who is rudra’s brother and a mentalist named Mr.Shakti Singh

Shakti : oh come on why you will call him appa you could call him papa right

Sia : how many times I should say you chachu that I wanna call him appa bcoz no one can take my father’s place if these words hurt you I am sorry appa

Rudra : it’s ok beta I like you to call me appa only don’t worry I will not be hurt

Shakti : but sia you don’t know that your father hates you a lot and you are still caring about him

Sia : come on chachu at the end he is my father ok and just leave this topic and appa I wanna meet papa

Rudra : but if vansh hates you then??

Sia : I have a plan do take me to him and introduce me as your daughter as you are his best friend then we could learn what he has for me in his mind

Rudra agrees and they leave to VR Mansion and at the same time sid came from cafe to the mansion and vansh decides to ask him his opinion on the girl samiksha chose

Samiksha : what happened beta is everything ok do you like her ???

Sid : no I doesn’t like her she is too much egoistic and she is spoilt brat who is beautiful but she is stone hearted she is always speaking about money and how much rich she is .

Vansh : so I think you doesn’t like her am I right or am not right ??

Sid : you are right mamu

Vansh : don’t worry I will choose a girl for you who will be a perfect match to you ok

Sid : if you will choose my life partner I am ready to marry her without any doubt as I believe you mamu

And at the same time rudra and shakti arrive and everyone in the house welcome them as they came after so many years and then rudra starts talking with vansh

Rudra : how are you my friend ??
Vansh : to be honest I am not happy at all
Rudra : but why do you miss your wife
Vansh : yes I miss her but I also miss my daughter too
Rudra :(thinking) oh mine I have to inform this breaking news to sia she will be very happy when she learns that her father is ready to accept his princess

Rudra : vansh don’t worry as I know who your daughter is and I will make you meet her

Vansh(shocked and surprised) : but how do you know where she is ?

Rudra explains everything that has happened in the past and how he adopted his daughter when her mother died and how she solved her mother’s murder case and how she wants to meet him and her family

Listening this vansh got emotional and he thanked rudra for keeping his daughter safe

Rudra : it’s ok and now you have to meet her

Rudra then approaches to sia who left keeping him a msg that she is going to college (guys for your kind information she became a CBI officer bcoz she got a chance to become and now she actually fulfill her mother’s wish of becoming a doctor )

Rudra informs this to vansh and vansh informs the whole family members about sia and everyone are happy and are eagerly waiting to see her

Vansh : sid if you like sia then you will get married to her if you have no objection

Sid : first let me see her mamu

And then vansh makes arrangements for sia’s arrival

And at the same time sia goes back to the house after completing her classes and she informs rudra that there will be a award ceremony tomorrow and the college will announce who is first in MD and MBBS and rudra agrees to come and he decides to take even vansh with him to introduce her

The Next Day Morning :

Vansh : rudra where are you taking me
Rudra : it’s a surprise and you have to come with me
Vansh : ok as your wish

Then they leave to College ,
Vansh : Interesting , Very Interesting ! I can observe that my friend want to bring me to the college !

Rudra : you are wrong as you doesn’t know the real reason just wait and watch why I brought to you here

And then a person announces that the First Ranker in MD is Sia Singh Rathore

Vansh listening to the name gets shocked as he can understand that singh rathore is riddima’s last name or sur name and sia it can confirm that she is his daughter as rudra told him that it was a surprise and even vansh knew that sia is studying in a medical college

Vansh : so you brought me here to introduce and make me meet my daughter

Rudra (surprised) : how do you know vansh?

Vansh : at the end I am vansh rai singhania and don’t underestimate the power of Vansh Rai singhania

Then when sia is taking the award vansh can’t see her face but sia sees his face and she gets shocked

Sia : darling !!

