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Dessert Date to Friends OS- Riansh IMMJ2

Dessert Date to Friends

Hey guys, I’m back with another OS. Thank you so much for all the support you all give me, please continue and keep commenting. I tried making this a bit different do let me know how you find this OS in the comments section, and if you have any suggestions and you would want me to write on it, your suggestions are welcome.

P.S: I got this idea from my love for desserts! 😂 I love desserts.

After reading this you may be craving for desserts or you may get hungry. 😂😜

Riddhima: Yaar Sejal, let’s go!! (impatient) Please, I can’t wait anymore!!

Sejal: Riddhima, you’re definitely going to go mad, it’s just a new café! (tying her shoe laces)

Riddhima: Seju, it’s not just a café! It’s a DESSERT café, that too a new one and to add on to that it belongs to the Hershey’s Company!! One of the largest chocolate company! (rubbing her stomach) Even just by thinking I’m so hungry, imagine when we go there and see all the variety of different, scrumptious, finger-licking dessert! (excited)

Sejal: Hai Bhagwan! Tere kya hoga? And look at this joke, you eat so much (Riddhima made a face) that too sugary, desserts and all and look at your body? So skinny! How? (this is what I actually wonder when I see my friend, if you’ve experienced this then let me know in the comments section)

Riddhima: God has blessed me with magic you know, magic of eating as much as I want but never gain weight! (proudly) Now look you’re wasting time, let’s go!!

Hershey’s Dessert Point (café name)

Riddhima: Told you Sejal, it’s such a yummy place!! (excited, at the entrance)

Sejal: Yummy place?

Riddhima: Oh come on Sejal, it’s a café, full of desserts then what will you call it, pretty? Is it a bride that you call it pretty? No wonder you failed in English!

Sejal: Riddhu, you wait! Once we reach home, I’m going to take your drinks away!

Riddhima: Oh Sejal you can take them I don’t care, but DON’T YOU DARE take MY ICE CREAM!!

Sejal: (she face palmed) What will I do about you!

Riddhima: Look you wasted so much time, the café is literally full! Doesn’t look like there’s any table vacant! (looking around) No wait, there! (pointing) Let’s go before someone else takes it! (she ran pulling Sejal’s hand) This is a Marathon Sejal! Bhaag Sejal Bhaag!!

While Riddhima was running towards the table she noticed another man running to the table. She increase her speed and both reached at the same time. They glared at each other angrily, as if they were fighting with each other with their eyes.

Riddhima: This table is ours!

Unknown man: IT’s ours, we reached here first! So back off.

Riddhima: Mr whosoever, we reached her first, So it’s ours! Our table is our table, none of your table!

Unknown man: Ours!

Riddhima: Ours!

Unknown man: Ours!

Riddhima: Ours!

Sejal: Enough!! (shouted) Stop arguing! You’re arguing for a table!

Both together: This isn’t just a table, it’s a matter of life and death! (shocked) Why are you mimicking me! Ughh!

Waiter: Excuse me sir and ma’am, you are the four of you, so instead of fighting you can share the table. (interfering) Please cooperate, this fight will affect our reputation!

Sejal: That’s fine, we don’t mind. You may leave.

Riddhima: Seju, why?

Sejal: Riddhu you want to eat or not?

Riddhima: I want to! Fine. (turning to the two unknown men) Better sit down and share otherwise they’ll remove us! And I can’t afford to miss this delight!

They all four sat down and waited. Sejal took the initiative and started with a conversation.

Sejal: What are your names? (curious)

Unknown man: I’m Vansh and he’s Angre. (pointing at him) You?

Sejal: I’m Sejal and she’s Riddhima. She’s a huge fan of desserts!! (Riddhima smiled)

Vansh: You are? (asking Riddhima)

Riddhima: Didn’t you hear? Are you deaf? Yes, desserts are my life, anything that has chocolate, sweet foods define me. I love every dessert on this planet!! And no one can snatch my right from eating desserts! (looking at Sejal)

Vansh: Woah! Same man, I’m a huge fan of desserts too!! I love chocolates, I love all sorts of sweets, may it Indian, western, Italian! Any, desserts are my world, my girlfriend!

Both: Same pinch!! (they hi-fived while Sejal and Angre looked at them at shock) What? He/she loves desserts, so we are together, in a team not against!

Sejal: a few mins ago you were fighting and now dessert patched you both up? Waah!

Angre: exactly, dessert can do such a difficult thing in such less time! Manna padega!

Riansh: Oh come on! Waiter, pls the menu!!

Riddhima: I can’t wait! MMmm, the aroma of waffles and pancakes are reaching my nostrils! They’re tasty. (closed eyes and sensing)

Vansh: The aroma of freshly baked chocolate cake with thick chocolate ganache makes way to my nose. Ohh God, I can’t stop myself! (excited) Thank you for the menu! (to the waiter)

Riansh: The menu itself is mouth-watering imagine the desserts!

Sejal: Riddhima you need to control!

Riddhima: Of course I know, I will only order 11 items okay!

Sejal: 8 items! Are you mad!

