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Eternal Love Story # Our Riansh (Chapter-10)


In VR Mansion:-

All four had reached to VR Mansion and as they entered they saw something which shook them they saw that Uma was too angry on Ajay and was again and again throwing cushions on him and was shouting

Uma- You idiot, because of your work, they all are out till now see the time……… God knows had they eaten anything or not?

Ajay- Why are you beating me…? I had just asked their help…. They went on their own….. Let them arrive I will surely punish them today, because of them I am getting scolding from you

Uma- Dare you…. Dare you to say anything to my children…. They’re completely innocence (again she get up and threw one of the cushions on Ajay) you’re that idiot… duffer…. God knows which kind of help you had asked that they had not arrived home since afternoon

Ajay- You’re behaving as if they are 5 years kid….. They are grown-ups now…. Let them enjoy

Uma- Am I stopping them….

Ajay (watching them standing on the entrance) – You guys are standing there and even note saying anything

They came inside and sat on the sofa silently, Ajay and Uma were watching there blank faces and then look at each other

Ajay and Uma (unison) – What happened?

Listening to them, all four burst out laughing like a maniac. While laughing, Kabir rolled on the sofa, Vansh and Angre laid their heads on the side and Aryan fell on the ground….

Which made them felt that they are possessed by someone

Uma (whispering to Ajay) – Are they possessed?

Ajay (whispering to Uma) – I guess so…..

Uma (whispering to Ajay) – Let’s do something…… let me bring burning red chili from kitchen and you go and bring mask so that we can’t get possessed

Ajay (whispering to Uma) – Ok…. But come fast….

Uma (whispering to Ajay) – Hmm…

They left to bring things while they were still laughing. After sometime, they came and wear their mask and then Uma and Ajay brought those chili in front of their noses, which made them sneeze again and again, first they were shocked then they kept sneezing while they were again and again saying

Uma- Oo chudail…. Bhaag ja bhaag ja…. Chod de mere baacho ko (Oo…. witch ….. run away run away…. Leave my children)

Ajay- Why are you saying like this…. Give some respect to her?

Uma- Yaa…. Yaa

Ajay- Oo chudail ji…. Bhaag jaye bhaag jaye…. Chod dejye mere baacho ko (Oo…. Witch ma’am ….. run away run away…. Leave my children)

Uma- Yaa…. Please leave them

Ajay- Arey…. Who chudail hai…. English nhi aati hogi… Hindi bolona (Arey…She is witch…. May be she don’t know English…. Speak in Hindi)

Uma- Haan…. Chod dejye mere baacho ko (Yaa…. Please leave them)

Watching them like this, between sneezing Vansh holds Uma’s hand she jerks it

Uma- Haaye… Haaye… Covid-19 ka time chal raha hai…. Thodi to government ki guidelines follow karoo (Haaye… Haaye… It’s the time of Covid-19…. You must follow some guidelines of government)

Vansh- Mom what are you doing? (Sneezes) Please keep it away….

Aryan (sneezes) – Yaa Dad… Keep it away….

Ajay (bringing chili close to Aryan’s nose) – No, You guys are possessed by a witch

Angre somehow goes on Dinning table brings a glass of water and throws on those chili

Angre- Dad, What is all this…. Who told you we all are possessed?

Vansh (Sneezes) – Who the hell told you that we are possessed?

Ajay (complaining like a child) – Uma told me…

Aryan- Aww Dad… (Pulling his cheeks) How cute

Vansh- Aryan stop it….. And mom what made you think that we are possessed….. See Kabir…. He is again and again sneezing

Kabir- Yaa… (Sneezes) Mom what (Sneezes) made you think (Sneezes) that we (Sneezes) are (Sneezes) possessed?

Uma- Because of your behavior…

Aryan- Our behavior…. Bro Had we done some wrong deed and due to that shock I forgot everything

Vansh- Shut up Aryan… Mom…. What was our behavior?

Uma (anger) – First of all you guys came too late, second you came and was standing on entrance with blank faces and then you came inside and was laughing like a maniac

Kabir (Sneezes) – Mom we were laughing (Sneezes) because you were scolding (Sneezes) Vansh continue….

Vansh- Then who told you to speak in between…. Dumbo… First compose yourself….. Mom we were laughing because the way you were scolding Dad was just amazing….

Uma- Sorry!! Sorry!!!

Aryan- Yaa…. Throwing cushions and all…. His face was worth watching…. He was scared of you

Ajay (glaring him) – I wasn’t scared and I’m not scared of anyone

Uma (glaring him) – Oh….. Really… You aren’t scared of me

She again picks up the cushions and throws towards him

Ajay- Ohkk…. Ohkk… I’m (realizing something) where were you four till now?

Uma- Had you taken your dinner

Aryan- Yaa Mom, we had

Uma- Ok…. Go and take rest

Ajay (shocked) – What? You were scolding me because we weren’t aware where they were

Uma- You only said that let them enjoy…. So why you are investigating them now

Listening to this Ajay’s jaw was dropped, while seeing them rest all started laughing

Vansh- Mom we need to discuss something…. So we will sleep a bit late… You both can sleep

Ajay- No way…. Whatever you want to discuss, discuss it tomorrow…. Otherwise she will again scold me

Vansh- But dad… it’s urgent…

Uma- No means…. No….. Go and take rest….