(Guyz to understand why she called him darling and without knowing how her father looks she called him darling so a flashback will explain everything )

When sia is small and when she started going to school one day she met vansh when he dropped sid at the same school where sia is studying and she became a great friend to him both vansh and sia aren’t aware that they both are father-daughter and then only he realized he lost his daughter bcoz of his ego and arrogance but he can’t do anything and even the family members of vansh know about sia and they used to meet her when she used to come to their house and even sid is her best friend Even rudra knew about vansh but doesn’t see him anytime and they stayed as friends till sia could get 10 years but suddenly one day

VR Mansion :
Sia : hey darling
Vansh : hey darling what happened why are you so sad
Sia : bcoz my appa got transferred and we have to leave india and go to US

Vansh got sad after listening to her words his feeling is like his life is only going away and even all family members got sad bcoz of this shocking news

Sia : don’t worry darling we will stay as friends forever and ever

Vansh : but how is that possible

Sia : I will definitely meet you after 7 years and I promise you I will never forget you or this family and our friendship will last long forever and the for the symbol of our friendship and to remember you in this 7 years I will make a tattoo on my hand consisting your name to always remember you where am I

Vansh : even I will make a tattoo on my body

Then sia gives him a locket in which inside is filled with their photos and their names and vansh was really happy for the gift and he too presents a gift for her which is a bracelet on which “Vansh Rai singhania ” is written and even she is happy for his gift

Sia : I hope ki you will definitely keep this locket with you am I right or am not right ??

Vansh : I will even you should
Sia : good boy
And then vansh and family bid her good bye

Sia was really happy that she finally met her darling after a lot of research as when she came back to mumbai from US she is happy for two things one is that she will solve her mother’s case and second is that she will meet vansh after 7 years

Sia without thinking anything went to him and hugged him and said

Sia : I missed you I missed you a lot…..
Vansh : who are you and why you hugged me ??

Rudra (whispering to vansh in his ear) : she was your daughter idiot

Vansh got surprised at the same time shocked for what he is listening

Vansh : I am sorry sia for asking who are you

Sia : how do you know that I am only sia ??
Rudra : bcoz I said him sia and just a second how do you know he is your father as you doesn’t even see him

Vansh : stop it don’t question her more and I am really happy you sia that you are so brave and now a CBI officer and you even got a medal in MD course and sorry for leaving you in childhood but then only I realized my mistake now I will not leave you at any cost

And then he takes her to the VR Mansion
In the Car :

Vansh : sia everyone will be very happy when they see you as you are the last heir of the family and even you will get your love which you missed it in childhood

Sia is silent and not speaking anything
Sia(thinking) : oh mine I can’t believe that I got a father like him whom I met in my childhood now he became my father I can’t believe this I am so happy and now I will make him realize that I am his darling it will be fun to play a game with the great vansh rai singhania

And they enter VR Mansion :
Dadi welcomes them and everyone are very happy to see sia

Dadi : god bless you beta
Sia : thank you badi dadi

And then every one wish her and bless her and talk with her and everyone get along with now she decides to implement her plan sia goes to pool side and calls vansh from her new sim and at that time vansh was alone in his room and he answer’s the call to know who it is

Vansh : yes , Vansh Rai singhania speaking
Sia : tum vansh rai singhania ho aur koi bhi hoo mujhe kyu chahiye (you are vansh rai singhania or whoever it is I doesn’t need )
Sia : just answer me do you miss me
Vansh : but who are you actually is
Sia(fake crying) : you don’t remember me (annoyed) hahh why you will remember me as you will easily forget everyone
Vansh : look whoever are you just say who are you that’s it
Sia : you doesn’t remember me darling

Vansh listens the word “Darling ” and understands who it is

Vansh (happy tears) : sia darling you
(Guys actually he doesn’t know whom he met 14 years back is his daughter but he know that her name is sia )

Sia : yes me so you remember me ??
Vansh : how could I forget you till now I have your locket with me
Sia : ok so when you want to meet me
Vansh : I can meet you ?? What do you mean??
Sia : I mean ki I am in mumbai so what I am asking when we could meet
Vansh : really then we could meet at a cafe
Sia : but not today after a week ok
Vansh : ok

Then he cuts the call and informs everyone that sia (his best friend) came back to india everyone are very happy for both sia’s arrival (who are actually one) and then vansh even informs it to sia (his daughter ) not knowing that she is actually his daughter

And after one week :
The day comes on which day both sia(his best friend) and vansh will meet and even in this small time both sid and sia are attached to each other and became great friends and even sid decided to confess his love and when he is about to leave he goes to check on sia and then he sees her brightning like a sunshine star and he adores her and he observes how she looks while she is sleeping and he gets a old memory in his mind

