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Friendship turned into a love story #Riansh Episode 74

The episode starts with Ishani being emotional after she has finally accepted her feelings.

Ishani to herself: I wasn’t expecting that I will accept my feelings in that exact moment. I wasn’t believing that the day that I will accept and notice on it my feelings towards Kabir it is the same day that we both are broken on it very much and we have suffered from the first huge problem that has happened between us. I don’t know shall I be happy now that finally I have understood what I owns it to you Kabir is nothing other than love or shall I be sad because your first love has returned back and I don’t know if you still love her or you are really loving me?!
She was smiling for discovering her love towards Kabir.

She was being happy that she has finally found the love that she was searching about it.
She was thanking God that he has made her found the best love ever.
Ishani’s happiness and smiles didn’t have lasted forever.
Because her face reaction has turned to be a very sad and down face reaction.

She still wasn’t able to forget what has happened today from the sad and shatter that she has faced through it today.
Ishani to herself: I’m not even able to celebrate my happiness to find my love and accept my love towards Kabir because of this stupid Ahana. What she has done and said today isn’t making me be happy at all. She is just making me be very shattered and heartbroken. During those 6 months, I got to be sure of Kabir’s love towards me. But after Ahana’s arrive, some doubts start to occur inside me especially after Kabir has treated me in that rude way.
Ishani starts to be very emotional.
She was crying very much.

Ishani to herself: I don’t know what shall I do now?! I don’t know what I could do with Kabir after I have noticed my love towards him?! I’m afraid to fight against Ahana and then I got to discover that Kabir isn’t mine. At the same time I’m also afraid to not fight for my love and then I got to discover that I’m the one who has lost her love by her own self. I really don’t what shall I do?!!!
Ishani kept crying so much.
Then she has got shocked seeing herself talking to her as if she isn’t her own self and she someone else.
Ishani’s self was being very angry.

Ishani’s self: Don’t you dare to lose your love. Don’t you dare to give up and leave Kabir to that stupid girl. Kabir is loving you and just you Ishani. Don’t make that Ahana win against you. You are Ishani Rai Singhania who must never lose whatever are the circumstances. Be brave and have the confidence to fight for your love. You have to make Kabir just yours especially that he really loves you. Don’t lose hope Ishani. Don’t cry once again because you have to be very happy today that you have found your love. You just have to celebrate and be very happy. Just have the faith in your love. Be strong and take your love and defeat this girl.
Ishani has gained some courage and strength.
She starts to be more stronger after she has got convinced from the words of her own self.

Ishani to herself: Yes, I have to get my love back. I have to defeat this girl. This will never be the time to be shattered and broken. This is the time to get into the whole truth and decide to know how to make everything better like before.
At the same time, Vansh and Riddhima were sleeping while holding each other’s hands.

Riddhima wasn’t being able to sleep that well.
So she was a kind of wake up.
Vansh was also feeling that she isn’t able to sleep.
So he has hugged her more closely to him.

Vansh: Chill sweetheart and try to sleep. Inability to sleep isn’t good for your health Riddhu. You have to sleep for some moments otherwise a very huge and dark black circles will start to appear under your eye and you will look like a tired panda.
He has looked at Riddhima in a very cute and lovely face reaction.

He has said those words to irritate Riddhima.
He has also done this reaction to make her get out from the mood.
Riddhima has smiled after hearing Vansh’s words and seeing his funny face reaction.

Then she has came closer to him.
She was putting her hands around his face and putting her hands near his eyes.

Then she has looked at him in a surprised and irritated way.

Riddhima( pulling Vansh’s ears in an annoyed way): Really?! Do I really will look like a panda?! Do you have thought that I will leave you after irritating me?! Of course not Mr. organizer. Riddhima Vansh Rai Singhania would never leave her right especially when it comes to be from her husband who is always irritating her.
She was pulling his ear in a cute way just to irritate him for some time.
He was just staring at her while she was doing those child behaviours.

He has just made her close to him by being above her.

Vansh: You will never stop those child behaviours?!
Riddhima has putted her hand around Vansh’s neck.

Riddhima: Of course not Vansh. Riddhima will always be that very young child when she is being with her Vansh.
He has smiled at her.

They have hugged each other very tightly.

They were enjoying a lot while spending any single moment with each other.
Vansh has made Riddhima closer to him.

So she could be able to sleep for some time.
He has kissed her in her forehead while he was making her yet to sleep.

Afterwards, someone has nocked Riddhima and Vansh’s room.
Riddhima was still awake.

Vansh was the one who has slept.

She was smiling seeing him sleeping like a cute child.

Riddhima to herself: Oh! So I could observe who has fallen asleep now! I think that you were just wanting me to sleep because you were the one who was wanting to sleep so much Mr. Husband.
She has kissed him in his forehead.

Then she has gotten out from her place to open the door.

She was moving very fast to open the door to not make the person wait more.
When Riddhima has opened the door, she has got shocked and surprised.

She has got shocked to see the person who has nocked the door.
Riddhima has gotten shocked to see Kabir being on the floor in front of her room’s door.

She starts shouting and screaming.
Riddhima( shouting): Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabir.
Kabir was being in a very little consciousness that has made him be able to reach to Riddhima and Vansh’s room and nock the door.
But when Riddhima has opened the door, he has lost his consciousness.
Riddhima was panicking so much.

She was crying and being very worried about Kabir.
She was trying to wake Kabir up, but there wasn’t any response from Kabir.
Riddhima( raising her voice): Vaaaaaaaaaaaansh please come quickly. Kabir has lost his consciousness and he isn’t answering me.
Vansh has waked up while being very shocked from hearing Riddhima’s screams and shouts.

He has rushed quickly to Riddhima.