Riddhima: (thinking) This Sejal won’t let me eat, I need to send her away! But how… idea! (to Sejal) yaar Seju remember you had to go to Forever 21 right beside here, for your shopping, you had said you would go but you never. If you’ve come here, then why not go! ( Smirking)

Sejal: You’re right! I’ll go okay! Bye! (she went)

VanGre: But there’s no Forever 21 store here!

Riddhima: I know that, I just fooled her, she’ll search for it till she makes sure she finds it! (laughing) She’s as crazy about shopping as I am about desserts! She’ll go mad searching for the store but she’ll make sure she shops something! And till then, I will have my desserts…. Finally no one will be there to stop me! (relief) She always stops me from eating, but today no! (laughing)

Vansh: You’re definitely crazy! (thinking) What her, even I’m crazy! That way Sejal and Angre are made for each other, there Sejal stops her and here Angre stops me! I’ve got to do something so he goes! But what! Idea! (took water spilled it on him) Angre! I’m so sorry, happened by mistake! (Riddhima was stunned at that) Go to the washroom, it’s there. (pointing)

Angre: Fine, I’m coming! (pissed)

Riddhima: You spilled it on purpose right?

Vansh: Right! (smiled) Because he’s the same as your friend, always stopping me!

Riddhima: You’re stupid, the washroom’s right here, he’ll be back in a few mins!

Vansh: Don’t underestimate the power of a dessert man! I know what I’m going to do, you wait here, I’ll come. (he goes to the washroom)

The Washroom

Angre was inside, using the washroom while his pants were outside drying for a bit. Vansh entered and saw that. He quickly ran, took the pants away and exited the washroom. He sneakily entered the ladies washroom, making sure no one was there and put the pair of pants inside.

Vansh: Now I’ll see how he comes outside! (smirk) Let me go to my partner!

The Table

Vansh: I’m back! He’s sorted out! (sighed)

Riddhima: (laughing) What did you do?

Vansh: Don’t worry about that, look at the menu! (they both did)

Waiter: (arrived) Ma’am sir, what do you want to order?

Riansh: Everything!! (excited)

Waiter: (confused) Sorry?

Riansh: Everything! (they looked at each other and shared an eye lock)

Riddhima: Okay, not everything but get this for me: sizzling Choc fudge brownies, Choco lava cake, blueberry cheesecake, custard tarts, apple pie, choc cake with ice cream, a stack of pancakes with cream and maple syrup, waffles with marshmallows delight, cookies and cream milkshake! That’s good for me for now, if there’s anything else will order later. (she smiled while she left the waiter in shock) (even though I’m a dessert fan, I don’t eat this much for sure😂)

Waiter: okay, let me go and bring.

Vansh: Excuse me, and my order?

Waiter: (choking) You as well? All that’s for you alone ma’am?

Riddhima: Doubting my ability? (making a cute face to which Vansh laughed)

Vansh: Actually you know waiter, bring all that she has ordered for me as well! I like her taste! (he smiled at her) So double what she’s ordered.

While these two were waiting, inside the washroom poor Angre was shouting, trying to get out of the washroom. He wondered what type of problem he fell in. He had decided to not spare the culprit but only if he would get to know about it! 😜

Their dessert arrived.


choc fudge brownie 

apple pie
waffles with marshmallows 

They were so excited to eat all that, the aroma pleased their smell sense, the wonderfully decorated plates and food pleased their sight sense. The softness of the cakes and the wiggly tarts and cheesecake pleased their touch sense. The only sense that was left was taste, and they jumped for it! They ate at a slow pace, to get the real and inner taste of each and every bite they took. The ice cream, cold and tasty, was a delight to them matching it with the hot, sizzling choc fudge brownies. The cookies and cream milkshake quenched their sweet thirst. The cool blue berry cheesecake had a unique flavor, it was like a season of berries recreated in their mouths. It was as if they were in paradise! They enjoyed it a lot and finished everything no time shocking the waiters.

Vansh: It was scrumptious! (licking his fingers)

Riddhima: Very (licking all the choc around her mouth)

Vansh: So friends? (forwarding his hand)

Riddhima: For dessert….yes!! (handshake) This was kind of a date for both of us! I like you!

Vansh: You what? (stunned) You like me? I think I do too! So a dessert date!  Nice meeting you partner! (she nodded and smiled)

As the café was newly opened they decided to give Riansh an offer, they wouldn’t have to pay today instead they would have to come every week and order this much and more, after it was profit for them and a delight to Riansh. They agreed.

Vansh: So partner, dessert date again next week?

Riddhima: Ever ready! (smiling) Anyway meet you next week, I need to go get my friend before she reaches Paris for shopping! (she laughed)

Vansh: That reminds me of my friend who’s stuck in the washroom! (she glared at him while he giggled) I’ll go too! Bye partner! Wait Selfie

Riddhima: Bye partner!

The end

So let me know how you find this OS and let me know if you’re a dessert fan too in the comments section. Please keep supporting and commenting, your comments encourage me. If you have suggestions, then I welcome them. Thank You!


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