Ajay- I had a doubt

Vansh- What?

Ajay- Are you my son only…. Because none of us is workaholic, then whose character trait you inherited

Aryan- Dad it just an acquired trait…. Don’t worry… he is your son only

Vansh- Shut up Aryan….. Ok mom… We are going

He then turns towards Aryan, Angre and Kabir…

Vansh- Meet me tomorrow at sharp 6:30 am…. In my room….. No wait… In Angre’s room

Aryan- But bro… see time it’s already 12:30 we will sleep till 1:00….. Isn’t it too early?

Vansh- Aryan… each and every human needs a proper 6 hour sleep and I’m giving you half an hour extra

Aryan- Aap ka yeah ehsaan humare uppar zindagi bhar rahega (I’ll be in debt to you)

Vansh- You should be…

After few moments all departed to their room

In Vansh’s room:-

Vansh’s POV:-

Today I meet four characters in journey of my life but finally I meet Riddhima, she is a perfect example of beauty… when I firstly saw her I got lost in her beauty and her round small and cute eyes when it goes big while she is in shock and when she was crying it felt as if someone pierced my heart… her nose which turns red when she was in anger… her lips…. Which attracts anyone those pulpy pink lips …. She is too cute…. But when that boy was keeping his filthy hands on her mouth… I was about to kill him then and there… How dare him to even eye her… But Vansh what if she is having a boyfriend whom she wholeheartedly…. No Vansh you can’t love someone on first meet…It needs time and Vansh Raisinghania doesn’t do anything easy…. Not even love…. It’s just a mere infatuation…. But I must accept she is too cute

Vansh’s POV ends-:

After few moments… He slept

Meanwhile at RV Mansion:-

In Riddhima’s room:-

Riddhima entered her room and decided to check whether Varun would be awake or not….

She after few moments decided to drop a message…. But after he didn’t replied back she thought he might had slept and she kept her phone aside and then

Riddhima’s POV:-

Today I meet four new characters in the journey of my life but in all I truly liked Vansh… He is damn too hot and handsome…. He is complete example of Greek God… his beard which attracts anyone and made him one of the s*xiest person of whole world…. Whenever he laughs or speaks his cheeks… It looks to fluffy and cute and his nose what to say about it, it completely adds charm to his beautiful face….. and his big eyes which at that moment had turned red when he was at anger…. And his rough lips when he smiles and or say anything I felt like tasting them….. What the hell Riddhima… You love Varun… How could you talk like this about Vansh…. Do you even love Varun…. Yes… I only love Varun….because he was the only one who was with me when I need him I can’t forgot those days ever in my life…. None should face those days ever in their life…. God help me to forget it.

Riddhima’s POV ends-:

A tear drop escapes from her eyes

After few moments of composing herself….. She slept

Author’s POV starts:-

All were sleeping peacefully reminiscing there beautiful couple moment

Kajal, Anya and Ishan and especially our Riansh but they all were unaware of the cyclone which is going to enter there life after two months…. Because when they are sleeping peacefully… that cyclone was planning to enter their life and destroy them completely and to put an eclipse in their life as he knows their future very well.

Author’s POV ends-:

In Morning:-

At 6:15 am:-

Riddhima wakes up and rushes to Sejal’s room while in the way she calls Siya and Ishani to come in their room.

In Sejal’s Room:-

She enters her room while she was sleeping and then first she jerks her

Sejal (in sleepy voice) – Kaun hai yr…? (Who is there?)

Riddhima- You’re one and only best and beautiful friend

Sejal (in sleepy voice) – Oo….. chudail…. (Oo….. witch….)

Riddhima- How mean? Main Riddhima (I’m Riddhima)

Sejal (in sleepy voice) – It’s same Riddhima in full makeup = Chudail (witch)

Riddhima- What the hell? Getup Sejal we need to prepare for Bhabhi’s Surprise…

Sejal- What’s the time Riddhu?

Riddhima- It’s about to strike 6:30

Sejal (wakes up with a jerk) – What Shaam ke 6:30 baaj rahe hai (It’s 6:30 in evening)

Riddhima (hitting Sejal’s head playfully) – No…. It’s morning Sejal…… by the way What you were calling me A witch?

Sejal- No way Riddhu… last night before sleeping I saw a witch

Riddhima- Ohk…. (Realizing something) Wait a second…. Last night before entering your room you were with me…. That means Sejal (hitting with a cushion)…. You’re again calling me a witch…….. Go I won’t talk to you now

Sejal- Ohk… fine but don’t wake me up

As she said it Riddhima’s jaw was dropped while Sejal laid back on the bed but before she could sleep back A jug full of water was thrown on her face she wakes up with a jerk and saw Ishani and Siya standing there……

Meanwhile In VR Mansion:-

Vansh wakes up and washes his face and rushes towards Angre’s room and there he saw that Angre was lying on floor with Kabir’s head on his stomach and Aryan on the couch…. He got shocked seeing their condition and moves to wake them up

Precap- Kidnapping planning and Surprise preparation

Do comment and tell me your guesses about the reason of their condition

Sorry for any grammatical mistake…………

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