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Choti Sardarni 28th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Sarab didn’t marry Sandhya

Choti Sardarni 28th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Meher is on her way. She enters the venue on her horse. Pandit ji says the wedding is done. Everyone looks outside. Meher gets off her horse. The kids come out. Kulwant comes out with everyone. They try to see her face. Meher sees Sandhya as a bride. Kulwant sees her face. She’s shocked. Harleen sits down in shock. Karan and Seher say Meher mama.. Kulwant shouts Meher.. Meher gets off her horse. Meher walks towards them. Kulwant shouts Meher.. my daughter. I see Meher. Harleen do you see Meher? Meher mama kids. My daughter.. Can you all see her? Kulwant shouts Meher is alive. My daughter is alive. Meher looks at everyone confused. Meher looks at her kids.

Kulwant touches Meher. She says you’re my Meher right? You’re my daughter? Meher hugs her and cries. Kulwant screams and cries. Kulwant realizes what has happened. She looks at Sandhya and Sarab in the sehra. She recalls talking to Sarab about his wedding. She recalls the wedding. Kulwant faints. Meher holds her. Kulwant says Meher.. She cries. Kulwant sobs. Kulwant says what have I done. What have I done? She screams. Kulwant says I want to die. My daughter is alive. I got my SIL married. Forgive me Meher. For the kids and this house, I thought this. Meher is confused. Kulwant says forgive me. Kulwant says I made a huge mistake.

Meher says that can’t be my Sarab ji. Harleen cries. Kulwant says Harleen ji Meher is alive. Harleen hugs Meher. Harleen says Meher the whole world was saying you’re dead. You will never come back. Only Sarab didn’t believe. It was his belief that you’re alive. He always said Meher will come back. She can’t leave me. You proved that Sarab and his faith won. But Meher.. Sarab has married. Meher says no matter what the world says that Sarab has re-married but I know Sarab can never marry anyone but me. The whole world on one side and my love and trust on one side. Sarab is the only mine. Only Meher’s.

Meher’s chunni falls on Sarab. The groom takes off his sehra. He’s Sameer. Sarab is standing in a corner. Everyone is shocked. Sarab didn’t marry Sandhya. Meher smiles. Everyone is shocked. The song do pal plays. Sarab walks towards Meher. Sarab smiles at her. Sarab makes Meher wear her chunni. Meher hugs him in tears. Sarab caresses Meher’s face. They both cry. Meher wipes his tears.

Kulwant thanks, God. Meher says what are you looking at? He says my eyes were dying to see these eyes. You made me cry a lot. Meher says I am sorry. I am really bad. I made you cry a lot. He says you are my life. Sarab says I knew you would come back. Even if you went away from me, my hope never died that you will come back to me. I knew you will come back to me. God can never part us. Meher says your hope kept me alive. Sarab says everyone believed that.. Meher says that I died? Sarab says don’t say that. Meher says what if I actually died? Sarab says I wouldn’t stay alive for a single day without you. Meher hugs him. Sarab says promise me that you will never leave me again. Meher says I will always be with you. Sandhya smiles. Sarab says so weird, Sandhya is getting married and you came on the horse. Where did you get this horse from? She says had to steal it to come to the wedding. Sarab says you had so much belief that I won’t marry someone else. I would make you drink an entire bottle of Jamalgotta. Sarab says I love you. He says I love you more than my life.

Param says thank God, I thought this fight won’t end. The kids hug Meher. Meher cries. Param says Meher mama where did you go? Karan says why did you take so long? Seher says we missed you a lot. Meher says mama is always with you. They all do a family hug. Meher says your mama will never leave you again. Param says you will sing us a lullaby, Karan says make our food. Meher says done. Seher says and plays with us. Meher says promise. We will do everything we couldn’t.

Scene 2
Harleen says but how did Sameer and Sandhya get married? Kulwant says he’s the same journalist who came last night. Sarab says Sameer and Sandhya are childhood friends. Sameer had been on this case and he has proof against Rajan. Harleen says but their wedding.. Sandhya says first Meher saved my life and now Sarab got me married to Sameer and gave me a new life. Sameer says I always loved you Sandhya. Thank you for uniting us Sarab ji. He says this is the proof against Rajan. And you were accused of Meher’s murder and she’s here. Sandhya hugs Meher. Sandhya says you’re like a God for me Meher ji. You suffered so much because of me. You stayed away from your family. Thank you very much. Meher says this was my duty. We Sikhs always protect our people. I am proud of Sarab that after so much, he saved you and protected you.

Robbia says but Meher your funeral. Sarab says it’s God’s blessing. I got my Meher ji. Param says Sarab and Meher can win any battle together. Everyone claps.

Scene 3
Kulwant says the girl came on the horse. The groom is at the temple, what should be done? Meher ties a turban on her head. She wears sunglasses and gets on her knees. Meher says never scared, will live together and die together. Will you marry me again? Everyone claps. Sarab says you are my life, so my answer is yes. Meher gives him a flower. Sarab says I can’t say no to my bandri. Everyone claps. Meher smiles.

Episode ends.

Precap-Rajan says what can be a bigger proof? Make recording. Sarab is marring sandhya. Sarab says you want proof? Come.. Meher comes out and says you wanted proof of my death? She slaps him. Seher asks Kulwant to dance with Meher. Kulwant says come let’s dance together. Meher says I am not feeling well. She goes inside.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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