At VR Mansion Night 10:00pm

When riddima is sleeping then only vansh took a shower and came back and then he saw riddima when she is sleeping peacefully and bcoz of moon light she is like beauty from heaven and then vansh caressed her face and kept her hair below the ear and kissed her forehead and cheek and said

Vansh : Sweetheart ! How do you look so beautiful while you are sleeping you are like child not only your behavior but also your face will look like a child your one smile , your one eye look make me fall for you I am really to have a wife like you who has not even outer but also inner beauty whose heart like an angel and golden heart


And then he sees the same tattoo which will be on his best friend sia’s hand he gets shocked and then informs it to everyone and when she wakes up and takes a shower she comes down and sees everyone present in the hale of the house

Sia : what happened to all of you ????

Vansh interrupts her
Vansh : I will explain you sia but just say one thing why you became late and didn’t come to meet me at the cafe (in his mind : now you will say with your own mouth ) *smirks*

Flashback shows vansh planning something with shakti and rudra

Vansh : if she knew that I am her darling as she remember my face why doesn’t she said to me that she is my sia darling

Shakti : so what you will do now vansh
Rudra : I think he will plan something shakti

Vansh : you are right rudra I have a plan and I will ask her why she got late in coming to meet me at the cafe so she will reveal herself everything
*Flash back ends *

Before sia could speak she gets a thought in her mind :
Siya to herself : what are you doing sia what you are going to say you know right he doesn’t knew that you are his best friend you are his darling but why he is asking you this question gou should understand right , I definitely think that he got to know that I am his darling so he questioned me now to make me myself say the truth by my mouth but I will not make it happen

Sia to vansh : what are saying papa , what are you asking me as I am your best friend *smirks*

Vansh in his mind : oh god this girl she will never confess or what I have make her say everything but she is smart she will not say anything

Before vansh could speak anything
Rudra : come on beta now no more luka chhupi (hide and seek ) just surrender and confess that you are only his best friend pl

Shakti : yes pl confess

Sia : why should I as I just thought to play a game with my father to know how he us smart and finally he learned it in a short time only and papa it was really nice to play a game with you it seems very nice

Vansh : if you wanna play with then play ordinary and legal things not disordinary and illegal things ok

Sia : sorry I will not do it once again forgive me

Vansh : ok
Saying so vansh leaves after listening to everything ,

Sid : so you are the one who is my childhood best friend

Sia : to be honest yes
Then sid hugs her and expresses how he missed her so much

Sia : calm down sid I am back right ??
And then sia and sid leave to go out

Samiksha : maa I can observe that sid and sia in a short time became very close so I think we can make their marriage as I feel they will accept

Vansh : don’t worry samiksha as today there will be a party and today I will even announce their wedding date

Samiksha : thanks bhai

At Night 12:00 am VR Mansion
After sia has gone for a night walk and came she entered the house and found the mansion filled with darkness and suddenly light got on and balloons and flower petals fall on her some people who are in the get up of various cartoon characters and teddy bears came near her and danced then she laughed and the spot light fallen on a big board in the hale of the house which is written
She got surprised to see the whole family members holding a balloon and they at a time blasted it and wished her

” Happy Birthday ”

And then she cut the cake and made vansh eat first then the other family members and then she got gifts from everyone and then she opened vansh ‘ s gift

Sia : (while opening his gift) hmm soo let me see what my darling brought for me

Vansh : hmm I hope ki you will like the gift
Sia : definitely why not , At the end The gift is from Vansh Rai singhania

Vansh smiles after listening what sia said
And then
Vansh : so in this happy moment I like to announce that I want sid and sia to get married so let me know their opinion

Sia is thinking then sid proposes her in front of everyone

Sid : (laying down on his knees ) siya when I saw you I got attracted to you and slowly I fallen in love with you

I Love You Sia , Will You Marry Me

Sia accepts it and says : I love you too

Everyone clap for them and they get married and everyone live happily ever after

Guys I hope you all enjoyed it and thakur priyanka sister and parita sister are my friends so I kept their names

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