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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 29th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Kiara sees Rani’s sindur

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 29th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Veer says you have become an important part of my life. I won’t let any trouble come to you. Rani smiles. Veer says Kiara came there. You couldn’t say something. Rani says she comes here all the time. Which time are you talking about? He says you were saying something from your heart. Rani says that. He says you can say whatever you want. Rani is shy. Rani says I wanted to say.. I.. Rani smiles. Vikram comes there and smiles looking at them. Veer says Rani say it. Rani says I.. Vikram says oh wow. They get scared. Vikram says date.. candlelight dinner. Veer says nothing like that. Rani says I was really hungry so Jai made all this. Vikram says no Veer made it himself. Rani is shocked. Rani is shocked. Rani says you cooked for me? Sh gets emotional.

Vikram says let me try as well. Rani says I have never tried better daal chawal. Vikram says wow master chef. Rani says I am full. I should go. Veer says you wanted to say something. Vikram says something private and special? I will also listen. Veer says nothing private. We were talking about medicine. Rani says what. Should I go now? I will take the medicine there. Vikram says I want churma, tomorrow bro. Cook for me as well. Veer says you came we were talking. Vikram says I became third-wheel. Veer says we were just eating. That’s normal. Vikram says what special discussion did you have? Veer says I was only being a doctor. Veer says I told her I will always take care of her. Vikram says okay fine. Vikram giggles.

Scene 2
Rani comes out of the shower. She recalls the last night and smiles. Rani says thank God I feel clean. I cleaned my mangalsutra. Rani says where will I get sindur from? She sees Kiara’s red lipstick. Rani fills her hairline and wears her mangalsutra. Rani recalls her wedding with Veer. Rani says after the wedding a girl’s face glows. Kiara says Rani where is my green tea. Rani says I can’t go in front of her with the sindur. She hides mangalsutra in her shirt and sindur in her hair.

Rani comes out for breakfast. Kiara says why are you both not doing your work? Don’t delay my food once more. I will complain to Rani sa. Rani serve me fruit salad. Veer come to sit. Veer is shocked. Kiara sees Rani’s mangalsutra and sindur. She says what is this? Jai says I had to expose her and she did it herslef. Kiara says why are you wearing it when you’re not married. And this mangalsutra.. it’s the same as you got me Veer. Vikram says it’s fake. She liked it so she got it made. Rani says it’s cheap. I wear it sometimes. Kiara says and sindur? Rani says I did pooja. I was applying tika. Forgive me. Kiara says I don’t know what’s the system in your village but mangalsutra and sindur are the same everywhere. You’re not married. All of this isn’t okay. Let me remove it. She picks a napkin. Rani stops her hand. Rani says I will clean it myself.

Rani serves everyone salad. Veer doesn’t eat. The salad spills on Kiara. She says clean this napkin and wash other clothes. Veer says why would she wash your clothes? Kiara says that’s what she gets paid for. Rani says Kiara is right. Rani leaves. Veer is upset.

Scene 3
Rani says I never wanted to get married, God. But you got me this sindur but you have to take care of it now. Rani washes the clothes. Rani opens the wrong valve. She sees a lot of water. Rani says so much water. Veer talks to Rajeshwari’s lawyer. Kiara comes there. Veer says when did you come there? Whose jail were you talking about? Who’s in jail? Veer says no one. Actually a hospital’s employee. Dont’worry about it. You guys go to the beach. Kiara says we had to go to the beach. Veer says I have some work. Kiara says I won’t go if you don’t. She says Vikram you go alone. Veer says you love sunsets. You will miss it. You both go, I will come later. Vikram says Kiara let’s go. Kiara says I will have to spend the whole trip with you. They leave.

Veer looks for Rani. Rani comes to the beach to wash the clothes.

Episode ends.

Precap-Rani says what’s in your hand? Show me. Veer says I made it for you. Rani says then make me wear this. He makes her wear the necklace. Kiara comes there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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