Vansh( before reaching to Riddhima and Kabir): Riddhima, what has happened??! Why you are screaming that much??! Are you oka…
Before Vansh could be able to complete his words, he has gotten shocked seeing Kabir unconscious.

Riddhima( crying): Vansh, Kabir isn’t answering me and he isn’t gaining consciousness. Please do something. I’m very worried about him.
Vansh has came closer to Kabir.
He has seen the wound that was being on Kabir’s head.
Vansh: He is injured. We have to get him inside the room now and cure his wound immediately.
Vansh and Riddhima have made Kabir get inside the room.
Then they start curing his wound.
Riddhima was worrying about Kabir so much.

She was looking at him very much while the worry was very noticeable on her face.
Riddhima: Please get up Kabir bro. Please get up for me. Please don’t make me worry about you. Please just tell me who is the person that is behind your state and trust me I will not spare this person.
She was very shattered and worried.

Vansh was looking at Riddhima in a very worried and caring way.

He was very worried while seeing her in this state.
They both have looked at each other for awhile.

Then Riddhima has thrown herself in Vansh’s arms.

Riddhima( being worried and crying): Vansh, please tell me that Kabir will be fine. Please tell him to get up. I’m really very worried about him. I don’t know what has happened with him that made him be in that state. Please tell me anything that could calm me down. I’m really very worried and I’m not able to have the control on myself and my worry.
Vansh was making Riddhima more closer to him by holding her more closely to calm her down.

Vansh was being very worried about Riddhima while he was hugging her.
He was trying his best to comfort her while he himself was being worried about her and about Kabir.
Riddhima was being so heartbroken especially when Kabir didn’t have gained consciousness till that time.
She was being very terrified.
She has looked at Vansh in a very heartbroken and shocked look.

Then she has putted her hands on his face.

Riddhima: Kabir bro will be fine Vansh, right? Nothing will harm him, right? Why he isn’t gaining consciousness till now?!!! I think that we have to call the doctor immediately.
Vansh has stopped her.
He has just kissed her hand to comfort her.

Vansh: Just relax and calm down Riddhima. I’m sure that Kabir will gain consciousness now. Just try to have the control on yourself so he doesn’t feel worried when he sees you in that state. Especially that we still have a very important mission which is knowing from him what has happened that lead him to that critical state.
Riddhima starts to calm down after hearing Vansh’s words.
Riddhima and Vansh were just looking at Kabir who was losing consciousness and closing his eyes.

Riddhima was trying to calm herself down by holding Vansh’s hands so tightly.

Riddhima: You are right Vansh. I have to control myself for the sake of Kabir bhai. He hasn’t be worried about me when he wakes up.
Vansh has smiled at Riddhima in a caring way.

Vansh: That’s my girl.
At that moment, Kabir starts to gain consciousness.
He was opening his eyes in a speculating and worrying way.

At the same time, Ahana was being very happy and enjoying her victory.

She was smiling out loud and being very happy.

She was enjoying a lot that she has succeeded in causing problems between Kabir and Ishani.
She was just looking so much at Kabir’s picture.

Ahana to herself: What has between today is a very perfect victory to me. At least I have stopped the fire of that new love story for some time and now the new part of my plan must start as I know that Kabir will never listen to me that easy to I have to do different stuff and play on different ways to get him back to me along with that I have to start my revenge cycle very quickly.
Ahana was looking a very dangerous look.

Ahana: Now, the real enjoyment has started. Everyone will struggle a lot from what Ahana Sharma will do to get her love back.
At Riddhima and Vansh’s room, Kabir was being very broken and shattered.
He was trying to explain to them what has happened to him, but he was just being in a very critical state.

Riddhima was being also shattered while seeing Kabir in that state.
So she has came near him to comfort him.

Riddhima: Can you please calm down and relax Kabir bhai? Just be relaxed so you could tell us what has made you be in that state.
Vansh: Yes Kabir just calm down. We really need to check on you as your state isn’t good at all.
Riddhima has hugged Kabir to calm him down and support him very much.

Riddhima: Just talk bro. We are with you and will always support you. Your sister Riddhima is with you and will never leave you. So just tell me what has happened.
Vansh has felt from Kabir’s expression what has happened with him.
Vansh to himself: Oh Shit! There isn’t any reason of Kabir’s state other than that he has met Ahana!!! Shit!!
Kabir starts to be angry.

He was being in a very tough breakdown.
He was just wanting to get out his pain to his closest people.
Kabir( in an angry and hesitate tone): I don’t know what I have done in my life to face that breakdown once again?! I don’t know what the reason that made her get in front of me once again?! She is a very shameless girl. She has made me remember everything by just seeing her face once again. She has gotten to me so much hurt and confusion. I don’t know what I could do guys. I’m just broken.
Kabir was just shattered and he wasn’t able to say any other word.
He was being very heartbroken.
Riddhima was shocked while hearing Kabir’s words.

She was afraid that what she has guessed it is right.
Vansh was also shocked and being very angry.

He has got sure from his doubts.
He was worrying about Kabir a lot and he was angry from that Ahana.
Vansh: Kabir, what do you mean with she and her return? Do you mean that stupid girl??!
Riddhima: Do you mean that Ahana has returned back and you have met her???!
Kabir: Yes Ahana has returned back and I have met her at the hotel. She is back to India and she is at Manali. She has just returned to get me back to her assuming that she has understood her mistake. She has just returned to break me once again.
Vansh and Riddhima were shocked while hearing Kabir’s words.
They have looked at each other in a shocking face reactions.

Riddhima and Vansh as the same time: She has really came to take her revenge and break Kabir once again. Will never leave you stupid Ahana.
Precap: Vansh has pointed gun at Ahana.





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